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General offroad and niceposting thread. Enjoy what little bit of summer is left before you get too busy!

Jeepfags on suicidewatch:

Obligatory copypasta:
>Old Thread
>/out/ thread:
>/pirate4x4/ thread:

>Jeep gets sold to chinks
>school starts again
>shit's starting to get colder (kinda)
>Crownon drinks seafoam
>Tacomafags form an alliance

Feel free to add yourself to the map if you're still reading this far into the OP

Discord for partial autism containment:

Become a stickerfag without making yourself look like a weaboo:
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Reposting here
>Tires are MasterCraft MXT 32x11.50, the lift is all rough country because they make actual complete kits for reasonable money. Everyone said they ride like shit, but that wasn't really a concern because I have other cars to drive on the road, and I'm not a pussy. And honestly, it drives fine on road, it's a little stiffer than stock, but stock was worn the fuck out so that's not even surprising. Shop cat is doing pretty good, though he has a bit of an eye infection at the moment. He's got himself a bit of a girlfriend that the neighbors abandoned when they moved out, she hangs around too sometimes. I'd ask how things are with you, but I read the threads from time to time still so I'm fairly up to date. And for the record, I've not been the cause of any shitposting in a long time, and won't be anytime soon.

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Is it difficult/expensive to fabricate a V mount Intercooler set up?
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I imagine it depends a lot on the car and it's engine bay layout. I know at least for the 370z it takes a lot of relocating and custom fabricating
i guess in this case I'm talking about the nissan 240sx hatchback

Hey guys, I need some advice. I don't know how to drive, I don't have a car, and all I have is my permit. I know the rules of the road, but no practice. I want to get a car and learn to drive, but I am nervous about all of this and I don't know where to start. I am 21 with a budget of 5000$ and not picky about cars (model/year/color). I just want something compact, maybe a two seater car. I was looking at VW Beetles, Baja Bugs, Mini Coopers, Fortwo, and Elio. I live in midstate new york. I don't need help finding used cars thankfully. Any and all advice is greatly apreciated
tldr; I want my first car to be compact/two seater but I don't know shit about cars or how to drive yet.
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poor bait m8
Not bait, as I said. I know nothing about cars.
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the answer is ALWAYS 3k civic

[spoiler]or miata[/spoiler]

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You're supposed to wait until the engine has reached it's operating temperature before turning on the heating. Even more so during cold weather.

Does this apply to Climatronic as well?
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No replies in the DB for this post!

Older Blacks Males,+50y, usually drive this pos.
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So fucking weird, my 50 year old black Sales Manager just bought this same car, same colour.

I sell GM vehicles, but I genuinely don't mind Buick. Never have any issues with them or the customer base. They drive nice and are a decent premium car before you move to luxury.
Speaking of Buicks, surprisingly Off the Boat chinese will buy the Enclave. Most of the time it's in off-white color.

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>post about a problem with your car
>well idk OP, never had that problem, my car runs great actually, but it sounds like you need a new engine
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why cant we be like /v/ by hating everything about cars and being off topic about everything
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we're getting there
who's your favorite vocalist,/o/?

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>hyundai RM16
>midengined rwd hot hatch
>290hp turbo v6
>spotted testing on the burgering

so, how much you guys think this will cost?
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thats an old and busted concept
not happening

why would they take a busted concept, camo it and test it on the ring?
im saying that its old and it stopped showing up
as far as i know at least

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>$10,000 in discounts and price reductions
>American economy is strong

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Which car should I pick

Obviously it's a mish-mash, I just can't decide. All are around $20k (either for the car or for the car how I'd like to build it). All are two doors (because my friends have cars). But only two of them are economical(ish).

2003-2004 Boxster S
2017 Honda Civic LX MT
2004 Jaguar XKR
2006 Silverado 2WD with suspension, tires, LSD, etc
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I hate to be the boomer in the room, but you are seriously retarded. No one on the internet can make this decision for you. Obviously all 4 cars are super different so its pointless to even shill them. The only way you are going to know which car you want is to get off your ass and test drive them. The internet cant be your only source of problem solving dude.
What do you need the car for

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Anyone else keep a magnetic beacon light in their trunk for emergencies?
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Here in the USA pretty much every car has a hazard light button...
Are there countries that don't have them?
I've been considering hooking up some orange/white strobes on my truck, due to the amount of people/friends I pull out of the ditch during the winter, time spent on the roadside unloading/loading in ATVs and snowmobiles and to make it more visible when I bring it into the bicycle trails and so on around the mountain. I've tried one of those, and I found that the light wasn't all that good, and in non-flat terrains they tend to have a lot of blind spots

Those aren't nearly as visible as an actual beacon light, even tho the cigarette-hole plug in types aren't all that effective either

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How do I connect an air compressor to my battery's terminals?

I'm a car noob. Don't know shit, but I've got one of those air compressors that connects to the battery. It's a superflow mv50. I can't find the instruction manual anywhere online. This wasn't my compressor so I don't have the actual manual. I know the red plug goes on the positive terminal, and the black plug on the negative but....

In what order?

Should the car be running when I plug them?

I've got a spare donut tire on it right now, whcih is what I need to inflate so I need this done asap... terminals?
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Here's what you do: Buy a bus pass. If you can't even figure it out, you really shouldn't be on the road by yourself. You need adult supervision.
I live in the mountains. Buses don't even come out here you stupid fucking idiot.

Do you even know how to do it yourself, or are you just taking this opportunity to try to lord over someone despite the fact that you don't know shit yourself?

Either be helpful, or please take a shotgun, put your mouth around it, and blow your head apart...

Sersiously, do it.
It doesn't really matter but if you really want to be careful then black on first and then red. The little compressor won't draw much current so you don't really need to worry about needing to have the engine running.

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>About to install cam bearing in General IV L76 block
>Notice journals have oiling grooves and not oiling holes
>Cam bearings have oil holes
>Mfw I bought the wrong cam bearings
>Lost receipt and I purchased them over 90 days ago
>Subject to restock fee
>Summit said they would work
>Time to clean more parts!
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General is GM
>tfw mobilefag with autocorrect

Soooo your supposed to line up the oil holes or what?
Yeah, but the cam bearing journals in my block have oiling grooves. The cam bearings I bought have oiling holes which won't work. Summit said that they would work with Gen III and Gen IV LS- based blocks but oh well. I don't want to fuck up my new Brian Tooley stage 2 cam.

Is stopleak just a meme? I swear it's never worked for me or anyone I know, anyone else have different results?
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Its the stupidest shit, and someone using it is a top-tier sign that the person is a cheap cunt who doesn't know the value of proper repairs or maintenance

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post your garage itt
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in this thread people find out im poor
pic related
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tfw no garage

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