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>It's one of those two-piloting-one-mech shows
>what if we took Tauburn and made it a mortar hedd that looked like a girl?

No thank you da
>what if we made it otaku and western pandering shit

Sasuga trigger, only the best! /s

Is it simply too intelligent for modern anime fans?
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Why they do like characters from 0083?
Yes. Case in point: "I have never betrayed anyone in my entire life, Haman"
Why is Haman making that face? She never makes that face! The closest Haman ever gets to making that face is pic related.

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I have no idea that an ending could be written this good .
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hidden gems

these games are amazing
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Yes, being one of the better known Gundam games certainly makes Blue Destiny a hidden gem. That said, yes, those games are amazing.
The Dreamcast game was great and of course the Japanese gamers could order an extra disc when they beat the game.
I remember a thousand years ago when I got my new Dreamcast, it was glorious
>CPS2 games
>Gundam in English
all it needed was another button to taunt with in the 6 button 2d fighters

Are there any Gundam pilots out there that aren't incompetent emotional wrecks that do good stuff?
Banagher is not one of these btw
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Uso, Domon, Garrod and Loran I suppose. Depends on how you define those things though I suppose.
He kept his shit together pretty well. Maybe his mentor too.
Loran, Uso, Judeau.

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What's she saying?
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"Sure, go on Anon-sama...my fetish is guys who ignore the meme!"
>You said you want to take a break at a hotel? Too bad!
>Military robo girls are not equipped with functional accessories!
She clearly has a mouth in this image.

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Over on the onlines I saw that somebody on ebay is selling a Guyver lucha mask.

I suspect it's just the usual mask seller thing of making masks of things beyond lucha, like how you'll see Venom and Deadpool, rather than related to a guy working a Guyver gimmick like the Mazinger guy.

But it seems worth bringing up in the outside chance it's like the Mazinger guy or that guy who might have had a Gunbuster mask.
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Guyver lucha mask maker apparently doesn't know what Guyver looks like.
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yeah it's not as good as Muta's Guyver mask
the beak reminds me of Zigra
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in other 'worthless shit that doesn't need its own thread' matters
I was going through sadpanda for the articles and noticed this character rundown for Kai mentions Side 3 but not Puerto Rico. What's the deal?

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So, i must ask. Why the hell didn't Shiro just draw his beam saber? Im sure it would have been way easier and faster than tearing off the Ez8's damaged arm and also would be a way more effective weapon. Also, it's not as though its been disabled or something as he has it drawn in the next scene. Don't get me wrong, i love 08th team, and this is easily one of my favorite battles in all of Gundam, but for some reason this bothers me.
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but muh element of surprise
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Even more, he had the element of surprise(sorta), had that been a beam saber he would have split Norris like a chunk of firewood.
The Ez8 isn't powerful enough to use beam weapons for very long.

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>implying dinosaurs weren't always /m/
Beam weapon and a rocket punch.
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Just needs a dude in a rubber suit my man.

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Consider that Heybot is the most significant mecha franchise of this decade.
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Consider qualifying or verifying that statement in some way, because as is its not very convincing and it'll probably be just as forgotten and unimportant as all the others.
It's at least one of the most original ones to come out.
It's a show sbout a farting robot. Neck yourself.

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*spreads democracy and freedom*
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zeekniggers need a reminder in the catalog
>Good thing/same as freedom
fash gtfo

In what order should one watch Space Battleship Yamato? I'd like to see the original first and then the reboot or whatever it is. The order seems bit confusing to me.
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You can pretty much watch the original and then pass to 2199 if you want. 2199 does have some nods and references to other entries of the series, but nothing that will spoil if you dont know them.

The better would be to watch the "Farewell to Space Battleship Yamato" after watching the original show. Than, if you want to continue, watch the second series, followed by "The New Voyage" movie, "Be Forever Yamato" movie and then the "Final Yamato" movie. You can pretty much skip the third series, and only watch if you really want to.

We really needed a chart for SBS Yamato, it would be pretty useful.
Another alternative might be to watch the Yamato compilation movie instead of the first series, then Farewell. I can't vouch for it personally, but I've heard good things about it.
After that either go back and watch the second series, and so on as recommended, or go on to 2199 (I might say the latter would be a better option, given that the second series is an adaptation of Farewell with a less finalistic ending, so watching it straight after Farewell might be a bit repetitive).
You watch the original and 2199 afterwards. The original is already bad enough as it is, the follow up seasons only become worse and even more nonsensical. You shouldnt waste more time than necessary on this franchise.

What did /m/ think of it?
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I loved the extra attention paid to jump jets on the power armors.
Paz was Carl all along

IBO is nominated for:
>Best Work (TV Broadcast)
>Best Character (Male) (Mikazuki Augus)
>Best Soundtrack
>Best Director (Tatsuyuki Nagai)
>Best Screenplay (Mari Okada)
>Best Mecha Design

Thoughts? I think IBO will surely win Mecha Design and probably soundtrack.
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Oops forgot link
Oooh, i can just about feel and hear the absolute rage from IBO-poster.
I saw the first season and I thought it was good. Is the second season about the same?

>How to get into KR and where to start?
>List of subbed series
>Direct Download Links

>Kamen Rider Build Episode 3 Preview

Previously on /krg/ >>15863405

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From last thread
>wanting to enjoy faggotry on the go
Man am I satan or what

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