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qmark boy.gif
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What kind of man would willingly fuck a boymodding twinkhon?
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Me. Depends on your personality though, I wouldn't just Fuck anyone, I'm not a stray dog trying to get a nut
>Depends on your personality
I am kinda the shy and nerdy type tbqh.
>I wouldn't just Fuck anyone
Ok, so who would you fuck then?
>who would you fuck then?
You described what I like pretty well here
>shy and nerdy type tbqh

I wouldn't go for someone who's extremely "experienced" it's a bit of s turn off, so shy and nerdy? Sounds promising so far.

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Are trans lesbians more socially privileged than straight trans women?

hard mode: try not to respond with mentioning TERFs or "inter-community harassment".
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Cara, how you're going to save money for FFS?
Right now you're a NEET right? You can't even afford your hormones.

I'm kinda curious here, do you even have any plan to set things in motion?

Also we had this thread before so we may as well use it for something useful like talking about these things I asked, don't you agree?
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It would be cheaper to go for specialty operations like a chin shave, rhinoplasty and a tracheal shave. those three are my biggest issues.
OK but how you're going to get that done?
Are you going to get NEETbux / autismbux?
Or you will get a job at wallmart?

You need to sort yourself out.

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trans suicide.jpg
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How do I repress all of my trans feelings? I can't transition, don't even bother mentioning transition. I want all of these feelings to go away, please help me, please. I hate myself so much and I want nothing to do with being trans. I'm genuinely considering suicide at this point, I really don't want to die, but I sometimes think of death as my only option. Please help me repress.
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How old are you?
I'm an adult. Going on 20.
Go. To. A. Doctor.

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why do traps/trannies get so jealous of cuter boys?

pic related is a cute boy.
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That person is an asian. It's hilariously easy for them to be cute, especially with makeup.
T. 5'3" Asian tranny who looked like a girl even before transition
p-post pics
Because most trans people on this board don't actually want to be women. They don't want to be a genderswapped version of themselves. They want to be kawaii animes girls.

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bisexual and pansexual general.

If you're trans, did you realize you were bi/pan before or after you realized you were transgender?

Demographics: http://www.strawpoll.me/10470501 (created Jun 12, 2016)

Discord: https://discord.gg/qp9S2S5
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I guess it never occured to me persé it was always just something looming there that I never gave much thought.
Fuck outta here with that pan shit. There are 2 genders.
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I really don't see the appeal of pans desu

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So are ya AGP or HSTS?
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Neither exists also sage
Sage doesn't work on this board
see? I saged, and it bumped to the top.
here, ill do it again

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>tfw shaving your boobs
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>being an AGP
Trutrans are Klinefelter and never grew chest or back hair.
Fuck off, hon.
What if OP is FTM?
File: 1498090507190.png (174KB, 358x358px)Image search: [Google]
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I'm not AGP, I'm a late blooming HSTS

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a (1).jpg
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>Not a single pic of "before".
That's not how you make a timeline champ.
Also she looks like a drag queen sorry.
Kys because you will never be as good edition

No hips though. That's the most important thing in my view.

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Any tips for expressing femininity in clothing as a male? I'm having trouble developing or finding inspiration for a style that I can still feel comfortable wearing while not feeling out of sync with my self-image.
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Usually I would suggest slimmer clothes. There's also the option of tasteful, neutral accessories - necklaces, bracelets, earrings if applicable.

Beyond that you can grow your hair out and save as often as you can.
>save as often as you can.

I meant shave, but yes, save often as well. Nothing is more annoying than losing hours of progress.
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I'm down with growing my hair and trying some jewellery (hadn't even thought of that desu) but I feel like the slim fit meme will just make me look overtly gay.

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If I think I have a relatively low chance at passing should I still get on HRT? Will it make me feel better even though I know it's likely I wont pass?
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Post a pic & let us decide if you'd pass or not.
Yes and yes
if you are dysphoric
I wouldn't post a picture on 4chan sorry.
Yeah dysphoria has been pretty bad lately.

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So I'm going to try anal for the first time and was wondering how do you clean your anus?
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With peanut butter
Just do an enema half an hour beforehand. Starting out, a bulb is easy and can be found at pharmacies, but even a water bottle works in a pinch, through uncomfortable. There's more too it, but it's pretty easy, oh and remember lube!
Diet and timing your shits is more important than enema cleaning imo. Wait like 30 mins after u shit to go ham on your anus. Don't be surprised if ur finger/dildo is rank af cause regardless of how well you clean your ass will always have a mucus membrane lining your rectum that just always smells

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Like debian and raspbian? Or do they simply settle for females because they can't get a bf?
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>Do transbians really exist?
>Or do they simply settle for females because they can't get a bf?
no, men are icky
>simply settle for females because they can't get a bf?

This is actually me real talk.

But yeah I'm sure there are some actual transbians.
This thread really isn't worth replying to, but yes we do in varying shades of authenticity.

Some are bi women who date women and just end up calling themselves lesbian.

Some are cringe lords who probably are not really even trans anyway and fulfill the "Straight dude on hormones" trope.

Then rarest of all are the lesbian transwomen who have felt like a lesbian since they were a child in addition/as part of being a girl. If you find one of these hold on to her. She is basically a lesbian without female socialization.

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Why would an obvious self-hating non-"homosexual transsexual" dedicate their life to trying to prove to strangers on the Internet that this is not actually the case?
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I'm too high to parse this. What are you saying?
oh shit it's bulma from yu yu hakugan
oh shit it's Popola from Ar Tonelico.

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itt we give eachother body advice and try to help eachother make the most out of our measurements.

I guess I'll go first.

Height - 5'10
Weight - 148lbs
Bust - 37"
Waist - 32"
Hips - 42"
Shoulders - 15.5"
Shoe Size - 10US
Neck Circumference - 15"

What type of stuff should I wear? What's the ideal way to play off my body type? Are me feet too big to ever pass?
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>You will never be as cute and feminine as that turkish sticcboi.
File: 1485394464552.jpg (20KB, 600x391px)Image search: [Google]
20KB, 600x391px
>What type of stuff should I wear?
>What's the ideal way to play off my body type?
By pretending to be my dog
>Are me feet too big to ever pass?
I won't notice when we're banging

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I need some advice from the homos that browse this shithole

Im a straight guy, however, over the past few days ive taken an increasing interest in men. I don't really have any friends so i know nothing of the "community". However, i often get curious and go on tinder. >mfw a bunch of 10/10 guys match with me

The problem is i have no interest whatsoever in giving or receiving anal, and i assume all homos do that. This makes me feel like i would be some kind of a letdown if i actually got to know a gay guy, so i never speak to them.

So wat do? Give me your best faggot advice
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>The problem is i have no interest whatsoever in giving or receiving anal, and i assume all homos do that
wrong you baka
I mostly just like sucking dick
Is it common for guys not to do anal? Like percentage wise? How do you even find out?

File: 1264964607609.jpg (97KB, 483x409px)Image search: [Google]
97KB, 483x409px
Literally just google "percent of gay men that don't have anal sex".

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