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I've been considering getting a GTI.
Up until now, I've only owned Jap econoboxes.

Is the common wisdom of German cars true?
Are maintenance schedules required to be followed more closely?
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>owned two econoboxes
>wants to buy a third
y tho? why not buy an actual good car?
Because it's still practical, while offering an incredible driving experience.
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have a 2015 GTI, pain in the ass to keep running. No mechanical issues yet however it has a reciprocating ball bearing turbo so you have to baby the car when you start it up and when you turn it off

You've ever been tempted to run?

Just to see if you could pull it off?
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>eighty horsepower
Not really.
I have, and did. Was extremely terrifying and I won't do it again.
cant outrun a radio

once they identify your car, face or license plate, you cant run. People who run are just increasing their sentence

Is the IS300 the best first car for someone who wants to get into cars?
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If by IS300 you mean 3k civic then yes it is.
No. The IS300 is the best first car for someone who appreciates a good, fun, stock car. All the ricerfags don't know what the fuck they're doing and ruin the hell out of it.

If you want to get into mods and shit get a Saab. Those things are cheap as dirt and come turbocharged from the factory. Slap some Euro-rice on it, diverter valves and whatever the fuck else then have some dude tune it for $100. Blow it up then learn from that.
I dont think an unreliable shitbox will be good for a first time car buyer

Saabs are money pits

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A place to ask all your short automotive related questions.

>ProTip - A simple Google search may actually answer your question.

Also go through the thread and look for questions to which you could answer to.

Previous Thread Hit Rev Limiter - >>17846823 → →
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How do self driving cars work?
>which gasket?
Unsure which one
>do you have access to a brick and mortar
No, why?
>you or someone qualified have examined the exhaust system yes?

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Waste of good duck tape.
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>know a hurricane is approaching
>hire a dozen spiders
>they wrap your car and anchor it to the ground

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describe MRZB plz
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No replies in the DB for this post!

Could anybody tell me what this exact Honda is please?
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EH9 Civic
"Ferio" 92-95 5th gen civic sedan.

the corner plates on the rear windows and the fenders are "jdm" and i believe the rims are civic HX rims of the same generation.
Thank you, it's much appreciated. :)

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Why would a manurfacturer choose an I4 over a V4? Car makes who use V6s for packaging but then use I4s when V4s have superior packaging? Also unlike a V6 a V4 is a balanced engine design.
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I4 is cheaper to manufacture
v4 has two heads
V4 is worse, the advantage is smaller packaging in exchange of being more complicated and lower performance

just like V6 is worse than i6 but because of packaging V is used now.

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Does anybody happen to know anything about the electrical systems in old ambulances? Specifically a 1998 Ford f/e[?]350 conversion van with an ambulance system by Wheeled Coach/Rev Group of Florida? Thus far I've been completely unable to find documentation or even a perfect match on a model, but through dicking around with a 12v jump box grounded to the chassis, some ghetto-rigged jumpers, and the cut 80+ wire loom I've managed to get power to everything in the rear interior off battery (always on, they ripped out the switch panel before sale so we're going to have to make a new one) and jump some of the exterior lights on temporarily. Really looking for a wiring diagram if possible, they're labelled on the loom but not clearly and I'm not familiar with what all of these devices are called. Ideally I'd like to have flashers and sirens working just for shits and giggles.
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oh and the horn

I made the horn work too, but not off the button on the steering wheel. If you put 12v to it the horn works, the aftermarket ambulance kit has the factory horn run through their loom for some reason. So we'll probably just put that on a switch too for the sake of simplicity.

What's the best Mercedes model from 2010 and up?
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pic related
GEE tee are
Clearly not this one.

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Auto Sticker General #284

Previous thread: >>17871699

>List of Vendors and Social Media

>/osg/ FAQ

>What is this thread for?
A thread to discuss, post, create, and review anything related to Automotive Decals and Stickers

>Currently looking for:
>An internet lawyer ( ͠° ͟ʖ ͡°)
Idea Guys (Come up with Sticker Ideas, /o/ club names, etc.)
Anons with artistic talent willing to make decals for free.
Anons with decal production equipment (Specifically Vinyl Printer Equipment)
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How much does Loners Crew charge for commissions? Will he design the whole slap?
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You cunts already have one of these threads open, stop shitting up the board for fucks sakes
This thread was made after the bump limit. The other thread was made much earlier.

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I want rear wheel drive and Toyota reliability.

so sounds like I want a Lexus. thing is though, will I look like one of those arabs who drive Germans cars to try and look rich.

would I look like a wannabe rich person. I have a min wage job
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You'll look like a grandpa or like someone who inherited grandpa's car if you pick an older Lexus.

No you will be fine with lexus
Stop giving a shit what other people think of your car. There's literally no brand you can go with that won't lead to bad assumptions about you so just pick what fits your needs and tickles your pickle.

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What is with sellers?

>yeah bro come round anytime today had interest but just lowballers

be halfway across town to look at the thing after you sell the bluff that you are so interested in the car that you're dropping every thing right to look at it, just so he doesn't consider cucking to a sight unseen buyer

>oh bro sorry forgot to tell you but it sold already waiting for this receipt to come through having a bit of trouble with it but if it doesn't come through you'll be the first I call

How the fuck am I supposed to get any car without buying the thing off an ad with only low res photo unseen?
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bump for scumtree
I drank too much OJ and my stomach hurts

my dad just bought a 2016 turbodiesel highline trim volkswagon Amarok . How bad did he fuck up? Pic kinda related, the one he got has a bullbar and winch
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>How bad did he fuck up?
No, He did his homework. Great choice.

>inb4 vicious triggered VAGhaters

What do you mean "fuck up"?

VW is a known authority on turbo diesels and turbo engines in general...

The engine will be solid, at least.

I dont know which engine he got but the V6 diesel can put down 410 ft/lbs torque. Thats plenty good for a truck that size and more than a ford 5.0. Its about the same power as the ram 3.0 ecodisel.

Probably wont win any acceleration races though but it has torque and thats what matters in a truck.

The 5.0 ford would handily beat it in a race though.
well he's gonna look like a faggot. At least it's not a ridgeline.

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So who unironically has this plate right now In the Real World?
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Literally who?

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