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How about we have a /m/ games thread?
I've recently being getting into the Zero Divide series. It might be the best /m/ fighting games
>cool robot designs
>great 80's sounding ost
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>/m/ fighting games

Has anyone been keeping up with Code: Hardcore (SRW brawler) and Garrison Archangel (Gundam VS style arena)?
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pic related apparently got released worldwide for Android and updated recently
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Does /m/ like it
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As far as films went, it was a total shitshow.
As far as mech action went, there was fuck all.
In fact in the end battle mostly you just see humans shooting offscreen. Megatron and Optimus fight for literally 9 seconds, and all Optimus does is kick him through a wall after cutting his arm off.

It's fucking terrible mate.
The first one was awesome and it should´ve ended with that
All I remember is hearing "I AM OPTIMUS PRIME," every time he showed up.

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Does /m/ hate Code Geass like they do Gundams Seed and IBO, Macross Frontier and Gurren Lagann?
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I liked it awhile back
I got into art recently so now it's kinda hard to watch without being autistic about proportions

The mechs are sweet
I'm hype for the return of Lelouch. Been a big fan of this series because of the politics and strategy, but one of the most interesting aspects for me is that the Gawain and the Shinkiro have keyboard controls. Has any other show tried that?
Yes. Even shitpost on /a/ about it every other day, going on and on about how shit it is, how shit they are for liking it and how much better it would be if we all watched ZZ instead.

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Why did this have to be a Gundam again?
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not sure but he sure is ugly af
Because the only prototypes the EFF made were Gundams, Anon. Why would they ever make a prototype of something if it's not a Gundam?
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>GP02 will never have GM variant offspring based on its concept because Zeon stole it

>/m/ praises this show to high heaven, so I give it a watch
>this is what I get:
>Chirico is a bland, boring character, who has barely any memorable moments to himself - just goes from a stoic guy to stoic guy with friends (and that development happened by episode 8 so the next 44 episodes are pretty static)
>well, to be honest, they try to develop him there on whenever a character says "Chirico is such an emotionless guy!" and then he proves them wrong by being brave for others or some shit, this happens every four episodes
>shamelessly rips off scenes from films such as Platoon and 2001
>takes the melodrama of newtype romances in Gundam and stretches it over 20 episodes with more sap than ever before because Chirico and Fyana are more emotionally stunted than Char Aznable
>despite "muh grit" the protagonists have the most intense plot armor I've seen in a real robot show
>the main villain, that we'd been hearing about for 40 episodes, goes out like a bitch, literally saying shit like "wahhh i want the ultimate power wahh it's not fair!"
>the four arcs honestly feel like four series they bashed together, all with different tones that don't mesh. and the ptsd angle kind of waves in and out and never really comes together
>after the first episode, nothing notable happens in the Woodo arc except Chirico meeting Fyana
>the final 13 episodes have the most ridiculous plot they pulled out of nowhere, a literal "deus ex machina" (god in the machine) where some magical computer entity just starts doing magical shit and manipulating reality, i thought this was gritty, not more mystical than UC Gundam
>the ending has them deciding to be shot out into space in a cryogenic tube because they cannot be free. because floating around frozen out in the open is a safer idea than hiding away while conscious. i mean really?

Stupid fucking anime. Zeta was honestly a lot better.
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xpearse get some sleep
It's got cool robots. Nothing else matters.

ITT: Shows that should have ended 10 episodes sooner.
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The post-war episodes were baller you scarf hating fuck.

The post war episodes transformed a war drama into a full fledged harem shitfest.
SDF Macross really is 12 episodes too long. It should have ended with episode 27.
That's why every Macross has a movie.

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Episode 6 of Twilight Axis is out and you can watch it here:


This time, besides a 9 minute run time, some serious shit is going on.
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can we pretend that this piece of shit fanfiction doesn't exist?
Why lie to yourself instead of accepting the truth? It's easier that way, but you have to admit that some of the ms's/ma's are quite delicious.
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Just watched the whole series, didn't take long shocking
It was a piece of shit, the short synopsis description still has more plot than the actual series

Yeah this is basically the new G-Saviour, but at least G-Saviour has meme status, this is just forgettable and disappointing
What was the point? why not just release the model kits?

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Stop posting porn on twitter, Shin.

Just finished this show and I have some questions:
>why was Bright such a loser in this show?
>where was Char the whole time?
>why was Judau so asexual to reject the two best UC girls, ple and haman?
>how did Mondo's love interest die when none of the debris hit her?
>what does "anime je nai (it's not anime)" mean within the series framework?
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>why was Bright such a loser in this show?
Because he's sick and tired of everyone's bullshit

>where was Char the whole time?
Plotting to kill Amuro because muh Lalah

>why was Judau so asexual to reject the two best UC girls, ple and haman?
Because he knows better than to stick his dick in crazy.

>how did Mondo's love interest die when none of the debris hit her?
Because the Universal Century needed it's blood sacrifice for the episode.

>what does "anime je nai (it's not anime)" mean within the series framework?
It's not anime, it's a toy commercial.
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>Best anything

Please don't have this opinion, Puru is a nightmare character made with the worst intentions. She's named for a lolicon magazine and her background lore is Joy Division Body Horror.
>how did Mondo's love interest die when none of the debris hit her?
When he jumped on her to "protect" her he basically knocked her down onto hard concrete and the sidewalk cracked her skull.
Mondo immediately went into denial about having accidentally killed his own girlfriend, screaming about how it was that rich guy's fault. Everyone else saw how crazy he really is and is afraid to tell him that it was actually him that killed Rasara/Sarasa (i don't care which one it was) because they're afraid he might "protect" them next.

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excuse me sir why are we gassing spacenoids for spacenoid independence again?
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Because fuck you, that's why!
They're bound by the earth's gravity
We're culling those whose souls are secretly weighed down by gravity. Here, let me prove it to you. If we nudge that colony a little closer to earth, all the gravity-bound souls we recently freed will induce a force of attraction between the two.

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