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I never understood why people straight pipe or muffler delete their car that has less than 8 cylinder and can think it sound decent. V8s and up are the only engines that sound good straight piped, everything else just sounds like raspy garbage, except the 4a-ge and the lima
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>never heard a flat or inline 6 straight pipe
>not including you subaru
Inline 6's sound incredible with only a muffler delete

I agree that straight piping sounds like complete shit on most cars though
Straight piping a street car is a pretty faggy thing to do anyway. At least add mufflers with bypass valves or something for on-demand stealth mode.

On the topic of sound though,

Hey /o/! Today's my 26th birthday. Wanna be rad and drop your best Subaru wallpapers?
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Happy birthday Anon. I like this one, it's what I use on my tablet.
Here you go
Happy b day

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shit shit cunt.jpg
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What does /o/ think of the 2008 Subaru Outback 2.5i?

How are other Subaru Outbacks of the era? I noticed the sticky chart only lists them 1990-2004. Is that a price consideration or did the quality of the vehicles drop off after '04?

Do the common issues with their Cats, cylinder head gaskets, air fuel ration and knock sensors carry over to the post 2004 models? Are there specific issues that the automatics have that the manuals don't?

Is under $11k for the '08 2.5i at under 90k miles a rip off?
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>buying a subaru
y tho?
Because it seems like a nice compromise.
11k for a 9 year old economy car is highway robbery. These are unreliable shit and engine is inferior to an inline 4 or a v6 and if it's not a manual and turbo it's not even worth considering.

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man, the Cities: Skylines mods are getting pretty realistic.
Maybe if you weren't all so selfish...

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Hi /o/

I just bought my first car which is a Ford Focus Titanium Navigator, I like the overall look of it and it drives pretty well but I was wondering if there's anything I can do to make it look a bit less boring?
If I powdercoated the rims black would it be an improvement or would it look dumb?
Pic related - very similar to mine
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You could've bought something that wasn't boring, cuck. Keep it stock.
True, except the second you buy something that isn't incredibly boring you get fucked with insurance costs.

>no v8 option
It seemed so promising

Now it leaves me with little hope that they might make a v8 coupe
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does it get better mpg than the old one?

City MPG:15
Highway MPG:23
5.6 gals/100 miles
The competition doesn't offer a V8. Except the C63 which MB will eventually make it into Bi Turbo V6 in the future. Hopefully Genesis releases an N Spec of the G70. I bet that'll compete like hell with the M3 and the Qudrofoglio.
>v6 c63
good god please nein

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I recently had an overheating scare when the previous owner didn't bleed the coolant properly, the needle moved to the red zone while idling, I turned off the car and limped home with the heater on full blast.

Did my compression test and it was 200 across the board so the engine was okay, and bled my coolant.

What I didn't do until last night was change my oil for a good 500km after the overheating incident.

The engine felt sluggish and sounded little rough, the oil was black when I changed it. After I changed it, the engine sounded smooth and felt very Good, smooth.

I was wondering if the extreme heat rendered my oil useless enough to damage my engine? Severely reduce engine life?
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heat and friction are what break down oil
so naturally extreme heat can break down oil even faster, as its only designed to operate in a certain temperature range

Shit, so how badly did I fuck up the engine?

Was I riding with the equivalent of water in my engine?
Probably not as bad as you think. Engines can take a lot more abuse than you think.
The most common issue with overheating is warping the head which causes the headgasket to lose its seal. If that happens you're fucked. Otherwise you'll be fine. Id to an engine flush just to be safe, but if you can see white smoke or fluid leaking from the head, i wouldnt worry to much about it.
With all of that said, you definitely reduced the life of your engine but its impossible to tell how much.
Sending a sample of the oil that was overheated to a lab for analysis would be the only way to get a clue.

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What even became of this kid? Did he ever get caught for lying to his dad and the insurance company?
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what ever happened to this kid? I haven't seem him or his chicken around recently.
i hope he got caught
quick rundown?

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have a problem with my old Citroen Xsara (year:1999)

it has a hard time to start the engine after a short drive.

there is no issue to start it if the car has been standing a week, but after that I can just drive to the gas station (about 10 min) and it will be very hard to start it again.

there is battery, the start engine turns and turns for abut 15 seconds, until the car actually starts.

another thing that might be related to that is that sometimes the engine revs up to about 2000-3000 rpm when rolling without being in gear.

very annoying and it's and old car, not wort investing millions in it.

a pic of the engine.
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Could be too much fuel so that it's flooded when you try and start it up, which would also explain the random revs.
Starter motor?

My old man had to replace his starter motor on his Berlingo, started fine some time and other times didn't start.
>Could be too much fuel so that it's flooded when you try and start it up, which would also explain the random revs.

I dont know much about engines, but logically it sounds reasonable.
what controls that? is that a computer or a mechanical part?

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Would you drive a mid-engined UTE?
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Original Pic
who the fuck keeps making these
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they drive like shit

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