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Many trans women on hormones especially those on cypro say they eventually stop producing cum. Not just semen but cum altogether. This is so bizarre to imagine since even women can cum during an orgasm so what gives? Why does it happen in some people but not in others? I also am on cypro for about two years and while the amount of cum I produce is reduced it's there (water-clear).
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I'm sure they don't pay attention when they're being fucked (by me)

Imagine me sticking my tongue under the hood of their tinkler and taking a lick around for it - I'm sure I'd find something
sometimes i do produce a drop of transparent fluid, sometimes it's literally nothing

of course trannies can't cum. no semen+no functional vagina and uterus=no cum. duh

i think it's actually prostate fluid.
how do they do it in porn?
it's very impressive to me

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I'm a massive sub transgirl, but I don't know what chasers want more specifically.
>What do transgirls wear which you love?
>What can transgirls do which make you overcome with list?
>Just generally what are the things you love most about trans girls?
>How would you want transgirls to behave in certain scenarios?
It would be good to hear what the chasers want for a change, and I'm sure I won't be the only trans girl taking tips.
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>What do transgirls wear which you love?
Something that fits their body shape. Dresses and stockings are favoured , but won't argue against tight jeans and a cute hoodie
>What can transgirls do which make you overcome with list?
I didn't understand a thing, sorry
>Just generally what are the things you love most about trans girls?
I love how they can act like girls, but know damn well how it is to be a guy also. A thing that other girls don't.
>How would you want transgirls to behave in certain scenarios?
Just normally. Not falling out of place or standing out too much in public. I am a motherfucker that falls for shy types, but don't take that as a incentive to behave autisticly.

I can't speak for anyone but myself, but I really just want her to be herself. Don't be something you necessarily aren't just to attract someone.

That said, if you're cute, shy, have a good sense of humor, and aren't dumb as shit or overly materialistic, you'd be a soul mate to me.
>What do transgirls wear which you love?

The standard black stockings, skirt and rainbow socks - but really anything a normal girl would wear

>What can transgirls do which make you overcome with lust?

Wearing slutty looking make up that can be easily smeared

>Just generally what are the things you love most about trans girls?

The tiny penis as it flops around helplessly

>How would you want transgirls to behave in certain scenarios?

She's baking something sweet and she dabs me on the nose with some of the mix. I'd just start kissing her and kissing her until we start fugging.

Or while she's asleep, I flop my hard penis out on her face and wake her up whenever I'm horny so she can suck my dick - or at least make her suck my balls while I jack off on her face and doesn't resist.

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5'1 woman.jpg
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>MTFs can never be 5'1

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typical mtfg posters.jpg
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Sure they can, just not 5'1 and pretty
Is she not cute? I don't get it.
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Who triggered you this hard to make you make these threads then reset your router and reply to yourself?

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Does sissy hypno videos really work?
I find this stuff really arousing since I have AGP but can it really morph one's sexuality?
I doubt it because sometime they put shits like cuckholding in these videos and I still find this fetish disgusting today.
I analyzed one video and it's really well crafted. They put a lot of eye contacts between the sexual stuff, eyes are important in hypnosis.
I'm just wondering because even though I'm comfortable with my AGP (i'm bi) I don't to dwelve into something unhealthy or fucking my brain up.
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I don't want to dwelve*
Sorry about the typo.
More like Sophie Turner syndrome amirite
>Does sissy hypno videos really work?

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>tfw can't tell if dysphoria is from being trans or from being jealous of women
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Go home /pol/ man
not true
Why are you so obsessed with us..? I bet you're secretly a chaser. OOOHHH DADDY :333

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What does a girlcock smell like?
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Hard to describe without sounding like some weird hon from susans but the hormones do change the smell down there so I will just say it smells like salty milk and bags of coins.

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She was a dude and I think she looks really good after transitioning
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If she's Russian then it doesn't count because Asians don't count

What could possibly go wrong in a bisexual male-male-female relationship?
it's my latest degenerate fantasy/fetish but I want to know what it's like in the real world where things never go the way you imagine them to go.
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I'd like that but only if the other two both treated me like a second female instead of a second male, because tranny feelings.
What do you expect such a relationship to be like?
Like being a girl with a boyfriend and lesbian fwb.

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Share your stories and images of how you hate straight people.
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Why would I hate cishets?
Yeah! Cause fuck a majority of the world's population, and the people who fucked to bring me life! Fuck those people!
Is that Ted Cruz???

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help me understand bisexuality
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honestly as a bisexual person it's kinda hard to understand how someone can be completely straight or completely homo tbhon

Agreed. Can't they see the beauty in beautiful humans?

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>literally get extremely hot and bothered at the idea of forcing my bf to watch me have sex with other guys in front of him.
>tfw outside of this weird fetish I never tell him about I'm the super loving and caring housewife tier gf who even makes him morning breakfast, wash his clothes every day and gives him a kissu before he goes to work.
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Ha you're funny tranny, damn
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When will this cuck shit meme die already
I think I ended up losing a lot of my fetishes after starting hrt. My sex drive normalized a lot and I just like to cuddle and have vanilla sex like a boring person

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hrt and ffs.png
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where is your god now?
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Proof memeing about kek turns you into a tranny.

This is the future of all /pol/acks. They will become cute nazi girls.
do shoulders work like that?
is this real

holy fuck please fuck my shit up daddy deschamps

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>be pre-hrt trans girl
>more a grower than a shower
>dick is 4 inches soft and 10 inches hard
>grossed out by idea of sex as a boy
>only occassional jerking seshes
>mortified by random boners
>start hrt
>looking forward to soft cute girldick
>2.5 years into hrt
>pass well, breasts are decent size, have something resembling hips, typical feminine girl
>dick is neither soft nor cute
>can't even cuddle without it getting hard
>hasn't even shrunk half an inch
>most boys either get scared off by its size or upset that i'm bigger than them
>only guy who sticks around has sissy fetish and constantly wants to suck it
>will be years before SRS is a possibility

What the fuck is going on, /lgbt/
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That's like super huge actually.
I'm 5 inches had and like 2 inches soft and at my best I can only get it semi hard.

I think guys may be a bit startled at the start but unless they want to do anything with your dick they will probably ignore that altogether to be begin with so you will be fine.

My problem with something that big would be on my everyday life though, let's be honest, how hard of a time you have with underwear?

Also don't be sad if you ever get SRS you have so much more material to work on you will end with something that looks nice unlike me.

Oh yeah, also ditch the creepy guy that wants to touch you in places you're not comfortable with. Better be alone than with shitty company.
I'd be fine with you having a bigger dick than me cause I think it makes dominating you even hotter
>what the fuck is going on
You won genetic lottery, my friend. Now that I've helped you resolve a major concern, let us see the dick in question

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I shaved my body with a razor a week ago, my skin is still sore and I've got post shave pimples, the same goes for facial hair. What to do?
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Did you use shaving cream? Did you moisturize? Did you shave against the grain? Did you shave your legs with full length hair on them?
i have this issue aswell oof
Use a good shaving cream, shave after being in the warm shower for a bit, then rinse with cold water, apply moisturizer straight after. 3 days later exfoliate. Moisturizing is the most important part to prevent razor rash.

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>tfw you love women so much it physically hurts
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>once upon a time, there was a faggot named OP
>he was so STRAIGHT and NOT GAY that he became a woman himself
>everyone laughed at him and called him a tranny faggot, so he suicided
>the end
um you accidentally posted this in my thread pls delete :/
Is he right, though? Are you a MtF?

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