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>94 ford escort
>driving home
>notice I can't rev
>car completely dies over the course of 30 seconds
>won't start again
>all fluids are fine
>change out ignition switch
>battery accepts and holds charge
>fuel line is fine
>alternator output is perfect
>brand new starter
>turns over when jumped, but won't start

I don't fucking know what to do
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did it throw a fault code?
is the fuel system fine (like the fuel pump)?
>Cam or crank sensor ( crank all day and no start)
>Try starting in nuetral?
>Maf/map issue?
Need more details.
Sounds like a popped headgasket

North Carolina Thread, ya'll.

I'm in Charlotte, NC. Has anyone gone to any meetups here?

Haven't attended any of the Cars and Coffee's or similar. I'm gonna try to hit up the next one, but not sure if there are any others that are worthwhile. I know there's a local Subaru meet that's supposed to be good.
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I know this is Sunday night, but hey, there might be one or two of you on. bamp
Theres always a UNCC meetup of some kind
How are the meets at the school? Not sure I want to fuck around with a bunch of 18yo's.

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The car I have recently purchased has been showing signs of rapidly degrading trans fluid, do not get me wrong it still has a pink color albeit more purple, but after the car has gotten up to temp you can see the degraded fluid; it looks a mix between pink and brown. The car has about 110000 miles on it, and the previous owner had the fluid flushed at 60,000 miles. My question is would it be wise to get a flush or simply drop the pan? Regardless I kind of want to change the trans filter. The car is also a 2005 Grand Marquis.
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I am just assuming it is a little past due of changing the trans fluid. Any suggestions? This shit is driving me up the wall.
This is actually normal for some cars. My Toyota's transmission fluid is all discolored soon after it's replaced. You might want to see if it's common for your car to do this
Also it's typical to just do a drain and refill and not a fresh. Make sure to measure how much you drained and put that exact amount back in. Definitely get the filter while you're down there

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No. It's snake oil.
Techron is about the only thing that isn't snake oil.
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We can't get it here in Canada, but PetroCanada gas has the same additive that Chevron puts in their premium/hitest pump gas, so I only fill up with 91 from Petro.

Plus they're always the cleanest/comfiest stations around, and the pumps always work.

>tfw always the same comfy Indian family greeting me when I need snacks
>tfw they even give me free drinks sometimes because I always shop there

The gas is the best you can buy, aside from maybe Shell, but Shell stations in Canada are almost universally haggard dogshit.

is a Toyota Celicia gt-four worth it? it's about 12k and I'm trying to decide to get it from Japan for rally purposes
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>for rally purposes
Get and old shitbox for that you nigger.
great, another classic JDM snowflake gets destroyed because boy racer has cash to burn and wants to be seen going fast
12k doesn't seem that bad

What do you see yourself daily driving in a year if you want to move on?

I'll probably move onto a Grand Cherokee first (always liked these for some reason) then get something fun as an extra ride because fuck owning only 1 car.
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fug, meant to say this
>For those with hand me down first cars
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I drive a handmedown 00 crv
its gone through some pretty expensive maintenance recently and it still feels like its on its last legs so I'll probably move onto a civic soon
that or a fiesta

>changing clutch on my 1997 Toyota Celica ST
>drain oil from transmission
>everything goes well
>everything reassembled, put new gear oil in the transmission
>2.6 liters of 75w90 GL-4 semi-synthetic according to spec
>one week later
>3rd gear and only 3rd gear slightly grinds
>check for leaks, loose drain and fill plug
>no leaks, plugs are on tight

What could be causing this?
Car has 260,000 miles on the odometer.
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Your car knows you're a fagit
Basically a neglected transmission can gain deposits that hold something together, new trans fluid is very acidic and can eat away at these deposits causing issues to show up.
Or that's the theory at least, it's also totally possible your just noticing a slight grinding more than before.
I have an old worn transmission and it grinds real bad when using the correct spec oil.
Got to put in some thicker shit to get it to work right.

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>Go to dealer to look at a "New" Car
>Odometer doesn't read 0
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>What are test drives
they have to roll on a trailer and to the lot too ya know..
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>he doesnt want his engine broken in straight from the factory

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What does o think of the W116? I like one for sale, but the a/c is probably shot.
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>but the a/c is probably shot.
that would be your smallest fucking problem my dude.

protip: if you buy it, you will LOVE vacuum lines a lot
P.I.M.P. but slow as hell don't use it for gangster shit
go for a w126

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What do I need to do to be a "well-qualified buyer"?
Is it just credit score? Credit score + down payment?
I saw some financial blogs say to be "well-qualified" you have to have successfully financed a car before.
I don't have bad credit, just a short history. My score is sitting at a 710 and I'm gonna put down half.

I paid cash for my first shitbox so I've never done this before.
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>put down half
That will help significantly. Get the loan through your bank and it should be a < 4% interest rate. Don't take anything higher than 8%. The dealer jockey will quote you payments and not show the interest rate. They usually use 20% which is outrageous to finance anything on.
Use Craigslist you god damn idiot, having half the asking price of a dealer shitbox that was likely bought off Craigslist anyway is going to be half that asking price so you can pay in cash. Use your brain or I'll show you pain

800+ credit score

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Quick, maybe dumb question but Google isn't being helpful;
Recently lost a tire due to road debris via Irma, and I'm using it as an excuse to get new tires. I currently have 255/70/16s on it, and the tires I want are 265/75/16s, can those work on the same rims? Or do I need all new wheels?

Tldr; can I replace 255/70/16s with 265/75/16s on the same rims?
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No, they're too wide.
The rim size is the same, you'll be okay there. But the sidewall might be a little taller and wider.

Picking up a 2007 g35x tomorrow how good are they
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Enjoy your Renault trash

Which one of you guys is this

Also Craigslist thread
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Forgot link

>Which one of you guys is this
>couldnt take the 5 seconds to brush the leaves and shit out of the engine bay
>parked next to the zodiacs body dumping site

yep its /o/

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Hope this redpill isn't too much for you 2 bucket cucks
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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/o/ at 11:36

WRC/Rally thread, anyone watching the 2017 season?
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Woops forgot link

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>that ram truck at the beginning
why are there 2-3 retards that jump into the middle of the road every time?

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