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Do you go to Comiket?
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>attending a glorified porn convention in fucking summer

Winter Comiket is better in all regards.
A true brave goes to the summer
Somebody give me a plane ticket to Japan.

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How's Grape-kun getting along?
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He later died of a cold
As far as I know they're gonna let him keep his waifu until the cutout degrades

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ITT: Worst girls of their respective series
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Eyebrows slut
Yukari is really fucking hot though.

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Casting whites as japs.

Kill yourself.
I don't want America anywhere near Anime.

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Anyone here watched Rouroni Kenshin?

Can we talk about it?
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People on /a/ don't like to talk about good animes.
Better try another place
I'm old too

if you just finished it and need to fill the void, watch deeper kyo

I really have nothing else to say about rk because of what >>160178429 said.
Please be new elsewhere.

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I hope MC is looking forward to a new niece or nephew.
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sister got fucked ?
Her every hole got filled
i dont believe it

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Perfect girls don't exi-
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You need to read 'Danberu nan kiro moteru?' OP.

Nothing but perfect girls.

LQ woop
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[Title is 'Lunar Cycle']

I can finally do lewd things with my girlfriend.
"Coming iiin..."

My parents aren't coming back because they're on a trip.
Everything's all ready.
We can do lewd things.

I can do lewd things...!!
"Okay then..."
"Shall we??"

"Not today"
"My tummy hurts..."
>I can finally do lewd things with my girlfriend.

You wish.
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"Uh...you okay!?"
"Maybe you should take a little time to rest!!"
"We have a lot of time..."

"But that's not it, okay...?"
"Huh? What? You have diarrhea?"
"It's fine. I don't mind..."

"On my period"

"It was supposed to be next week though..."

"We were gonna have so much fun too..."
"No no..."
"You can't help that..."

"You seriously can't?"

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Why is Feng ten-times sexier than Revy?
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pretty much every female in Black Lagoon is sexier than Revy be it looks or personality
She knows what she wants, Rock's cock, and actually has the balls to go after it instead of pussyfooting around the issue like Revy.

I just want a spinoff with the B team at this point though. I don't even know where the main story is trying to go.
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>She knows what she wants, Rock's cock
Threesome when?

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Another chapter out.
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Childhood is liking Akane because that's who we're "supposed" to like.

Adolescence is liking Shampoo or Ukyo because they're better for Ranma, while preferring female Ranma overall.

Adulthood is realizing that the above is still true, but best waifu is clearly Kodachi.
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Ranma has been best girl since I was in diapers.
Sorry anon.
Adulthood is realising most of Ranma 1/2 is a waste of time and wishing you had watched good shows instead.
Enlightened Mode is realizing Ranma was best girl.

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The Lord of the Rins
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why is the idol prostituting herself
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Time for a Rin thread?
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This Rin is better

-fails to capture the sense of scale of The City
-made the gun sound like a laser blaster from some budget sci-fi flick (and they couldn't even have a shot with the laser going through multiple gigantic buildings?)
-half the movie from the viewpoint of jobbers that I didn't even care about in the manga
-pacing was absolute shit

Well at least we got moe Sanakan
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Stop trying to make a Blame thread every single day. If one sprouts up naturally, it will flourish. This falseflagging as the opposition now to get replies shows how truly pathetic you are.
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disregard OP. Post cute Sanakans.
>sprouts up naturally
Fucking what?! Fuck me, talk about mentally unstable.

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What do you think of "perfect" girls?
Girls that within the series is considered perfect by every other character.
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They should be fun at least, but that implies some flaws.
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I usually don't like them, but the whole "I can only be imperfect in front of the person I like" thing can be pretty sweet.
damn the new art for tokyo ghoul is looking preddy gud

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>ED is a melancholic piano with major characters lying on the ground tired, dead or sleeping
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That is one unbelievably soft mouth.
>ED changes depending on the events that happened in the episode

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