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which one would you choose?
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Neither of them deserves to rust away in the land of snow and salt I live in.
Ar rook same

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Hey guys, I'm planning to live in a trailer to invest in cryptocurencies and save up for my future/cars. Any tips? Can I buy a piece of land with a septic system to hook up my trailer with? Serious replies lol. This is auto so this applies to both my needs.


I'll be honest, it looks better than my current studio.
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But if you have to ask this question, you aren't prepared to live that way.
Outdoors? More like a normal small residential lot with plumbing. Are those available?
And also, I'm looking at 10k trailers, two connected to one septic outlet. One for me and one for my bro, we're both investing in stuff.

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Lets discuss them:

Are they reliable at 60k miles? 100k?
JCW worth the money over S?
Is the Auto tranny the same as in BMW?
How do they compare to a miata as far as fun to drive?
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>yes, but avoid early prince engine ones (2005-2008)
>im not sure actually. bmw uses a lot of different transmissions depending on engine size. Its just a dumb tiptronic though.

its a """sporty""" fwd car
its deffinately fun, but you can have about the same amount of fun in a civic with ebay coilovers. Im a manchild so my definition of a fun car is that if it can powerslide im happy.
Won't be as fun as an MX-5 because FWD, but still quite fun
if at all possible when buying a hot hatch (or any hatch), get it with a manual.
It's unreliable trash. Suspension is stiff which causes rattles in the interior. It's a shit car.

t. my brother had one

I've recently become obsessed with this little fella and i want to buy one so bad. Tell me why this is bad idea.
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I've recently become obsessed with this little fella and i want to buy one so bad. Tell me why this is bad idea.
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I've recently become obsessed with this little fella and i want to buy one so bad. Tell me why this is bad idea.
DESU I badly want a mini for a fuck around car

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Hey guys, I wanna get vanity plates and I would love some ideas from you.

6 letter/digit limit, can be pretty much anything because I live in a small country and relatively few are taken.
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He said 6 letters dumbass

Too long anon, can only be 6 letters.

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Is nitrogen air for tires a meme?
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Air is already 70% nitrogen
>Is nitrogen air for tires a meme?
Depends on how poor you are or if your tire shop is any good.

Pure nitrogen expands less with temperature because there is no water in it.

What car(s) will you guys be buying in 2018?
>get new job
>buy 2011 Dodge Charger (around 10-15k)
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You big dumb idiot chargers are the niggers of gm vehicles
I like that it's based on a platform used from the 90s to 2020s. Should be a good car with many parts.
>What car(s) will you guys be buying in 2018?
Probably none.

ITT: Your first crash and what happened

>lost a fight with a telephone pole
>poor as shit so made a patchwork repair job with junk yard parts for the bumper cover, foam, and reinforcement, side mirror, and headlights
>even one of the donor cars had also hit something but was slightly less fucked up
>17 yo me was pretty cool
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I have never crashed my car and I never will in my entire life

Because I'm the best driver in my town
I've never been in an accident while i was driving. The only accident I've been in was when I was a child. My aunt, who was really drunk at the time, was driving when she decided to cut across two lanes of oncoming traffic. We got T-boned by a Corvette, and afterwards she fled the country in order to avoid criminal charges.
My driveway is gritted in the winter to reduce slippage for cars. Ironically the grit was what I slipped on, on a perfectly dry day. Put my chinese scooter into the fence and had to patch up the broken front fairing and replace one of the brake levers. More ironically yet I rode the thing through a snowstorm half-drunk without a problem. Crashes always lurk where you least expect them. This was almost a decade ago in case you've been planning to accuse me of underage or nocar now.

Sorry for requesting /o/, but I was looking for some pictures of Twingo lights shooped on other cars.
It looks so damn cute
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the dude's shit eating grin gets me every time lol

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do you guys repair scratches to the underside of your bumper? I hit a weird curb at a wrong speed of 20mph (I pass it daily at 10mph no problem) and I heard a scratch. When I inspected it today it had some deep scratches on it. Thing is you can only see it while squatting ass to grass and stooping a bit further.
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I meant curve. A steepish curve
I don't fix scratches on the other parts of my car, so there's no way I'm touching parts you can't even see
No, that's stupid.

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I never understood why people straight pipe or muffler delete their car that has less than 8 cylinder and can think it sound decent. V8s and up are the only engines that sound good straight piped, everything else just sounds like raspy garbage, except the 4a-ge and the lima
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>never heard a flat or inline 6 straight pipe
>not including you subaru
Inline 6's sound incredible with only a muffler delete

I agree that straight piping sounds like complete shit on most cars though
Straight piping a street car is a pretty faggy thing to do anyway. At least add mufflers with bypass valves or something for on-demand stealth mode.

On the topic of sound though,

Hey /o/! Today's my 26th birthday. Wanna be rad and drop your best Subaru wallpapers?
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Happy birthday Anon. I like this one, it's what I use on my tablet.
Here you go
Happy b day

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shit shit cunt.jpg
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What does /o/ think of the 2008 Subaru Outback 2.5i?

How are other Subaru Outbacks of the era? I noticed the sticky chart only lists them 1990-2004. Is that a price consideration or did the quality of the vehicles drop off after '04?

Do the common issues with their Cats, cylinder head gaskets, air fuel ration and knock sensors carry over to the post 2004 models? Are there specific issues that the automatics have that the manuals don't?

Is under $11k for the '08 2.5i at under 90k miles a rip off?
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>buying a subaru
y tho?
Because it seems like a nice compromise.
11k for a 9 year old economy car is highway robbery. These are unreliable shit and engine is inferior to an inline 4 or a v6 and if it's not a manual and turbo it's not even worth considering.

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man, the Cities: Skylines mods are getting pretty realistic.
Maybe if you weren't all so selfish...

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Hi /o/

I just bought my first car which is a Ford Focus Titanium Navigator, I like the overall look of it and it drives pretty well but I was wondering if there's anything I can do to make it look a bit less boring?
If I powdercoated the rims black would it be an improvement or would it look dumb?
Pic related - very similar to mine
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You could've bought something that wasn't boring, cuck. Keep it stock.
True, except the second you buy something that isn't incredibly boring you get fucked with insurance costs.

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