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Bought first car with 1.9JTD.
I decided to change oil and oil filter. I went through service history and found that previous owner been using castrol 10W40 oil, so I did the same.
I recently went through owner's manual and found that manufacturer recommends 5W40.
Should I change it to manufacturer's recommended or stay with 10W40? Car has 150k miles on the clock.
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You can switch to 5w at the next scheduled oil change, unless you are currently below freezing, and you'll be fine.
I live in a place where it's between 5C and 20C all year round.
Go for 5W then? Friend told me going into less dense oil now after running 10W40 for a long time might cause leaks or something like that. How much true is that?

Another slightly unrelated question, how often should manual transmission's oil be changed? I was told this is something you usually never do, but I have a suspicion that this can't be right. Going into 1st and 2nd gear is rough sometimes and I wonder if oil change could fix it.

Quick primer on oil, the first number is the weight of oil cold (as in 20°C or thereabouts). The second is the weight of the oil under normal operating temps. So, unless your car is being started in -10°, or lower, it is not going to make much of a difference. The car has always had xW-40 in it. Sometimes if an engine has blow-by (the rings are wearing out) you can reduce excessive oil consumption by running a heavier weight oil, like 20W-50.

Manual transmission oil is not commonly changed. If you have grinding gears, it is more likely worn out syncros or possibly a clutch issue. Changing fluid is not going to fix\help anything.

>The Ultimate Driving Machine

what went wrong?
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Needs an LS swap.
I always wanted an Isetta, too bad they’re probably not street legal in Commiefornia

Why do boomers always fucking do this?

Also boomer hate.
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What you fucking issue with boomers now there OP...is it cause your a cock smoking faggot?
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what am i even looking at?

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Citroen-C5-1_1 (1).jpg
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I have 15k buks for new DD. What can i buy?
Need something ncomfy at the same time
sporty in good condition
inb4: e39/e46, GTI,
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Used Nissan LEAF.

try to find one with the 30 kwh battery.
The C5 is pretty comfy, not sure about sporty, maybe the 1.6 THP
Lexus is300, is350
Maybe 330i if you like weekly maintenance

Ok so its obvious everyone here has one favorite car company they like a litte more than the others.Post it here and explain why its your favorite.

You can only pick ONE.
Mine is Mazda because I like how mazda cars even their base stuff are fun to drive, also big fan of their miatas for being LightWeight/RWD.
Whats your?
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BONUS: You can also post your favorite car from that company
Mazda as well. My Miata is the true love of my life, pls dont tell my girlfriend...
toyota. dunno why, just always loved them since I was a kid. probably because my dad told me how reliable they are for cheap

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>gas prices are increasing
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what are electric prices doing tho?
>spent $150 on gas last month

I had to cut my tendies budget for this month.
I spent that before it increased. Kill me now

What a the best way to clean your windshield/inside windows of your car?
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use a towel
Also I live in a desert, can I do it when it's hot outside? Or sunny
A pressure washer


wtf, i want a foxbody gt now.
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>Cosmo Motors

shit nigga back where I live caught him driving the R34 GTR they have once since then Ive been watching him

awful car but its clean af
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I have no idea why, but the combination of his voice how he speaks, and how he drives makes me want to bring him within an inch of his life only to realize I've just been beating on metal because he's a robot.
saabkyle slander will not be tolerated

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These are the only 10/10 cars you can buy today. Which one would you prefer?
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This one
Lineup seems to be missing another 10/10 car.
moose tang

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pls help I replaced my battery today(2008 na forester)and now the piece of shit keeps stalling at idle. Is there some trick to fix it? or do i have to wait for the retard ecu to figure it out..
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I'm no mechanic, but have you checked all of the fuses?
clean the throttle body or air filter. The Ecu probably learned to rev higher as it dirtied up. The power was cut and it reset to factory settings expecting a perfectly clean throttle body
Is it a new battery? Check the voltage while it's on and make sure your fuses are good. Can you start up and drive for awhile? I need more info.

How bad of a choice would this Ranger be for a truck that would primarily be used as a DD and occasionally hauling light loads?


Not too big on buying from a dealer, but it looks pretty clean for the price, but it also looks like a fleet truck.
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it would be fine and you would like it and you should buy it the end
Honestly I'd say that's a pretty good deal, especially since it's from a dealer.

I drive a 1992 ranger myself daily, and love it.

So my opinion would be to go for it.
shouldn't be that bad
You'd probably not be able to have too much fun with it, but with the low mileage, id go for it

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>What's better; Anti-lag or 2 Step?
After watching videos, they still confuse me. and I can't decide which is better for a turbo
I'm currently saving up for a 1991-1993 240sx, it's gonna be my first drift/race car
>Would a Varying Geometry Turbo circumvent turbo lag enough not to need either?
>Would I benefit from one 2 step or Anti-lag anyway?
>Can you even find VGTs for a 240sx?
>If now what's best turbo option?
part B to the question:
>I currently live in Commiefornia, would they both make me fail smog?
inb4 get a supercharger, I don't want a super
I'm still learning, that's why I come to this thread, so pardon any ignorace
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If you get the right size turbo and a good ball bearing turbo, lag should not be an issue. Unless if you plan on doing dig races you shouldn't need a 2 step, all a 2 step is is a secondary red limiter that you can launch off of typically at full throttle without traction loss, but that's for drag cars. Anti lag is mainly a rally thing that is a bitch to tune and install, plus it is very hard on the turbo. Just go for about a 38mm Garret ball bearing turbo and call it good. Do injectors and fuel system and ignition system upgrades. Also, get good tires. Traction makes all the difference in any car. Pinch your pennies and buy the best wheels and tires you can buy, same with suspension. Also if you want driveability try to get a limited slip diff don't weld it. Dailying a welded diff is stupid and unsafe. Also get good brakes too
But thats a 180
>pic semi-related

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Why aren't we allowed to have smallish trucks in burgerland anymore?
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I'll tell you if you can name one benefit of a smallish truck over a bigish truck in practicality
Market segmentation and supply chain economics.

There can't be a demand for smaller trucks if there's no supply.
Because you can buy a real truck.

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Auto Sticker General #283

Previous thread: >>17868546

/ovg/ edition

>List of Vendors and Social Media

>/osg/ FAQ

>What is this thread for?
A thread to discuss, post, create, and review anything related to Automotive Decals and Stickers

>Currently looking for:
>An internet lawyer ( ͠° ͟ʖ ͡°)
Idea Guys (Come up with Sticker Ideas, /o/ club names, etc.)
Anons with artistic talent willing to make decals for free.
Anons with decal production equipment (Specifically Vinyl Printer Equipment)
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Hey, so someone made a couple of Katawa Shoujo themed stickers a while ago. Any idea who it was? They made Misha's drills, and I'm pretty sure someone made the VN's logo, too.
INISHARUU D! Available at Project Hoon, limited quantities remaining!
I'm gonna keep the outside black, what should I do for interior meme stickers? I already have some RX-78 Gundam stickers on order but I need more plans. Interior belts are green Takatas.

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Would any of you ever get a van? If so, for what reasons? I'm only asking because it is very rare to see people with vans.
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Looks it is definitely not available in my country, especially how the steering wheel is placed on the right side.
Nah, too big. Wagon is sufficient. Just like a pickup truck is too big. Wagon with trailer is sufficient.

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