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Post AMVs that are just right
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How old are you?
That moment when Kagenui punches Ononoki

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I still hate him
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I mean, he sucks, but... why?
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Amarti did nothing wrong.
Whoro was a faithless cunt who betrayed Lawrence, swindled a kid who was only trying to Do the Right Thing, and only came running back because said kid turned out to be: surprise, surprise, an unsophisticated spoiled teen with a patina of politeness.
It's been a while since I've had anything to do with Spice and Wolf. This is the kid that was the center of that whole NTR bait arc right? I still remember the rage.

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Where were you when FLCL 3 was confirmed dead in the water?
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what do you mean
Literally who
I dropped punchline two eps in and never thought about it again. Was it any good?

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Episode 4 is out
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So there's going to be a doujin where they all rape her for sneaking into the guys locker room right?
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Obligatory post
No idea why I am still watching this. The only thing good about this show are the girls in the OP.

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The strong ones can
Last time this question was asked, the answer was that the strongest DAAs could beat, at best, an average Servant (think rank B in terms of stats and NPs - leaving aside unorthodox Servants like EMIYA, who are a different matter).

The question now is if the Dead Apostles in general (both regular DAs and DAAs), along with True Ancestors will get a power scale in the Tsukihime Remake, considering how high power levels have got in the Nasuverse since Fate Extra.

I suppose he may want to scale the Types as well (you know, the ones who use to be called the "Ultimate Ones" and which now pale in comparison to Beasts).
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>Tsukihime Remake

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How long do you think this will last?
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Why are they so ugly though.
is my country the weebest country now?

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ITT: Characters you would beat into a coma
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this is the only correct answer
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Never have I hated a character as much as her.

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Needs help.
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>it's another idol episode
>it's another idol episode with yurishit
God Bless.
>Worst girl fanservice episode
>ED was supposed to have some meaningful impact this time
>Glazed over it because I was getting triggered by 2 girls manning each spotlight
I'll try to pay attention when watching a higher quality rip later.

Seems that maybe they're switching to focusing on a group of girls for each episode?
Did Sentai shit the bed again?

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A...anon-kun, do you want to go to the movies this weekend?
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No, I'm going with Nene and brown girl
You've got yourself a deal
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Only if you bring the tomboy.

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>back then, everything seemed to be ok...

What went wrong?
Where did they go wrong?
How to fix their relations?
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volume 12 will fix their relations
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Hachiman picks actual best girl and trio goes back to being friends
>How to fix their relations?
Just tell pink to fuck off and marry Yukino. There, fixed.

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This is your designated wife for the rest of your life.
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Well, I learned from the manga to be defensive and apprehensive about silly words like "the rest of your life".
>no hips
>those alien eyes
No thanks
I'm not interested in girls with downs.

Why do i see this show get praise/hope for improvement? I dropped the first ep after like five minutes, so can someone explain to me why people like it?
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the girls are hot as fuck
Im only watching this and 18if
Its fun and what anime should always be about

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Was this really necessary?
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Was you making this thread really necessary?
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New raw chapter.
Boy do I have some news for you about a certain mother.
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Also. the drama with the father gets resolved pretty quickly, no need to worry.
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Sonoko in Reminiscence novel translated:

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Post Top Yuusha
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