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Does /a/ like them?
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Eldritch nee-sans are great.
I want them to take care of me so I don't have to get a job.
How long before the MC of the LN series fucks his mom?

How long before Pochi draws that doujin?

You came to the wrong port, nigger
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Holy shit. Based pirate captain.
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Call me a nigger again and you'll be scraping barnacles off the boat with your cocks.
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What is this expression trying to convey?
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Disdain for a pointless last arc.
fpbp, although every arc after aizen was captured was pointless
bitches and whores

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Would you marry her?
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no who'd want to marry dirty blonde slut like her away she's the worst
How does that dress stay up?

But look at those boobs!

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Please /a/, I'vw been collecting these Tsugumomo pics from the artist's streams. It's the best fap i had latelly.
I know there is more around. Could you share what you have, or tell me where i can find more?
I will share what i've collected so far
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Did anyone watch Tsuiokuhen before watching Rurouni Kenshin? As someone who watched it after watching Rurouni Kenshin and after reading the manga, I wonder how that experience is like. What did you think about it without the context of the franchise?
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Do only shitposts receive replies now or has no one watched Tsuikuhen first?
Anyone else likes the animation parts where they incorporate a real video and draw a bit over it and add weird lighting to make it seem animated? I think it looks pretty cool and I wish more shows would use it.
the board is now nothing but shitty generals. and they even removed the only ones that mattered. welcome to nu-/a/
I did

And that's because I read the manga.

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Why aren't people in real life this understanding?
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Because our current society revolves on sex and pervesion and sexual objetification of man and woman.

Oh wait it's 2D.

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Heaven or hell, /a/, which team wins?
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Wow 90's and 80's looks the best, but 70's inspire respect.
>tons of dynamic poses
>'10s characters just standing around

Modern day has no style.
One of these things is not like the others

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This is what peak female form looks like
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>even shorter than Chitanda
I don't think so.
>Chitanda & Oreki

She has a nice figure, but she doesn't look very fit.

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We finally have TL
Who else is reading before the inevitable axe?
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>before the inevitable axe?
Dont jinx it.
>inevitable axe?
Delete this.
I want it to survive but it's just not fit for the people who buy Jump sadly
YOKO should try his luck in another magazine
I'd love it if it somehow did well though

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I pity the scanlators.
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「That wasn’t even the worst page to typeset or translate in that manga」
>ajimu walls of text

good times

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This show came out like last year or something and it already has a dub:

Is anime that trending right now that everything gets a dub within one week after they release or something?
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i actually found the voice okay but that is because im not en english speaker
>This show came out like last year or something and it already has a dub
literally how fucking new are you?
>not an english speaker
figures. lurk more, retard ESLposter.
>literally how fucking new are you?
it came out on jan 2016

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What do you call this outfit?
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Shorts and a tank top with a jacket
Best girl

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a cute!
sexy rather than cute
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What are the most intellectual anime series out there?
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>gochumon wa usagi desu ka
[/spoiler]you probably already watched bu>love live
>Anne happy
>Himouto umaru chan
Umaru Chan
Anything written by Mari Okada

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