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Fucking old lady hit me and totalled my 02 mustang gt manual. Hit and run.

I'm now looking at a couple 2000-2006 e46 bmw 330ci coupe manuals.
Anybody ever own one? Wondering how they are reliability wise and all that.
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It's worse and more expensive than your mustang if that's what you're asking.
>Hit and run.
I can't bring myself to just buy another mustang. I got mine for a really good price. Anything even close to as nice as mine was is gonna be more than a grand more than I paid for mine. I figure if I'm paying the extra money I might as well get something more luxury

Cop found the old bitch a couple hours later. She thought she "bumped a curb" and had no insurance.

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What is your favorite car color?
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vermillion red
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Medium-dark blue with a bit of purple pearl
Mariner Blue

Threw a rod on my Celica, shot straight down and out the oil pan. What do?
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ls1 swap
Put a rotary in it
get a car that isn't shit

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Would Toyota revive the Celica and add it to its sportscar lineup in addition to the upcoming Supra, current GT86, and the speculated MR2?

What would it be? FWD, RWD, AWD? 2 door only or will it be a 3 door hatch?
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if they make a new celica at all (unlikely), it will be an underpowered FWD successor to the scion tc. I wouldn't get too excited
This. Honestly, I don't understand why they killed the tC instead of rebadging it as the Celica tC.
I swear to god toyota, get it right just this once make a celica comeback with a 350hp turbo charged I 4, 5 speed manual, and rwd

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About to get a tuner for my 2014 mustang 5.0, still torn on what to get though, it's between the Bama or Lund Ngauge. Everyone tells me Lund despite the higher price, but judging by all the comparison videos I've seen on YouTube, the bama tuner makes more power. And it also comes with the added bonus of free retunes for life. I need more advice, what have been your guys experience with these tuners?
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keep it stock.
Do tunes even work or make a difference?
t. Mustang owner that only daily's it and weekend cruise
>"Tunes" N/A car

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Is this website legit?

Why is it free?

Does anybody have a Carfax to compare they data they use?
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they are legit, but they almost never show the full story. I have directly compared their reports with CarFax on my own cars and CarFax has substantially more information.
still a good place to start being free and all
They dont always pick up on car history
I was looking up a surprisingly inexpensive Honda Prelude from craigslist a month ago and Vehicle history said it had a clean title and no history of accidents. Then I checked NICB and Carfax. NICB lists it as a salvage title and Carfax said it had 3 previous accidents and 10 previous owners.
Needless to say, I steered clear of that car. If i trusted Vehiclehistory, I would never have known until it was too late

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*overtakes you*
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*kills my self DDDDXX*
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*overtakes you...*
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*arrives at worksite*
Morning cunts what work needs doing?

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What are your views on the Smart Fortwo?
I may have to get one because my insurance has skyrocketed recently.
I heard treehuggers who drive these are more pretentious than Prius owners.
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Reliability and cost repair of a Mercedes, not even that fuel efficient, needs premium.

A Fiat 500, new Mitsubishi mirage, or Geo would be better.
nah, we're normal poorfags

DO NOT GET THE 450 though,
get a 451
fuel economy on the turbo models suffers because the ecu goes full rich mode when going into 0.3 bars of boost

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if i don't have any interest in changing my own oil is it preferable to go to the dealer or the run of the mill brainlet mechanic?
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doesnt matter as long as its not a quick change place
dealers have the dumbest people assigned to oil changes
Dealer is better option but also more expensive.

If you dont give a shit about the car just take to the cheapest spot you can find
get yourself a good personal mechanic and make sure he's not bullshitting you.

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Has /o/ ever gone to an organized street race? I went to one last night but the cops kept showing,up and chasing people from spot to spot. I got 3 runs in but it wasn't against anyone in my horsepower class and I won each race. I was disappointed and I think from now on I will just stick to stop light douchery and going to a local race track for drag days if I want to race like that again. Also, general street racing stories.
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Drag racing is for children and people who can't drive. Would rather go run through the twisties by myself or with one or two others.
>implying twisties

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