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I found a clean, running 1990 prelude si with a 5 speed for $1000. Should I go for it?
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Yes. Slow as fuck, but tons of fun and it looks really good imo. $1000 well spent.
Damn that's a steal
Ask a mechanic friend to take a look under the hood, just to check if anything is fucked up. Other than that, good car

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No replies in the DB for this post!

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Current state of affairs...
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>tfw no prerunner obs
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im not sure if i understand this feel op
OP here. This is my son's truck. (yes, he's mine) Heading to the paint shop in the morning. Getting a cheap paint job thrown on it, so we're doing most of the prep work ourselves.

The truck still has dents in the roof, but you really can't see them from the ground, so fuckit. Econo has a shitty $300 paint job special for trucks, and because we're doing the prep, it may actually last a few years. But fuck, anything's better than how it looks now. The left door and fender are black, and there was surface rust on the roof, and the clear was dead all over.

This truck has the quad shock suspension, sits on 31's from the factory, and has a 351 in it with 3.55's with front and rear limited slip. It'll pull a fucking house down. Interior looks fantastic, too, so a paint job will be cool. He's a senior in HS this year, so he'll have this truck when he moves off to college next year.

This is my first car. Isn't it a cute ?
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cool miata bro
nice ae86 guy
When your gauge cluster is worth more than the rest of your car.

Hi /o/, I just got my first car. It's a 1999 4 door Grand Prix that I bought off some guy for $650. I have to go get it insured and then licensed. How do I avoid getting jewed by the insurance company? Is there any way I could fuck this up? Also any advice for first time Grand Prix owners?
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>i just bought my first car
>im new to car ownership
>and driving
>especially in the night time
>moreso if its rainy or snowy or foggy
>how can i avoid the insurance company fucking me?
as for the real answer tho, set your goals in life a whole fucking lot higher and understand that this shit takes a ton of money and time and effort and hardship. so how much do you really like cars?
>Also any advice for first time Grand Prix owners?
everything breaks. everything is easily fixable aside from the radiator

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I'm thinking of buying a used mazda 3 for £9.7k. Is this a terrible idea. I don't know shit about cars.
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Import a twingo.
What spec?
You're paying way too much OP

Get a better deal

Why did they have to make it look more agressive?
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Looks pretty much the same imo. Also this summer I went on a trip to greece with some family friends. We were 5 cars my astra, an x6, a mercedes c220 from 2003, a duster and a logan. And both dacias had issues with the fuel pump and had to stop on the highway even though they passed inspection a week before. Honestly I'd stay away from them. Why buy a shit new car when you can get an amazing one used for the same price?
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Diesel engines?
Swedish coworker of mine has one, and the diesel fuel pump on it gave out at 27 000km. It was covered by warranty, but left him without a vehicle for two weeks because it had to be transported 3 hours away to the dealer that sold it for some reason

Your argument is very much the same as mine in regards to the Duster. If you want a small, practical and cheap crossover a used Suzuki SX4, Mazda CX-3, Kia Sportage, Skoda Yeti and more will be the same price as a new one of those, have more equipment and will be better built

Sure, its one of, if not THE cheapest mini-SUV out there, but even so the build quality is sub-par, and its not a good choice in my opinion
>mini SUV
don´t you mean shitty crossover?

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>He lets his wife drive him around town
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>he lets sluts put their feet on the dash
>he has a wife
>I wish I was a wife

thinking about build a camper van to travel around the country. (expecting lots of driving)

Im not sure if i should get a used van for better price or save up to get a post 2015 benz sprinter or ford transit.

Don't want to broke down in the middle of no where and had to get the van towed.
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For me, I'd go with one of these and actually travel through the country side, not just view it from the side of the road.
better off spending that money on hotels desu

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Is it just me or do modern cars suck?
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they're the best they've ever been when it comes to performance and mpg. The designs just suck.
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i guess they are superior if you hate the overall experience of driving
This, but also they're increasingly being designed to handhold and take away from the driving experience.

Cars might be getting better, but they're definitely getting worse as well.

Also they look overstyled and edgy.

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Whats up with people that once they have a kid, they only cars they want are large cars like minivans and suvs

Its not like you are going to have trouble with a nice sedan, even of you have 3 kids. My mom was perfectly fine transporting us with her buick regal, I don't think I've ever heard her wish for a larger car.

Plus what is up with men having to get rid of their car when they have their child, my parents always had their separate vehicles
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Betas get convinced by Stacey to buy a crossover to take the children out so Chad can come round in his M3 and fuck her
Because some people aren't as rich as you and can afford two cars. Also I know a guy who had a Supra MKIV but sold it to buy a minivan for his family. DESU it's mostly their wife's that make them sell it. If she's not happy, ur not happy, fucking bullshit
we weren't rich, we were actually pretty poor, both of my parents worked

>B-but my CHP
They only hang out at the Snake, so just don't be a shithead near there and you'll be in the clear
>M-muh shitbox is garbo and I'm scared
Don't be. No one tries to be an asshole at the meets, and everyone enjoys each others company. You'll be fine, dude. Just show up and say "Hey guys, I'm ____." It'll flow from there.

Reminder again: No need for utensils or food or anything. We'll be going to an actual restaurant this time around so you can flex on the ladies by showing your autistic Fast and Furious knowledge.
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>Trying Mulholland again

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well we're not the best cooks out there...
Truly, its for the best.

I've been looking on craigslist for a car and i found a 1997 cadillac catera for just under $2000. It only has ~50,000 miles on it and i drove it a little bit today, it was smooth and it didn't seem to have any issues mechanically. The issue is that it's air conditioning is busted which is a deal breaker in Florida. Is it likely that i could get the air fixed and have it stay functioning? I don't know anything about so i was hoping you guys could help me out.

I can't find the specific ad but there's no exterior damage so pic somewhat related.
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>The issue is that it's air conditioning is busted which is a deal breaker in Florida
Could just need a recharge.
Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo dont
what seems to be wrong with the AC? Does the blower work and it just doesn't blow cold? Not even a tiny bit cold? If it doesn't blow cold enough but everything else works, a can of refrigerant from your local auto parts store can fix it. However, it could be something more serious.

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Does anyone else think turbo whistle and blow off valves sound cute instead of cool?
Like seriously whenever I hear it I just want to hug my car.
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Proof turbofags are gay
>I just want to hug my car.
Please refrain from hugging your car.
Hugging is a gateway to fucking your car.
But my car is a girl.

Hey /o/, my girlfriend is looking for a new car and could use some direction. She currently has a 1998 Ford Explorer, it's in decent shape with minimal rust, roughly 157k miles, but she has an annoying issue where when she fills it up with gas the nozzle shuts off every 5 seconds. It takes her like 10 minutes to fill up.

She's been working a lot and is saving up a good amount. She could likely sell the truck for at least $1000, she bought it for $1300 and barely put any miles on it.

With a budget of $3000, what would be a good smaller SUV for her? I was thinking another explorer.
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She's filling it up wrong because she's retarded or shes letting it run so low that the vapor from the tank is cutting it off when she fills up.
She goes 100 miles before filling up, the tank is much larger than that. On top of it, I've tried filling the gas tank, 2 in her family, and gas attendants at full serve have tried and everyone gets the same issue.
why not a hatch op? it would be better on gas and you could probably find lots in that price range.

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