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Stop watching AUs
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Mavis is that you?
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Stop building Z'Gocks
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Stop stealing mobile suits

What Sunrise mean by this?
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Fumina and Gyanko are going to end their battle in a tie.
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My dick can't wait
Fumina and Gyanko get tired of Sekai's dense harem protagonist act and lez out.

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>"OK guys we need something to counteract those filthy Newtypes!"
>One of the subordinates shows schematic for Psyco Jammer
>"What are those petals? You would maybe even paint it pink?"
>"Yes actually we wanted to codename it Roz-"
>The man in charge slams his fist on the table.
>"That's most gay idea I've ever heard. Scrap it instantly."
>"B-but what do you propose instead sir?"
>"I've got just the idea... Something that will show those pesky spacenoids whos alpha male around here. Like unicorn!"
>"Um sir... a Unicorn?"
>"Yes indeed. You've got a problem with this?"

And that's how Gundam Unicorn was born.
But seriously though: Who thought that Unicorns with NT-D were reasonable way to fight Newtypes?
Wouldn't jamming device, a bioweapon or whatever else work better than just beefed up Gundam that actually amplifies Newtype powers?
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>But seriously though: Who thought that Unicorns with NT-D were reasonable way to fight Newtypes?
What other more effective way has there been to kill newtypes than with other newtypes?

>Wouldn't jamming device
They never developed one. Rozen Zulu's psyco jammer is fairly limited in its scope.

>a bioweapon
One that targets only newtypes? Newtype isn't a genetic thing, otherwise they would have isolated the genes responsible and it wouldn't just be something you could recreate in other people with drugs, surgery, and mental conditioning.
>What other more effective way has there been to kill newtypes than with other newtypes?
Wasn't fear of Newtypes and their unpredictability reason anti Newtype research started in the first place?
And Unicorn only confirmed it was a bad idea. A single kid could run rogue for God knows how long with only one MS.
>Wasn't fear of Newtypes and their unpredictability reason anti Newtype research started in the first place?
No. The plot of Unicorn was that the Federation feared the rise of newtypes because they were apparently taking part in a nearly century long conspiracy about usurping the future potential of newtypes.

>And Unicorn only confirmed it was a bad idea. A single kid could run rogue for God knows how long with only one MS.
No, you misunderstand. The Vist foundation stole the reins to the UC project and Cardeas was the one who put Banagher in the cockpit.

A planet and its denizens are being eaten by a huge abomination. Within 10 days, the nearest space fleet will come to the rescue, taking evacuees off the planet for safety and deploying its firepower, will completely and utterly destroy said abomination.

However, as time goes by, the abomination will continue to eat civilians on the ground. There is a prototype super-mech that you overhear about, but their original pilots are lost. There is not guarantee the mech can hurt the monster one bit.

Does /m/ side with waiting for the space fleet to arrive and completely destroy the monster or does /m/ prefer to steal the prototype and do something about it?

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>do nothing, get a ton of people killed
>do something, turn 1% into 100%, save fucking everyone

gee, I wonder
I'd take the prototype and join the monster in killing the people. Together the two of us may stand a chance against the incoming space fleet if we perform a fusion.

Why would you not? If you'd presented a possible downside to the idea of taking it then it'd be worth thinking about, but as is you can either do nothing as millions are killed or do something that may not work but could end up saving millions, so there's no reason not to do it.

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Whoever made this clearly hasn't seen the shows
Rau Le Creuset should be "great tier" in this ranking, doesn't he?
what fucking misdeeds were done to rustal because honestly the guy is typical mustache twirling no effort shit. Mcgillis makes alot more sense for that place. Char and Master asia belong in great. haman is high. FF is mid

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For a superior experience please add !C9UNU3S59A to your filter and help rid the world of FOOLISH POSTERS WHO DON'T EVEN PLAY THE GAMES OR WATCH THE ANIME.

Previous Thread:

If you need help with any game try checking Akurasu for help:
If any of the pages are blank try this:

Current status of the games availability in the English language as of the end of September 2016:

Detailed Version of Game Availability in English as of September 2016:

Music Pastebin:

Bring Stabity's Quick Guide to Katakana:

Game Modification Pastebin:

Translated Plot Pastebin:

Art Pastebin:

SRC Pastebin V2:

Make your own SRW character Pastebin:

If you wish to help with the SRW fan game they are always in need of more musicians and artists
Please contact the following e-mail: [email protected]
You may also reach them in IRC at #SRWEternity on Rizon.

You can also visit their website at: http://srw.eternitychan.org/ (Currently Ressurected)

/srwg/ Discord:

/m/ Booru
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Worst OG
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its head seems to get smaller every time i see it posted

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how come Gundam stopped making memorable female characters?
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The ones from G-Reco are pretty memorable
You gonna source us or what OP
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But Gundam has the most memorable female character.

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fucking never.png
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For those new to gunpla/plamo or even just new to this thread; please read the guide. Please read it before asking questions, as there is a chance it has already been answered there.

For those unfamiliar, "plamo" is a shortened form of "plastic model". If it's made of plastic, someone can probably help you here!
If you're new, you're gonna fuck up. Don't worry! If you're experienced, don't make the new people worry!

>Why won't anyone answer my question?
Try being specific, especially about your materials and process. Post pictures whenever possible; even if the kit/part looks bad, you are more likely to get help posting pictures.

A guide to other types of plamo:
Kawaguchi Gunpla tips:
Gundam Lineart:
Another gunpla guide:

Monthly restock:

>IRC Channel

Previous Thread: >>15857767
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Build/paint a kit (Gundam/Frame Arms/etc) with a loadout focused on long ranged combat! Sniper Rifles, Artillery Cannons, Missile Launchers, Funnels/Bits, and Miniguns are all fair game. You may also include a back-up melee weapons (Like a combat knife or beam saber) with your build, but it shouldn't overshadow your ranged equipment

More clarification here:
>Any scale and any brand is fair game here, you're not limited to just using Gundam models. The base kit needs to be a robot though (Sorry tankfags)
>You can however kitbash a tank with a Zaku/GM or something and submit that.
>The longer the barrel the better. Your average rifle/machine gun on a stock MS isn't gonna cut it.

Send your entries to [email protected]
Start Date: 9/15
End Date: 11/30
Post exia
Thinking about painting it like the RX-78.

Iczer BD


Retimed subs

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What about download liinks of 80s! and 2004! Tetsujin blu-rays?
Thank you for your work.
YOU ARE MY HERO! Thanks /m/an.

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So I'm aware this has been going on in /toy/ due to Hascon revealing the new POTP line.

But this is Transformers and Transformers is /m/ so fuck it, how about a combining Dinobot Volcanicus?
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We didn't need to combine them
Looks much better in renders desu
people kept combining them. or more importantly people are willing to buy third party combiners of them

proving to hasbro it's marketability

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>CGS arc
>Turbines/Teiwaz arc
>Brewers arc
>Dort arc
>Earth/Edmonton arc
>Dawn Horizon arc
>Takaki/Aston arc
>Hashmal arc
>Turbines/Jasley arc
>Bael arc
>Final arc

What's your favorite IBO arc? Mine is the Hasmal arc.

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Good arcs: Any where McGillis plays a major role
Bad arcs: Everything else
Utter shit arcs: Any where Sugoilla play a major role

The mobile armor was extremely underwhelming.
I didn't even noticed that IBO has arcs. I thought they just only have one enemy. Who is the real enemy again in the show?
Tekkadan and McGliss

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Are Platinum games /ourguys/?
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Kill yourself.
They didn't even make the best Transformers games
>1 Transformers PS2
>2 Transformers Devastation

Nothing else worth speaking of

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So who do I have to pay to get the rest of Crossbone Gundam Ghost translated?
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you got to buy all the gunpla
all of it
buy all gunpla
But I cant
Damn I stopped after 7 Samurai or whatever it was called
Is Ghost still going on?

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Who drew it best?
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Konoe, obvs

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Is there a less appealing artstyle than Hiraishit?
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He was good in Scryed but after that he got lazy. The girls in Seed/Destiny were good but that's it.
The Crossbone gundam guy.

Hasegawa at the very least. I'm not particularly fond of Leiji Matsumoto's style when it comes to female characters either, though his male characters are fine. The female ones are just a bit too ephemeral and waifish for my taste. Nagano's characters often veer too much in that direction for me too, though his mech designs more than make up for it.

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