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ITT: cars driven exclusively by high school dicklet vapelord beaners
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Or a suburban/blazer
>Older subaru impreza (not WRX or STI)
>Shitbox skylines (Australian so they're not as rare or exclusive as in America)
>poverty-tier BMW/Mercedes that have 200000km+ on the clock and probably cost less than $5k
>lowered commodores with shitty ebay rims

Fuck, this gave me a boner

>weighs 88lbs
>3cyl 1.5l turbocharged

TFW I will be too old to care when engines of this calibre will be available for the consumer market
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>available for the consumer market
>implying they won't be bankrupt in the next 2-4 years

So when /o/ spouts the 3k Civic meme, they're referring to the EK D Series Civic right? Or is it any branch of 90's Civic.
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3k is overpaying desu
u want any 4door civic not the ricer mobiles
Honda accord coupe or honda prelude

Hey /o/,

I have about $20,000 saved up already, and want to buy a good pony car over the next 3 months. However, I am not really a drag racer and have to commute to work.

What would you reccomend would be a good car? The Dodge SXT, Chevy Camaro or the Mustang?

Which are easier to maintain?
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3k civic with RAD FLAMES and P Y P E S
id say a camaro but nowadays its more of a sports car than a muscle car
Get a Challenger

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what would you like to see in the soon to be 4th gen mr2?
>no over design
>no pig fat
>4u base engine
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No over-engineered flat-4 in my mr2 please
plz no flat 4

put a inline 4 in almost all of them. turbo 4 as a special option. If it is as big as the sw20, 300hp camry v6 as a madman option. probably no space for that if it is zzw30 sized

simple, light, precise. all it really needs
Good suspension would turn a mr2 from a miata-tier to nearly elise tier.

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>TFW $3500 buys you a rusty 160k miata
>TFW hardtops not included

At what point will Miatafags stop with this bullshit?
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Supply and demand, faggot. Welcome to capitalism.
t. good goy
paid $2600 for a 97 with 102k, they aren't all that bad

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Where do you all like to drive just for fun?

The roads near where I live (NJ next to Philly) are pretty terrible, and lack curves. Are there any good ones I'm missing?

Also, I'm thinking about taking a trip to the Tail of the Dragon or Blue Ridge Parkway. Have any of y'all been there? Are they any good?
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>Are there any good ones I'm missing?
River road, on just over the border on the PA side.
Mountain roads are always the most fun. They just give the feeling of adventure.
2nd best is night city driving.
Dead last is the highway zzzz.
Mirin' American mountain roads
Country B-roads in the UK are good cause the limit is 60mph but you can't go a mile without reaching residential areas, running into cyclists or areas with no corner visibility

What is your opinion of Jay Leno's Garage? Not the show, but the actual car collection in it and the man who collects them.
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I wanna suck Jay Leno's dick and slurp his smegma for eternity. I bet his dick is thicc and juicy.
i want my interior to be authentic sweaty worn jay leno denim
What baffles me is why did he decide against procreation?

The perfect car doesnt exi-
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I fucked a fat Irish girl in one of these when I lived in Montana. Comfy as fuck, plenty of room, the rear springs held really well under our combined weight of probably 600. One of the most enthusiastic lays Ive ever had. I still expect to see her everytime one of these passes me.

But I dont think Id own one consumer reports show they get to be exspensive to fix.
It's too slow and fuel and road tax costs would be too high in my country
What the fuck is up with subaru's, are the engines haunted or something because all I've ever heard about them is something bad about boxters, but I don't actually know any hard facts about them.

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