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what car.jpg
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What kind of burger shitbox is this?

>inb4 some kind of weird dodge stratus
probably close
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1990-91 Grand Am
huh. Thank you dude, also tripfags are cancer.

But thanks.
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grand am.jpg
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>2.3 16V twin cam, MPI
>getrag 5 speed

oh boy

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Looking at buying a new vehicle
Set on it and want to buy it straight off the bat
Notice the current vehicle is in Bostom, MA and I have to pay to ship it just to inspect the car
Boston, MA is in the east coast
Typical rust belt, it might have rust underneath and I haven't even seen the car

Might have to pass on a really good vehicle I can't find anywhere else
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kill yourself confederatescum
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Can anyone help me find this hood scoop?
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Different angle
That looks like it was hand made OP, and if a company did sell, theres no way you should fucking buy it because of how badly the scoop was cut
its custom op sorry

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I got into a collision this week and need to sell my de-commisioned ambulance. (I.E. got into a fight with a city bus)
Anyone have any experience junking/parting out cars?
What are the dos/donts?
What parts are best to take off?
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I have photos from various angles if it helps.
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File: IMAG0128.jpg (981KB, 1840x3264px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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There seem to be a few folks who want to bring back 70s van culture.

Please post pics of vans or any bits of van culture you can find

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Turns out old vans were beat harder than trucks of the era, new vans could buy you a sports car instead, and just painting some bitchin wizard fighting a dragon on it costs as much as a 3k civic.
You can pick up a great old van for next to nothing out west.
Its like one big blank canvas
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>2,9 diesel motor
Is this the ultimate offroad buy(in EU)
Also general thoughts on the terracan
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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Leave the Corvette to m-...
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to who?
sick lookin MR2 bro wjere can i buy that hood?

Looking to buy a used A6 3.0t wagon from around 2013-15
Ive seen alot of them being i live next to germany, some however have kinda high mileage.
What do u consider to still je safe ?
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I don't think that high mileage Audis are something you should even think to get because the engines always have a tendency to destroy themselves the exact moment they reach 100K
>anything FSI
I'd be afraid to buy a new one.
Did some online searching and thought they 3.0t was a solid engine
/O/ doesnt like German Cars or u have sources i could check out ?

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Who's going?
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Guess not
Will you sell me some tickets? I want to go, but i'm not in the industry.

Well, actually. My employer sends sales people there, but to corporate tape and jewness going on to sell me a ticket.
I would have to add you as an employee to my business. That would require making business cards for you and perhaps an employee ID card. I only have passes for myself and a few others. The business is just a front to get into SEMA, lol. Not hard to get in.

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How long should my car sit before I try to change the oil?
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Depends on how long you've had it running.
30 minutes to an hour usually
Thanks for responding. It was quite warmed up as I made some runs around town.
It really is just case of how hot and easy you want the oil to flow. Just don't be a putz and burn yourself

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>made by Allison and Packard, then divisions of GM for the original Mustang
>was so shit it had to be discarded in favor of the bongistani Merlin two years into the service of the plane
>at which point the Mustang became a full-fledged fighter plane instead of an underpowered cuckbox
GM fangirls will defend this.
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It looks like their problem was that about half of the engine was missing.

Just blew a brake line on my way home today. Since I need to do my rotors n pads and change fluid anyways.
What sequence should I follow when doing this?

1.replace all brake lines
2.drain old fluid and flush with new fluid
3. Change pads and rotors

Does it matter what sequence I do it in?
Any help is appreciated
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The order you have it in. I would do fluids last tho
Drain fluids, disconnect brake shit, replace lines, install new brake shit, flush master with new fluid and in the process bleed system
Also, the order in which you bleed the brake lines DOES matter so look it up for your specific car.

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What would /o/ consider to be the best car chase in film?
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its fucking mcqueen in a race car.
Vanishing Point, also Bullitt is good

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opinions on this car?

>2.8l 30v 6cyl, 210hp/200tq
>awd with lsd
>6spd manual

i found one with 150k miles for $1500
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Always think of repair costs.
i have a lot of experience with B3 and B4 Audis but not B5s
just wondering if any /o/ dudes know about what common problems they have
the ad says it needs a driverside CV joint and some TLC(by TLC i assume he means it's rusty, needs struts, tires, brakes, and probably a check engine light)
>$1500 Audi
Marty, i'm scared!

for or against outlawing self-driving 16 wheelers? and why or why not?

Congress has been discussing that this week in committee , so i wanted to hear /o/'s opinion.
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Yes let's outlaw self-driving trucks because a caffeine-jittery, overworked human being is definitely the best thing to put behind the wheel of a vehicle that weighs more than a house.
It's a shitty industry that forces drivers to work long, illegal hours to achieve the expected times from shippers.

As the technology is developed, computers can do it better.
Because self driving cars haven't had any crashes or killed anyone right? It's such a great idea to put a computer that gets confused in fog or can't tell the difference between a tumbleweed and a concrete block in charge of 44 ton vehicles.

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