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This guy says it's the original engine
>4 cylinder
This just in: Normal people don't know shit about cars. More at 7.

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Who makes the best car batteries?

pic unrelated
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What would make me look cooler driving? A truck or an suv? And Im not talking about those soccer mom suvs like the rav4.
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A pickup truck would just make you look like a poser faggot if you're not using it what it's intended for. (coming from a pickup truck owner)
But hey, it's 2017... 85% of pickup owners hardly use them for work, the only thing the bed has ever seen is groceries from the local market.

And an SUV? It'll make you look like a family man more than anything.
Buy a big dildo for yourself instead
If you're gonna go big, you might as well get a pickup. Even large SUVs, like an Expedition or Suburban don't have much street credit if any. You'll look cooler and probably less judged in a pickup

>doesn't have to be car related but prefered

I'm sitting around playing Import Tuner Challenge and Forza Horizon 1 on my old 360, and might watch Beaverly Hills Cop cause "MUH 80's"
And I just finished having sexy tiem with a FwB I know, so life could be shittier might pick up some munchies later
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now that's what I call classy
Going to a street car meet up w/ my dudes

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Found a new spot to set up some cone fagging at. Sometime during the end of this month during the weekend we will be doing singles and cat and mouse races with variety of layouts in courses. More details are in the discord.
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>parking lot racing
Is this the spot that's like an hour north from soflo
Please don't ask stupid questions.

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Bought first car with 1.9JTD.
I decided to change oil and oil filter. I went through service history and found that previous owner been using castrol 10W40 oil, so I did the same.
I recently went through owner's manual and found that manufacturer recommends 5W40.
Should I change it to manufacturer's recommended or stay with 10W40? Car has 150k miles on the clock.
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You can switch to 5w at the next scheduled oil change, unless you are currently below freezing, and you'll be fine.
I live in a place where it's between 5C and 20C all year round.
Go for 5W then? Friend told me going into less dense oil now after running 10W40 for a long time might cause leaks or something like that. How much true is that?

Another slightly unrelated question, how often should manual transmission's oil be changed? I was told this is something you usually never do, but I have a suspicion that this can't be right. Going into 1st and 2nd gear is rough sometimes and I wonder if oil change could fix it.

Quick primer on oil, the first number is the weight of oil cold (as in 20°C or thereabouts). The second is the weight of the oil under normal operating temps. So, unless your car is being started in -10°, or lower, it is not going to make much of a difference. The car has always had xW-40 in it. Sometimes if an engine has blow-by (the rings are wearing out) you can reduce excessive oil consumption by running a heavier weight oil, like 20W-50.

Manual transmission oil is not commonly changed. If you have grinding gears, it is more likely worn out syncros or possibly a clutch issue. Changing fluid is not going to fix\help anything.

>The Ultimate Driving Machine

what went wrong?
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Needs an LS swap.
I always wanted an Isetta, too bad they’re probably not street legal in Commiefornia

Why do boomers always fucking do this?

Also boomer hate.
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What you fucking issue with boomers now there OP...is it cause your a cock smoking faggot?
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what am i even looking at?

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I have 15k buks for new DD. What can i buy?
Need something ncomfy at the same time
sporty in good condition
inb4: e39/e46, GTI,
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Used Nissan LEAF.

try to find one with the 30 kwh battery.
The C5 is pretty comfy, not sure about sporty, maybe the 1.6 THP
Lexus is300, is350
Maybe 330i if you like weekly maintenance

Ok so its obvious everyone here has one favorite car company they like a litte more than the others.Post it here and explain why its your favorite.

You can only pick ONE.
Mine is Mazda because I like how mazda cars even their base stuff are fun to drive, also big fan of their miatas for being LightWeight/RWD.
Whats your?
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BONUS: You can also post your favorite car from that company
Mazda as well. My Miata is the true love of my life, pls dont tell my girlfriend...
toyota. dunno why, just always loved them since I was a kid. probably because my dad told me how reliable they are for cheap

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