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her face when.jpg
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Post rapists, the true ones.
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Popping Haru's cherry.webm
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Something is not quite right about this show. First there was the scene about the teacher telling the kids to value harmony over civil rights and their lives with the two suits creeping in the shadows. Now there is this scene that looks like she is reading her some kind of propaganda.
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When Yamakan said moe was becoming fascist, I didn't think he meant literally.
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Yeah their society is pretty fucked up in the background.
Didn't Kyoko say in the first episode that she'd get the death penalty for hate crimes if she rode on Hime like a horse? I don't think that was a joke.
don't be stupid

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>Apoc LN does nothing with you
>F/GO turns you into a meme that Nasu makes canon
>Apoc anime is even worst for you

His only hope is the F/GO anime and Orleans.
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an hero

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Perfect endings don't exi-
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wat is dis
Who the fuck is speaking in that pic? It really triggers me.
But even their "development" was trash:

>show like five chapters of shallow interactions between them
>bitch is always badmouthing and kicking him
>"jk xd I like you"

Fuck that and fuck anyone who thought this pairing was good or anything in that series for that matter.

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What does wearing a choker/collar tell you about a girl?
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Black belt in dick sucking.
They are cute
Their fashion game is weak, and they dress like their mum

>Umaru S2 is still two months away
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moshi moshi! umaru desu
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It'll be worth the wait
Can't wait desu.

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>make thread to discuss old anime
>deleted in seconds
>frog and shitposting remains rampant
>mods truly are fags

I've been watching nostalgizing about old, hand drawn anime lately and revisited a few, to reminisce about the quality of hand drawn animation, which is often missing in today's animes.
ITT post and discuss vintage animes, especially forgotten ones that are more off the beaten track.
Pic related: Mad Bull 34, which is about a cop in the "Bad Old Days" of New York
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Mad Bull 34 is pretty much a love song to every cheesy trope of 80s cop dramas and action movies, in a very delightful way.
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Complete, of course, with gratuitous violence and gunplay
And muscle bound characters womanizing and alcoholizing - also gratuitously.

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Why can't main girls be more gay like Kumiko?
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kumiko isn't gay
she's homosexual

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1500724131980 copie.png
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Chapter 80, now typesetted.
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1500724171810 copie.png
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1500724242996 copie.png
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1500724463236 copie.png
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This cannot be fucking real. I haven't been so mad before and I'm mad at all times. One month invested on this, all gone to the trash.
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the last half of gantz was so trippy that I didn't really care about the plot by the time it was over.
A month?
They actually die at the ocean.

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Is Goku still a huge retard and threat to others in Super?
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The one he's the biggest threat to is himself.

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Best goalkeeper
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teeth guy.jpg
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>post yfw people think that spider is not best girl
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I'll take the one who wants it all for every one, and gives 'til it hurts so good every day.
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Best girl already won though.

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I want to fuck Chiwa Saito's voice.
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You can't put your dick in sound, anon. It doesn't work that way.
>Old japanese women trying to be little girls.
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>she might die in our lifetimes

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This kid have issues
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he isn't any more autistic than your average /m/ user
literally /m/ in trap form
Just your common /m/ freak

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