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Alright lgbt, shit confession time.

I am a pretty straight, white, cis male. I pretty much exclusively jerk off to traps and chicks with dicks, despite feeling like it is sexualizing and fetishizing trans women and reinforcing the idea of passing in my mind. It is gotten to the point where I have definitely been a creep on dating apps and definitely spend way to much time trying to figure out if women are trans. Despite this, I'd probably be too embarrassed to date anyone with a dick. How shit of an ally am I for this?
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I think the best thing you should do is be honest with this on your profiles and ultimately some girl will just want to get fucked and deal with you if you aren't too ugly.

Most won't stand you though but the best way you can support is by trying to prevent harming folks emotionally.
Mtf here, its fine, no one can force who you wanna date
People I know can see my profiles, and I'd be hella embarrassed, plus feel like a jerk more than I do already.

Though currently dating a wonderful woman so not a concern right now. Dating apps have been deleted and wiped for the better part of a year.

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She's a step above most of the people here, but neither they nor her have any *actual* worth.
I don't agree with everything she says and there are times when I honestly can't stand her personality, but I'm glad that there's a vocal right wing tranny out there that's not completely retarded like Caitlyn Jenner is. This way, at least people out there who are aware of Internet drama bullshit know we're not an entirely cohesive bloc of feminist hippy shits with a collective ladyboner for Judith Butler.
other than gay voice I don't have any problem with her

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Go if you have any. Pic unrelated.
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When I was in like 7th grade me and a friend were having a sleepover, and we ended up comparing sizes, and after a while he wanted to get off so I just kind of started making my best feminine moan, and that actually got him off.

Years later I ended up trying to get him to fuck me on a sleepover but he couldn't get it up. Feels fuckin bad man
Sorry dude. At least you got that far
To be fair I was just desperate and felt like I could get some, kind of expected it not to happen. All I really was doing was dropping hints and then he just suddenly got up like "okay fuck it let's try" but it didn't work. Oh well

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Hey ftm transfag here,

I was wondering, does anybody have any experience with acne outbreaks caused by testosterone?
Right now I don't have acne, but almost everday like a new small pimple (otherwise my skin's pretty clear), and because I'm fucking idiot I like to pick on those until they bleed. So I'm kind of worried, that I will fuck up my skin even more when going on T, but I've heard very different opinions on this, so I'm not quite sure what to think.
Any advice/experience?
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>ftm transfag
You mean AAP?
it's hit or miss, I personally didn't get acne from T. I've heard good things about charcoal face wash.
whatever you do, keep your fucking hands off your face. I mean it.

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Would you be more worried about a female cheating on you, or a male? Bi guy here, and I feel the former, very strongly. I don't know why, maybe it's /pol/ talking.

I have no issue being friends with women, half my friends are, I just find it very, very hard to trust them fully.

I don't struggle as much with guys, although i'm still quite paranoid about them to.
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Your feelings are justified. Anyone who chooses to date women deserves to suffer
I am a bisexual woman and I don't worry about cheating at all. Like.......I don't know. If it happens it happens and I've been burned before (guy cheat on me with 2 girls) but like whatever,
Also I can be misogynist too even though I am a woman, like part of me looks at men in power and in history and think "wow men are better". But then I go on the internet and all these guys whining about stupidest shit and its like "wow men are babies". So I don't know.

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catch is you would be much more manly and less of a woman, will you save them?
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Yeah sure. Like I am a cis woman and if saving EVERYONE I care about mean I turn into a male then so be it. Kinda seem sad that I couldn't have kids and my bf would never touch me again as long as I have penis but I hope they are grateful enough to me they let me mooch off them forever.
I'm a bear chasing gay dude who is currently killing myself trying to gain muscle and rubbing rogaine all over my body to grow more hair.. so yeah.. I'll go with that...
Depends who. I don't have friends.

most "straight" mtf's are depressed because they trick themselves into thinking dating men will validate there womanhood.

mens opinions and thoughts about you are worthless, since all men are shit anyways. try dating a cis woman and you'll stop wanting to an hero
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>hating cismen this much
cis men only think about one thing, themselves

when they think about sexual partners, they are really thinking about how good that sexual partner will make them feel, thus, being selfish
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if you say so.
I like making other people feel good about themselves and do what I can to help them find happiness.

10/10 logic right there, famalam dingdong.

>Come back here every time I get scared about getting older and feel like I should take hormones or testosterone blockers or something
>Feel like I need to do it right now before I get any older so I don't miss my chance to be cute
>People posting with anime girls make me feel like I can be a cute fun anime girl too
>Forget that no one here looks like that, and most of the time real girls can't even manage looking close to that
>If I took hormones I'd just look like a freak and I won't be a cute anime girl and I'd just be even more scared about getting older

It's an endless trick that serves no purpose other than hurting me.
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>It's an endless trick that serves no purpose other than hurting me.
Gender roles.
What do you mean?
Shh tumblr, shhhhhh

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>Literally get off to "AGP"-like fantasies, clothes and everything
>Feel dysphoric, want to transition to be at peace with myself
>Just want to be normal
>Think the whole "people transition for a fetish" line is ludicrous since I can't relate to it at all and most of the people like me that I see are just normal trans people beyond that
>See a bunch of super cringe-worthy living stereotypes dressed like hookers and go WTF

Why are they like this? I really don't feel like I fit into the same category as them. I wouldn't ever want to become a caricature like that.
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What fantasies?

Is it really unbelievable that some people would try to live theirs?
>What fantasies?
Generic feminization-themed S&M

>Is it really unbelievable that some people would try to live theirs?
I'm aroused by them but I wouldn't ever ever want them to come true. Most of them are more like nightmares. I don't even want to have them since they feel invalidating and gross and sexist. I really don't feel like they're the source of my identity.
>I wouldn't ever ever want them to come true. Most of them are more like nightmares.
What about coming partially true, like having a relationship where you roleplay those things a lot with a partner?

>they feel invalidating and gross and sexist.
Who cares?

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What the fuck is ''Queer Antagonism''?
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Antagonism towards queeridos

or "queerphobia"

I'm guessing
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Well golly-gee, i dunno.
Back in ye olden tyme days they used to explain things like that in this large body of text that followed the headline. I believe they called it an "article" or something like that.
Sure is amazing living in the future where all news is just summed up in context-free headlines.. very efficient...
>the most liberal show on tv isn't liberal enough for nutcase activits

What a time to be alive. Watching the left cannibalize itself has certain appeal but so far it's only been minor things off the center stage. I can't wait for the big central conflict that will rapture modern left.

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I'm a straight guy & I have a deep love for transgirls & I wanted to make a thread dedicated to all of you beauties

So post your pics. All of you pass and are gorgeous to me :)

Hugboxing welcomed
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i guess ill post a pic I posted in the other thread because i don't have any other pics
hugbox me pls
or don't whatever
pre hormones
yes i know i have a dumb look on my face
More recent picture than the last thread. Is it even possible to transition in your late 20's?

>Facial hair is because of macho man bro dude work environment as explained in last thread, it's coming off soon.

Cute! You need to go get prettied up in makeup and post another pic
ethan is that you?

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How does this make you feel?
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Poor guy just wants his son back.
Sad the agp can't be a girl.
good, fuck breeders

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>accelerated graphics port
>HTTP strict transport security

What the fuck is up with this board.
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>trans terminology is just repurposed 90s computer terms

At last I truly see.
How is that surprising considering most MtFs are into IT
le eban /pol/ shitposters hurting vulnerable people

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friendly reminder lesbians have masculinized brains

friendly reminder gay men have feminized brains

friendly reminder that trans lesbian brains are similar to cis lesbian brains

friendly reminder trans gay men brains are similar to gay men brains

friendly reminder sexual orientation is relate to the brain masculinization/feminization

friendly reminder sexual orientation don't determines gender

friendly reminder straight trans women have straight cis women brains and straight trans men have straight cis man brains

friendly reminder that straight trans people are not more valid than gay and bi trans people, our culture benefits gender binarism, or straight brains
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I wish we could just nuke them all.
what if im bi and my preferred sex changes depending on how insecure i am and how low my self esteem is at the time
Then why do trans lesbians butt heads the most with cis lesbians, the people with the most similar brains to them?

When is it appropriate to misgender someone?
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the only time it's appropriate is when they have asked you to missgender them on purpose so as to not out them.
Not if they ask you for any reason?
You should definitely gender people as they identify but when you dont like them that gives you a pass to misgender them until they take steps to remedy what they've done.

Remember: Gendering is a privilege, not a social norm or right. You wouldn't call Caitlyn Jenner a girl, right? She killed a dude.

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