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Holy crap....I thought I was gay, but guess I don't know what I am anymore....

I literally had the perfect encounter with a guy. He was the type of guy you'd see on a dating app and think he was just some picture some creeper stole from a tumblr page to catfish or some shit, but he was REAL. He was perfect (to me) in every single way, and it wasn't just a suck/fuck session. We sat and watched a movie and talked afterwards while gently caressing one another and kissing.

Probably the icing on the cake was that he wasn't some super old daddy type, nor was he some barely legal kid fresh out of Highschool. we're both the same age (31) so he was practically marriage material too!

I think I somehow felt upset because he was so far out of my league and I felt like he could do much better than me.

the problem is, the encounter we had together...I could have had the exact same experience with a girl and I would have felt the same way. It just felt very....mechanical and vanilla. I was pretty horny, but the sexual "feels" were very.....IDK, generic?

pic related, its him. He looks like a dick that would just jackhammer away and pump and dump someone, but he's very considerate and passionate which is exactly what I wanted in a guy...but i'm somehow just not interested in him. He wants to come over next week, but for some stupid reason I'm just not interested and is really frustrating.
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I know that feel op.

The thing is, I thought I was straight, then I thought I was bi. But the truth is, I just don't feel much of anything at all. I have sex, but it's mechanical and yeah, it feels good, but it isn't magical. And I've never had any trauma in my life, so I don't know why I'm this way. First encounters are always great, because I actually sexually enjoy them, but after that I just kind of quickly lose interest in the sexual aspect but keep doing it because it's okay for me and great for my partner. I don't know what I am, but it fucking sucks man.

>also in my early 30s and have been around a bit to figure things out
The only feelings I've ever had in my life for people have been after I've spent a long time with them. Always friends for at least a few weeks before I get a hint that I'm falling for them. It could be that you haven't spent enough time together.

Also, wtf, do muscular masculine gays actually exist? I'm 23, turning 24, and can only find other bottom bitch lisping faggots. Terrifying and depressing.
We exist and we generally find bottom bitch lisping faggots disgusting.

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How do you know if you're actually in love with a man or you're just meta-attracted to him? I'm having alot of trouble with this because what I'm feeling is alot like what has been described as meta-attraction.
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You stop pretending like meta attraction exists and the problem goes away.
Can someone explain what "meta-attraction" even is? I googled it, and half the results just point me back to /lgbt/.
Do you feel like you're socially "supposed" to be with a man?

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You are fine considering the being transgender a mental illness?

I mean, right, genre is a spectrum created by society, in the case of me, a mtf, there is nothing naturally "wrong" with acting like a woman, but why we want to have woman bodies? what about that?

i would be fine with the mental illness definition but i think about it it makes me feel like a sick guy, not an actual woman

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>what about that?
Because we don't want to have male bodies.
That's what makes us trans, dummy.
This picture made me horny desu
yeah, but why this happens? we a human can't be happy with her actual body?

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Defend this

With love, /pol/
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>inducing gender dysphoria in prepubescent children in order to virtue signal how much of a progressive you are

What could possibly go wrong?
I would expect nothing less from a Jew
do gay parents trade their jr. twinks at pride parades?

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Why do Trans people act like the word "tranny" is their "nigger"?

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"Tranny" is actually a fun word to say, SJW word police fucks are dumber than bricks. :3
Sorry, but you have no right to be criticizing anyone.
oohh ye

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Well are they?
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Also is this a slide thread? I think it might be.
It's not gay if the girl is cute
The dick makes it better
This. Dicks are so cute.

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What defines you edition

• Makeup tutorials : http://masterposter.tumblr.com/post/116605714860
• Male vs Female measurement data: https://www.bwc.ohio.gov/downloads/blankpdf/ErgoAnthropometricData.pdf
• Correct hormone levels:http://www.hemingways.org/GIDinfo/hrt_ref.htm
• Checking your levels:http://www.privatemdlabs.com/lp/Female_Hormone_Testing.php
• Transition time lines:http://imgur.com/a/qWpxv
• Voice Training:https://www.reddit.com/r/asktransgender/comments/1ske7b/mtf_voice_training_regimen/
• Voice Help: http://webjedi.net/projects/lgbtq/speech-therapy/
• IRC: https://www.rizon.net/chat#mtfg

last time >>8616523

you're all beautiful
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boo thread
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boobs are great

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Do you agree with him that the word trap is transphobic?
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Traps and trannies are kinda two different things, so calling a tranny a trap causes some confusion about how they really identify.
using it to describe an MTF? Yes.

Using it to describe a femboy/twink/andro guy? No.
They're two entirely different things, traps are cis men who pass, it's often just camera trickery on their end honestly.

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My boyfriend suggested that we should try anal sex. I was always turned on by the idea but I never did it. I am scared that it will hurt, that I will bleed down there and that I could get an injury even though there are procedures that are supposed to lower the pain and potential anal fractures. There is one more thing I did not mention. It is giant. His tool, pipe, whatever you want to call it. That is why I am afraid. Any suggestions anons? Also Ryan Gosling is sexy and I used him as the title image for this thread because posting actual stuff related to the problem would be probably inappropriate.
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I would suggest buying dildos first and using them for a while so you get used to it.
Once you use dildos for a while you'll get used to knowing when your ass isn't clean or ready for sex, plus you can get used to using douches and whatnot.

I used dildos for the majority of my life and when I first had anal sex everything went just fine.
Just make sure he understands that you need to guide him through it the first time. Assumably, he's never done it before, now if this is the case he needs to understand not to unintentionally hurt you. You need to go slow, and work yourself up to it. Some people like the poster above suggest dildos, and if that works for you then I would definitely reccomend that. Me however, I could not enjoy that sensation. The way it worked for me is that I had to have to guy cock tease me to work me up for it mentally and have me loosen up. So basically find what works and make sure he understands that he has to work with you.
I don't bottom, but here's a couple of tips for the top:
1. Use a gloved hand for prep, just in case the bottom isn't clean and doesn't know it. I'm knew to topping, and for me the idea of hitting a turd would just kill everything.
Then after the bottoms been loosened up, just take off the glove and get on the condom. And if you met a turd, ask the bottom to clean himself and go from there.
2. One method of loosening the hole is to enter one, then ask for the bottom to squeeze on that hard until the muscle gets worn out. Then two fingers, and if he's as big as you say, three. It works pretty well, especially if you're still learning to relax.

And instead of a dildo, try a plug. You CAN train with a dildo, but a plug has that steady increase in size that will help you go from small to big.

>tfw you'll never have a hot, sweet, beautiful fitness daddy with nice kids to share your life with.

Why even live?
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Why wouldn't I?
It would be nice to find a guy with my same interests, then we could keep each other motivated.
This was more of a joke post, but in all seriousness I tend to find that most people who are buff and attractive in the gay community tend to be very one sided and superficial. I know it's not ok to generalize, but, at least the ones near me, only care about surface level concerns and we never be what I consider sweet, caring, or relatable.
Also, I know it may sound like I'm being bitter, but it's not like I'm in bad shape or unatractive. I have had success in pursuing these people, they just aren't people that exemplify the traits I'd be seeking.

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do i pass?
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Fuck yes
i am horrified
at least she's got a little bit of womanly shaped hips though. thank god she at least removed her body hair and applied makeup when taking stupid pictures. most hons at passgen don't even try half as much as her.

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How do I allow myself to act or look feminine without wanting to kill myself from shame and guilt?

How do I undo the conditioning forced on me?
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If you were able to be conditioned into being masculine, it's because you identified with it.
It's actually because my mom physically beat me while telling me I was going to burn in hell every time I acted feminine for years and years you piece of shit troll. Do you have to shit up EVERY fucking thread with your trutrans bait?
time on hrt broke down that barrier for me
wearing makeup makes me feel happy and pretty now instead of perverted and shameful

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I fucked up. I was trimming my crotch hair and I went too deep. I had to shave the entire fucking area to keep it even. I'm super hairy everywhere else.

Does that sound like a turnoff?
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>Does that sound like a turnoff?
Accidental castration? Sort off.
no, personally it's a turn on

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Here we dicuss latent homosexuals, particularly those masquerading as straight. The aggressive, homophobic individuals are more easy to spot, but the more passive ones travel under the cover of a heterosexual relationship working hard to appear like the perfect couple. Perhaps even aware of how outright homophobia will give them away. Scratch the surface though and you find an empty, emotionless relationship, frequently built on abuse. Sex may be entirely absent or mechanical and without passion. In some cases the male may be in the submissive, feminine position and a female chosen for its more aggressive, masculine nature, which the male relinquishes control of the family to. In such cases both are latent homosexuals.

In most cases both individuals are still deep in denial.
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Nice academic analysis, what do you suggest for repressed gays like me? I have always struggled with being gay and haven't come out, and I've tried to have relationships with women (they have never worked out).

I'm also not aggressive or 'easy to spot', and have accepted that I will be alone or find a bf, but I can't face up to admitting that I'm gay in public or to my loved ones
I don't understand how people are able to lie to themselves, I've never been able to do it... though I guess I never wanted to be able to do it, either.
I struggle to lie to other people, even when it's in my own best interests. And I can't stand putting on affectations of any kind. It all just seems exhausting, being boring is so much easier.
How do so many people go for decades living lies without going crazy?
The fact that you appear to have accepted that you're gay although unable to be happy with it or to come out to those around you means you're in a healthier position than the subjects of this thread who are a long way from being able to admit that. As long as you're not living a lie your heading in the 'right' direction.

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how to not feel resentful towards mtfs for making it impossible to be a feminine man without constantly being misgendered in a condescending tone by waitresses and cashiers
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also that literally every single feminine guy is coming out as some variant of genderfluid/flux/queer/whatever stupid nonsense just because they like skirts
Maybe stop being such a fag. If you're a man, act like one.

Like, if WE don't pass for sufficiently masculine men or feminine women and get misgendered, we get told it's our own fault for not dressing and acting the part. Why the fuck shouldn't those rules apply to you?
>assuming I'm cis

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