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>buys an american muscle car
>gets a v6
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>implying a V8 will make a difference
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You're goddamned right, mate
they're ponies and I love mine so delet this

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they're probably automatic
Are you the same guy that made the supra thread a few weeks ago that asked a similar question. The short answer is that they cost 60-80k when they were new and they hold a very high position for most tunerbros. Theyre considered future classic cars which gets everyones dicks hard and makes them want to sell them at a higher price. In all honesty why was this thread created? Are you going to buy an NSX soon? If not, don't worry about it, these cars weren't that great either way
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>tfw theres one going for 35k near me
>it has 200k miles

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>on road trip with two friends
>listening to George Thorogood
>song starts skipping
>we all kinda giggle as it sounds silly
>it get worse as the song tries to play
>I laugh my ass off as the song get more disjointed and stuttery
>finally the cd just stops working
>by then I am wiping tears from my eyes from laughing so hard
>almost have to pull over
>my friends look at me like Im fucking psycho for laughing so hard at it

It reminded me of the old classic youtube poops and I think that made me laugh harder I think, but I felt like a fucking spaz afterwards

Anyone else have awkward road stories?
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>driving with friend
>accidentally grab his leg instead of the gear stick
>we both laugh and I unzip his pants
>park the car while fondling his balls
>friend is laughing cause he knows it's just a joke
>start sucking his dick in the parking lot
>friend is laughing his ass off
>he starts making choo-choo train noises saying "BROJOB BROJOB!"
>he cums and I swallow it all like some stupid faggot
>kiss my friend and call him a faggot while laughing
damn it
as soon as I read the OP, I knew I should post this prank story but you already knew
thank you and keep up the good work
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>with lad 8 months driving around in new car and talking
>get distracted and accidentally take a left into incoming traffic
>accidentally run my car onto one of those concrete medians
>I'm freaking the fuck out, friend is laughing
>Green chevy van almost T-bones us
>floor that shit b/c awd
>hop up onto, and off of median
>Some lady in one of the held up cars was laughing at us

Pretty much mentally scarred from this

I'm going to switch to Synthetic oil but I'm not sure which brand to use. The prices vary widely brand by brand and in just wondering if there is really a difference between Mobil 1 which seems ubiquitous or a brand like Royal Purple, Schaeffers or Ams oil.
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Mobil 1 is love

Mobile 1 is life
Royal Purple and Amisol are for racingfags

M1 changed its business model to bitching out the average joe, so I'm not going to comment on it. When you can buy a case of whatever at Costco you know you have an oil company in trouble.
Castrol GTX

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Nah fuck off loser

Hey /o/ I will be buying a car in Colorado tomorrow and I am not a Colorado resident so I cant get a temporary tag, is it legal for me to drive it in the state of Colorado without plates? I will have insurance and a bill of sale/signed title. I'll be driving from Colorado to Arizona.
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OP here, also DMV in Colorado is not open on weekends and I couldn't get a temp tag from az since I currently dont have the bill of sale since I haven't paid for/picked up the car.
>I'll be driving from Colorado to Arizona.

So you live in Arizona and want to buy a Colorado car? What the fuck is wrong with you.

Arizona has a dry climate - excellent for the preservation of cars.

Colorado has snow, road salt, and all the other shit that turns cars into rust buckets.

You're retarded.
car is rust free, from california. Was just last registered in Colorado.

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Whats up /o/ers. I am in a situation, I am using Cunifer lines for my brakes on my project vehicle (Beep J10) which I am utilizing Hydro-boost on all 4 drums, I am having trouble flaring with one of those table vice mounted flaring tool that you can find at any auto store, I am having problems with getting my double flares to NOT LEAK. I don't know what I am doing wrong but if you are versed in this area or have gone through this please give me some tips on how to make the flares better or something because I already leaked out 32 oz of Dot 3 on my garage.
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Caponeauto has a youtube on this
Thanks I'll look the dude up

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So, I finished school with Student ASE's and have been going around to drop off resumes (I like doing it in person so a face can go to the name and so my resume doesn't end up in someone's junk email).
It's at a BMW dealership here in New Jersey, but the want my to start as a Valet until around December (maybe earlier maybe later). Then they were thinking of sending me to North Carolina (I think North) to train as a Genius to talk to customers about the technology in the cars. This would lead into sales and not service...
What do you guys think I should do?
I'm thinking about politely turning it down in hopes my resume will stay on top in case a tech position opens up in the future.
(Last bit of info is that the GM stated that I had great communicational skills which is why they want me to be a white collar)
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just take it anyway, something might come of it
Thanks, one of my hesitations is that it's one of only two places I have applied to thus far, so I'm anxious about taking he first job offered to me

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Anyone watch MavTV/Lucas Oil Racing channel?
They got
>custom fab
>all kinds of auto racing
>motorcycle racing
>boat racing
>tractor pulling
>drifting events
>MMA and other types of 'action' sports

Full Custom Garage makes me think back to Mosnter Garage, but without the bullshit reality tv competiion stuff.
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new episode is on

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So boys i'm starting a new job out of the city and can actually properly use a sports car now. Now i just have to choose one that's under $15k . What are your thoughts on these ?

-Mazda MX-5 NB
-Toyota Supra MK4 non turbo
-Toyota MR2 ZZW30 and SW30
-Nissan S15
-BMW E36 328i

I'm leaning towards the Supra right now , Ausfag btw
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>non turbo
This instantly turns the Supra from a sports car into a comfy tourer. 220 hp in a one and a half tonne car is nothing.
Cross off anything made by j*panese subhumans. Done.
I would say either the s15 or the mr2

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Sitting in the waiting room right now, AMA.

How bad did I fuck up?
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Why are you asking questions in your own ama thread?
I'm not asking you shit, vro

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I can see this 2011 DUTC DENALI trailer,looks normal.Its under BioHazard.

What do you fags think /o/

Pic unrelated
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>$7,100 opening bid
Probably the corpse wasn't in it for very long

Is MotorTrend magazine a meme? I got a free copy from my school's library and it was boring af. I used to like MototTrend but there were just a bunch of articles about CUVs and basic commuter cars written by smug looking assholes. Car and Driver or Grassroots is much better.

(Sorry for blurry pic, camera is fucked)
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Disregard last part, just downloaded image instead.
>still reading car magazines in 2017
I don't really. I just found this in a pile of magazines that said "free" above it. Said fuck it but was thoroughly disappointed.

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Alright /o, listen up

I've got a 2008 Nissan Xterra 4x4, and it has a 5 speed automatic. I found a 2006 Xterra that has a 6 speed in it, rwd, has a broken windshield, and the guy wants $1k for it. Will the driveshaft components and transmission mounts match good enough to where I can convert my automatic to a manual? What kind of labor am I thinking of doing?
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will the manual trans work with your transfer case? if so the mechanical part is easy. Your trouble will come when you try to make the computers play nice with the manual.

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Hello, I have a 2013 Toyota corrola S and I'm having trouble with the Bluetooth. I can connect my phone with no problems but when I go to play music I only get a loading screen. Is there any way to reset this audio system? I feel like I've searched the entire internet and I haven't found anyone with this problem and I don't know how to fix it. (Pic related. Not mine but same stereo)
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Unplug the battery.
Enjoy losing all your station presets.
>buying a shitty 13 corolla
>using bluetooth
shit taste detected.

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