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I'm just asking out of general curiosity, it just feels like something that could happen in one those games.
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He slapped his own son in Z3
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He slapped Shinji and iirc, he mans up from it.

Don't remember which game though.

Any suggestion in what Gunplas I should use to make some War of the Monsters customs?
I'm looking to Ultra-V and Robo-47
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Great Mazinger or Master Gundam
Any tips about the backpack?
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force impulse wings plus some fuel tank pods?

not exactly the best build but close enough?

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> We will never hear amazing saxophone sections in mecha anime songs again


Why even live?
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Best saxophone
>GETTA GETTA GETTA while Ryoma goes full Lu Bu on an army of orcs

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Let's be frank here.

Was it more than just a very intense rivalry?
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Post cute robots.
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What a reliable guy he is.

bost the best /m/ related slaps
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That felt like it crammed in a LOT in the last handful of episodes, to the point in which it was jarring almost.

Not sure how I feel to be honest.
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I'll tell you mine, pretty shit.

Does Char/Quattro die in pic related?
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Quattro died in the battle against Haman at the battle of Gryps 2, all that crawled out of the ruined Hyaku Shiki was the malice of Char Aznable.


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What episodes does the first Zeta Gundam cover?
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50 episode, the next season consist of 47 episodes.

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/r/ing Lady Hamon dressed as Peg

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why does Anno have to steal everything?
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you tell me
Someone should make a large video about Anno's stealings
>It's not stealing, it's an homage
Build-in get-out clause

Everything wrong with mecha today: Hiraiface + CGshit
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You didn't like Majestic Prince?
>Everything wrong with mecha today: Hiraiface + CGshit

Go to hell dude.
Granted, Hiraiface is an acquired taste, but it's not like other character designers don't reuse to death their own signature models across tv shows.
As for the CG, Fafner Exodus use of CG is top of the line. Each episode is really ova quality. We're talking Yamato 2199 levels of goodness.
So yeah, you're talking out of your ass man. Give back your /m/ card you don't deserve it.
It's just a guy trying to start shit. He did so on /a/ after someone told him on /m/ that Fafner fans just don't take bait like other fanbases since any Fafner fan has powered through the first half of DA, and thus can spot bullshit.

Look at his complaint? Two surface level targets that any person who hasn't watched the show can make. The problem with trolling Fafner is that most of us have watched the show enough that unless you're 100% versed in the show yourself you always get caught out on mistakes. Like that one guy who kept shitting on DA who kept saying stuff that didn't happen.

I am not regretting watching this yet
some good shit so far, I love this cheesy 80s sci-fi they've got going on
I also love how hard they try to be science fiction, how only the rotating colonies have gravity
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Why would you ever regret watching a masterpiece in the first place?
sometimes old shit doesn't age very well, and if I were any more of a millenial faggot I'd think this was garbage
luckily I have taste
my favorite part of this whole thing so far have been the piss yellow softsubs
it's that perfect blend of modern and nostalgia

Couldn't find any megathread so I'm an idiot, but does anyone have a list of (working) links to Kamen Rider ringtones etc.? I have a new phone.
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i'm gonna go ahead and save you some time and trouble OP, just download wavepad and learn the most basic functions on it. i've been doing that for years and any time i want a new ringtone these days, it takes about 2 minutes to chop up an mp3 file and throw it on my phone.

give me a few minutes and i'll slap up a link for the handful of Ex-Aid ones i'm using now. i'll probably even take a few requests if any anons feel like posting some videos of what they want that i can rip the audio from.

so, you're first,OP. what would you like?
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have some Ex-Aid tones, i'll pin this thread and check back later to see if any requests are up by then.

https://ufile.io/k55bh Maximum Mighty X

https://ufile.io/84ccb Dangerous Zombie

https://ufile.io/me5f9 Perfect Puzzle Critical Combo

https://ufile.io/fv3sq Taddle Quest Critical Finish

https://ufile.io/baxxg BangBang Shooting Critical Finish

https://ufile.io/960b9 Perfect Puzzle Henshin

https://ufile.io/rppc1 Knockout Fighter Critical Smash

that's all i have laying around on this laptop.

as for anyone that wants to take a stab at these for themselves, hit up this folder of toy sounds that some kind anon posted a while back: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/u393f13eraek6ea/AAC-pJQ7wzZ0rBsZsXBXXIlia?dl=0
No OP but came here for this, thanks

Imagine how many of this show's problems could have been averted if Athrun had just started throwing Saviour's shield everywhere and decapitating everyone.
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