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>going to Japan
>gonna be spending 6 days there
I've already done the standard travel planning stuff, but what do I need to do as a /man/?

I'll sadly be leaving right before 1/1 Unicorn goes up, but what else is there? Already planned on hitting up Kamen Rider and Gundam cafes, any other anons visited? Anything ya'll enjoyed?
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6 days is a pretty short trip anon, you're not gonna see too much. But the Gundam museum in Odaiba (right next to the statute) is fucking amazing. And since you've posted a picture of Hakone, I assume you're gonna have a day-trip over there as well? Beautiful scenery.
Nakano Broadway in Tokyo for the sheer amount of nerd shops (it's Mandarake's main base).
Are you going to Kyoto? If so, check out the Toei Studios in Uzumasa. They have a tokusatsu exhibit where you can see old suits. They closed the awesome Toei Hero World in Chiba Prefecture.

There is a Gundam statue outside Kamiigusa Station, a small one of the RX-78-2, that they put there because that is where Sunrise is located. You could go see the Sunrise building (spoiler, it's small).

In Nerima, you can go to the Toei Animation Museum in Higashi-Oizumi. You can also go to the Suginami Animation Museum.

You can also make the pilgrimage to Bandai HQ which is right outside Senso-ji temple and hurl handfuls of money at them.

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Is there anyway I can emulate the PS2 game for G-Savior?
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It's not even $10 on eBay, you cheap cunt
not the OP but

so how much are japanese PS2 on eBay? (yes i can actually check for myself but i need your answer).
you dont need japs ps2 to play japs games anon

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>00 was the peak of 21st century Gundam

79 was so much above anything at the time it can easily be considered being made in 21st century
Iron Blooded Orphans is the only piece of Gundam media outside of the UC timeline that isn't bad.
Turn A and G Reco both aired in the 21st century so no

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The Zeta is a single-pilot plane that turns into a single-pilot mech. That makes sense. The Double Zeta is...three single-pilot planes, that combine into a single-pilot mech while the other two pilots fuck off somewhere. Why? What benefit could this overly complicated and manpower-intensive system possibly provide?
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>What benefit could this overly complicated and manpower-intensive system possibly provide?
Model sales
Well,none. The only saving grace that the ZZ has is that it literally has the same firepower as a small battleship.
It provides money for Sunrise to keep printing model kits and therefore make more anime

And remember, this was before Love Live, so Gundam was more or less their rock.

I wish this show had more appealing character designs and less CG. By far the director's worse show aesthetically.
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I really liked the character designs, but if you're complaining about the robot designs then I'll give you that.
Did you mean to post a Fafner pic?
Fafner is one of the few cases where the CG was a net positive for the series. Fafner never had particularly good 2D mecha animation.

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ITT: Be a contrarian faggot and post a mecha that everyone loves but you hate.

Here is Shin Getter Robo. Look at it's stupid proportions and hideous color placement. It's a like big stupid clown-thing with random shit tacked on.
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I'm not much of a fan of any of the Getters besides Getter-1.

They all feel ike they're trying too hard to be cool. "the original but more extreme" doesn't really seem to work out. Mazinkaiser is a decent design but I'm not a fan of it compared to Mazinger Z as a result.
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I've never seen the appeal of Knightmare Frames. I'm posting the Lancelot, but any of them would apply. The backpack cockpits are just so dumb. They stick out too much, it would ruin the center of balance and also expose the pilot to enemy fire. Yeah, fine, it's an escape pod, but it's one so big that unless you're facing the Knightmare dead-on the majority of shots are going to hit it. Some designs like the Percival or the Gurren do try to compress it, make it more flush with the frame, but it's still just too big.
You need to stop trying.

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why was this allowed?
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It was a different time
Because Puru is love, you raging faggot.
pedophilia is an acceptable taboo in Japan.

It's like doing illicit drugs in the US: Even though it's prohibited, people do it anyway and it shows in the media.

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Why is no one looking forward to Pacific Rim 2?

I get that Del Toro is not directing, but he already set up a universe. It'll be interesting to see what Knight will do with it.
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>Why is no one looking forward to Pacific Rim 2?
>Del Toro is not directing

The Jaegers loon super cartoony and bland. They have none of the character or industrial look of the old Jaegers.
>Why is no one looking forward to Pacific Rim 2?
not eagerly as the original one, sure, but at least I'm still looking forward to seeing it
>I get that Del Toro is not directing
Hence the lack of eagerness.
>but he already set up a universe. It'll be interesting to see what Knight will do with it.
eeehhhhh it's not very promising from what have been released

Military Sci Fi writer Jerry Pournelle just passed away.
Press P to pay respects
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World needed more SciFi Authors like him. A /m/an who could not only write but was also an accomplished aerospace engineer. He was literally the engineer who came up with the concept of Rods from God.

Did he ever get to finish the next installment of his Janissaries series? At least other authors got to play around in his CoDominium/Empire/Motie setting.
Shit, he did? That's a shame, I wasn't expecting this news. We certainly have lost a good one, he came up with a lot of cool ideas. P

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What the fuck was her problem. Also why did she eat that butterfly
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writers can't decide what the fuck they want
Character ended up as a nobody, doesn't get one shotted like the average grunt, doesn't do a whole lot either.

She became Gaelio's waifu at the end.
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Gay innuendo.png
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>no flashback shit
I'm surprised honestly, you still barely know shit and she had no focus compared to a guy seen as a dumbass villain, some guy seen as a schemer with good publicity and some guy who had a season to outline who he was.
You tell me, I was too busy focusing on dainsleifs, gay shit or Earth sphere man ruins everything.

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Previous thread: >>15833791

>Links for beginners

>List of subbed series:

>Super Hero Time OSTs: https://mega.co.nz/#F!fddkkZiK!fau0lSCNv0MedCNpS_Ihew

>Super Sentai Monster Designs (currently Gorenger to ToQger): https://mega.nz/#F!Mp8hVQ7K!tm2cp0d9_GZiZdGaXt1nXw

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Garufag if you can read this
dragon daddy is way better than that bland doggo
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>this is objectively true
also i think he's lurking /krg/

Would giant robots be any more feasible in space?

I mean all the shit about them being useless on Earth makes perfect sense, but since we don't really know what space combat would actually be like, there's at least room to dream there. Right?
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Without legs, maybe.
I guess so but legs would be even more ridiculous there.
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legs are for show.jpg
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Who do people like this bige pige? oink
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One of like three characters in Tri that seem like they are actual Gundam fans.
Anon, that's the name of another disappointing show. You are referring to try.
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well designed character, I think she's the most popular girl

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Stage show directed by Masahiro Inoue that fills the blank period between the last episode of Gold Storm and the movie.

While being crucified on a dead tree at the end of Makai, Jinga has lost his memory except Dougai Ryuga's eyes. A demon has been reminding him about his lost against the Gold Knight.

At the same time Makai Knight Kouoki, accompanied by Makai Priest Natsuki, has arrived to makai to finish off Jinga.

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forgot to mention this is the first title of Garo stage show series.
Confirmed: Vanishing Line is Anime Garo Season 3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e3Bqexemyfg

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Is he looking at JUST edits of Gihren?

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