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Straight guys, would you ever play with a trans girl's soft estrogenized benis?
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if she's cool with it then yeah
You're not straight.
i'm straight but i like traps lol

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ITT: shit feminists say

>men are pigs! we should cut off their penises and make them act like women
>if you cut off your penis and act like a woman, you're an evil oppressor!
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>trans women with penises are dangerous rapists-they have men's genitals!
>trans women without penises are dangerous rapists-they're imitating womanhood!
>straight cis men have a duty to contort their lives around "respecting" and "obeying" gay and gnc men/women and to recognize themselves are their main oppressors
>straight trans women and cis lesbians have a duty to contort their lives around "respecting" and "obeying" trans lesbians and to recognize themselves as their main oppressors
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>trans women are erasing lesbians!
>if you sleep with a trans woman, you're not really a lesbian!


>Tim Gill, tech millionaire and extremely liberal LGBTQ activist, spoke with Rolling Stone in a June interview, and called for the punishment of Christians who refuse to take part in same-sex weddings.

>In the interview, the 63-year-old Colorado resident — who’s funneled over $400 million into pro-LGBT social reform causes over the last 20 years — claimed that it’s time to “punish the wicked,” in his opinion.

Is it finally time to wreck havoc on those evil, bigoted, homophobic Christians?
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I'm okay with it, burn all the churches ya want.
I'm totally okay with targetting christians!

But, how about we compromise AND make the task far more feasible by only targetting gay churches, huh, huh, huh?
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I'm not saying....jpg
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Uh oh, being pro-catholic, are you? With those bastards being all obstructive and making their churches out of stone!


was it worth it? i dont think so, looking at her instagram she looks a mess, she somewhat passes, but not completely.
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>I do agree that Spiegel is super legit, and you are in excellent hands.

confirmed for moron

she didn't have the greatest starting point so i can't really tell if it was overly conservative or not. for 60k it seems like you probably could have gotten better results
She passes. That makes it objectively a success.
That manbod though

What's your orientation, sex and gender?

What's your opinion on Men's Rights?

What's your opinion on Feminism?
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Bisexual MTF here, this is how I feel about both:
Bisexual female woman.

>What's your opinion on Men's Rights?

Whiny bitter divorcees and virgins who do nothing for everyone.

>What's your opinion on Feminism?

Whiny bitchy losers who do nothing for anyone.
gay man man

a drop of common sense in an ocean of cancerous hateful self-delusion

I think everyone should be treated fairly and equally and if you're a stupid obnoxious cuntbag you deserve to be treated as such

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lesbian dating material.png
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Why are trans lesbians more apt to advocate for the transition of any man off the street who claims to "want to be a girl", regardless of their gender identity history, while HSTSes tend to be more conservative with the definition of what qualifies one for transitioning?
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HSTSes, as gay men who transition to improve their dating opportunities, support gatekeeping in order to limit competition for straight men and to protect themselves from any bad impression non-passers could create.

Trans lesbians on the other hand believe transition is a path to personal fulfillment and are more likely to see blocking for others that as obscene and invasive.
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Trans lesbians treat transitioning as some sort "cultural tourism" thing and urge their male friends to "try it out' - Transtrenderism/trans lesbianism and gentrification are the exact same type of phenomenon.

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Why is "transition" always advocated by trans communities? Bitterhons think doing so will solve all their problems, when in truth VERY FEW (<5%) of trans people will end up passing and attaining happiness.

STOP FAPPING AND DON'T TRAP YOURSELF. Fight for a cure. Fight for your happiness. Fight for your future. There is a way out, and transition isn't one of them.
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I unironically think that these trans people would be happier accepting the male persona they were born with. It's possible to have a happy life without being Chad. There's no need to put on a dress.
[citation needed]
Actual blanchardfag here.
Yet more proof there's more than one of us!

Transition has no long-term proven benefits.

I completely agree.

[citation needed that the traditional narrative isn't total bullshit]

What's the deal with femboys, "agps" and cis gays using hrt? Are those people even real?

I know hrt is a magical trick (with few side-effects) that brings feminity to femboys, fullfils "agp" desires and brings dicc to gay guys, but how do they deal with mental changes related to E and manage to hide this from parents, friends and everybody? Do they feel like it was worth in the end?

And how do they cope with "irreversible" things like shrunk testicles (in case of Cypro) or boobs?

Are there people that aren't really trans or REALLY confused but leading to not being trans, that still do hrt?
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>pretending most trans girls aren't AGP
>"problems" that exist in a small circle of people and that don't mean anything to the majority of the world

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Why do you guys pretend to hate chasers? Out of all the uncertainties of becoming trans, you somehow pretend to despise the one group of people that actually show interest in you. Be it sexual or genuine, it's objectively no different from a male seeking a female solely for innate biological fulfillment. When are you going to stop being a retard and get yourself a chaser bf?

>confident in their sexuality
>strong career
>able to provide
>sexually interested in you
>MTF personality means automatic sharing of similar interests

Explain to me what I am missing here.
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What you are missing is that chasers want the cawk, and we don't want it focused on or even acknowledged most of the time.
what the fuck is a chaser
Also chasers aren't interested in relationships, they just want to pump and dump.

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Is anyone sick of the stupid fucking trap/trans cliche bullshit of striped thigh high socks and pleated skirts?

it's a caricature of femininity and ""innocence"", you don't know how to be a real woman but associate these items with it. it's over played, it's outdated and no actual woman wears this shit. You'd look better wearing more up-to-date fashion, and cuter.
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Kinda. Not like, angry, but kinda. But there are a lot of mildly irritating things to complain about.
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You wear it to look like a little slutty girl to attract penises into your bp. It's not like you have to wear it out on the street

Some people pull it off just fine though.
What things anon?

it's not about pulling it off or not, it's just been played to fucking death.

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Hes a spanish cosplayer called geheichou.
Hes the perfect twink. He has literal anime androgynous face, he could be a girl and a guy and i think str8 ppl and gay can fall for him.
I think hes ftm because testosterone is too fucking animal to let a 19 y/o looking such angelic.
Hes face isnt fake, its not makeup or playing with the angle, he really looks like that.
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File: geheichou.jpg (541KB, 960x960px)Image search: [Google]
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Litterally everyone can get a bad pic and if that one is the worst u can get... gl.

When will mainstream video games portray the ultimate relationship?

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>FtM passes fine
>MtF is a megahon
i hate tumblr
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asking the important questions
The FtM has a clearly female face.

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What is prison like for LGBT people?
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Probably a better place than most trans people's home environments. Prisoners would probably be better than some absolute shit tier parents of which trans people are in no short supply.
Please be joking.
>Free food
>Free accomodation
>Security guards to support you
>Comfy cell where you can NEET it up or get assigned a cell buddy who will be a life-long friend
>Can't be disowned since they arent family


shouldn't we straights get to have straight pride too? why the double standard?
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Go ahead and have one, most LGBT don't care what you do. There is just always a minority to oppose everything though.
i for one, am proud of being 100% straight and cisgender, i've never had a single gay thought. and im not sorry for it. does the fact that i refuse to grovel before gays #trigger you snowflakes?
Okay so I understand why so many people of the lgbt community act like little bitches when straight people say this, because pride started as you know actually saying you where proud and stood up to everyone who discriminated and was against your sexual orientaion or whatever (and it still in some countries) but now it's just really something fun or a shit show so I don't really care if straight people do a straight pride, idk why so many people act so furious about it. It isn't a big deal and what is wrong with someone saying they like being straight?

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Redpilled homonationalist unite!
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Get in here, fags
Already have, senpai
its kind of hot in a weird way

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