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What do you think of Mushishi? I'm only on the second episode, at the moment, and so far my impressions are positive, although I am wondering what /a/ thinks of this series. I think the music done for this is excellent, as well. Do you believe Mushishi deserves a third series, after the first two? Also, was the live-action movie decent, or even good? I'm planning to watch more of this, but I've mostly just listened to the soundtracks and seen the fist episode, so far.
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It's filled with masterpiece episodes and in my top 3 anime

There won't be any new episode since all original content has been animated and Artland went bankrupt
I'm torn between it's fucking great and it's fucking boring. I dunno, I like the art and the general atmosphere around it, but sometimes I found it to be mind-numbingly boring.
Sad to learn about. Well, I'll continue watching this. Which other anime series have music as heard in Mushishi? The only other one I know of that comes close, is InuYasha, as some of the soundtrack has soft, traditionally Japanese sounding music mixed with some Western classical sensibilities.

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I just finished kuzu no honkai and I'm not satisfied with the ending at all.
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They need to be scummier.
Pretty sure that ending was made to deliberately blueball people as hard as possible.
She literally got permission from her husband to cheat whenever she wants.

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>every shounen anime
It's shonen. If you don't like the power of friendship them in these stories, don't read/watch them.
Gash Bell is the only series not ruined by it.

Where my 5 anons at?
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Is this show good?
It's a 5-minutes softcore porn show. If those are your kind of things, you will probably like it.
Thanks anon, i'll watch it.

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Bellemere is retarded. Why couldn't the girls go hide in the woods every time the pirate came to collect? Did she really have to kill herself(lets face it, it was suicide by fishman) because she was triggered about being a fake single mother when it came to tax collection day? Literally all she had to do was lie. Stupid ass.

Also her hair is ugly.
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Dude was a hard ass Marine. She did what she did because from her perspective some punks were trying to shake her down (until they stomped her shit that is).

Were you paying attention at all?
>Why couldn't the girls go hide in the woods every time the pirate came to collect
Once they knew, they knew.
The pirates would've found out eventually, either by showing up at the wrong time or because someone would have sold her out.

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>a1 pictures
You can tell what their personalities will be like just from this one picture.
That's good design

Noooooooo God.

No God, please no. No. No. No.

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Didn't even read to the bottom of the page.
Is this a metajoke about the blatant sameface when characters can't tell each other apart aside from the hairstyle?
Well fuck. I thought they fixed her.

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Katsuhiro Otomo, director of Steamboy and Akira
>'The skills of traditional animators have become worse, and notable young animators have not come out to the scene. This is a big issue for the industry. '

Hayao Miyazaki, director of NausicaƤ, Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away
>"I think Japanese animation is facing a dead end," he said.
>"I think there is a chance that the spread of Japanese animation overseas might only lead to embarrassment."
>And he described younger anime makers as the "copycat generation".

Yoshiyuki Tomino, creator of the Gundam franchise
>"All I can say is that the creative process in Japan is obviously showing a decline."

Hideaki Anno, director of Evangelion
>He feels anime industry is exhausted : A continuing trend of stagnation.
>And said "over the past years, there has been no anime "newer" than Eva."

Satoshi Kon, director of Millennium Actress, Tokyo Godfathers, Paprika
>He makes a comment: the disposable nature of anime today; back in the days, there was more anticipation and fans digested each work better.
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its over anon
Anime is going to be much different when the Old Fags are gone and no longer relevant. I can see where things are going, and it is a boring and uneventful place.
>"over the past years, there has been no anime 'newer' than Eva."
>Hideaki Anno, director of Evangelion

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The new chapter is up.
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It's been out for days, ms was late as usual.

But it's a very interesting chapter.
I see. My mistake.

It's nice to see the Twin theory was correct all along.
No mistake at all. A BB thread when we have a new chapter -even with a few days delay-is always good. There's like a dozen of us in these threads at most and we have 1-2 per month with the chapter release. You did well, little anon.

We knew ciel twin for some time, but this also confirms the other was killed specifically to summon sebastian.

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Well that was a giant blue-ball
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he doesn't end up with her.png
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Pic related is the only good thing to come out of that manga. Such a waste of time.
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>only good thing to come out of that manga
The hooker the dad hired to be his new mom was hot at least
>dude shaves the beard
>he was the Gantz MC all along
nice twist

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mpvshills shitposters fags BTFO
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>shilling for a shit player that doesn't let you skip ahead while watching DVDs
I'll stick with VLC. It just works.
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Explain why the hell do you hate vlc

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Who /Hiromi/ here?
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Best girl won.
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Thanks for bumping my thread, Waiting for more Hiromi fans to appear or better I will let the thread die.
Noe was the better girl. I unironically stopped watching after episode 7.
Unless I'm mistaken, Hiromi's mom was such a slut, that Hiromi believed she could have actually been MC's half sister

Hey /a/ I just finished watching pic related. It's the manga worth reading? The show left a big clifhanger.
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skip the shitty relay arc when you get to it
The manga is really good other than one really shitty arc that lasted way too fucking long.

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defend evangelion even though it's trash
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Fuck off.
Shinji is cute

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reaction images
Be loved and cummed inside
bullying you when you cum before she does.

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