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is this the best haircut?
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Depends. If you have a flat forehead and a strong nose and jaw it can look great. If you look like yung lean then it is just autistic.
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>that outfit

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How do I /shiacore/?

I know getting fit is a part of it, but surely there's more, a missing link. It's the perfect combination of comfy and "grunge".
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You wear out your clothes but don't get rid of them and get fit. Smaller shirts with hard to find designs. Keep the hair disorderly and the stubble at max.
It's a style based around confidence.
its literally all confidence and well put colors

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Will this kind of understated, unflattering, and maybe even dorky clothing ever become /fa/ again? Because I know I want it to.
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I still see people dress like that from time to time,
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Bible Belt Core
girl on the left is spooky

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Im shit at choosing fits. Does this fit good?
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One more
pretty standard but decent
Have said this so many times but still no improvement.
Please don't make a new thread for a single answer question like yours, post it in Fuccboi general which is made for this.

The shirt fits okay. Also depends on how you want it to fit.
It looks a bit baggy from behind.

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What brands do I have to wear to attract girls like this?
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Good luck finding em in the first place. This kind of wear isn't trendy with women.
Stop posting this thread.
to attract girls like that you have to be a lesbian

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How does this mexican retarded viner got to walk for Dolce & Gabbana?
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because dolce and garbagena is not a respectable brand ?
Hm yes, but anyways, it's like Logan Paul gets to walk for Dior or X designer.

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How do I pull these off?
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Be a girl
I'd unbutton them first then you take them off like normal pants.
by being redneck with dew mouth and chewing tobacco who's disgustingly fat and wants to fuck his half sister

Hello, I am German and a little bit confused that so much nonsense is considered as /fa/ here.

German Army Parker, mostly punks wear it. (My dad offered me that he will buy me a good jacket instead of wearing his old BW stuff.)

It's the same for de Arm Trainers.

And why the hell is DHL /fa/ now? My fucking postmen wear this this everyday...

(Sorry for the English)
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Fucking Germans always being so serious.

Parka is versatile, basic and looks good.

German Army Trainers are populair because its an easy shoe to wear and has a good silhouette, also almost every designer/high fashion brand has done a rendition on them, most famously Martin Margiela and Dior.

DHL logo was used by Vetements to print on t-shirts, does not mean that Vetements or DHL is effay.

Stop falling for memes and dress yourself, only use shit posted here as inspiration.
>(Sorry for the English)
guten tag
(sorry for my german)
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>>tfw German but don't understand why we GATs are cool or why parkas are effay

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Just copped these. What do you think?
Also what does /fa/ think about Tubulars in general? What are their best models?
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Dooms. That is all
do you actually think that these look cool? they look extremely awkward in my eyes
I do.. What's so awkward about them? Especially compared to the other Tubular shoes they don't look too bizarre
I also bought them because they were rather cheap, less than 60 dollars

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stop hacking me.png
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>this guy is fucking Mia Malkova
why haven't you copped these yet anon?
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>And he lets other men as well and knows she has previously been by many other men
No... thanks..
>girls don't care if your gay ass is >>>>effay
shocking news
wait then why am I here

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Which knot should I use to tie a tie? Half windsor or Four-in-Hand? Its for my prom
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The half-windsor isn't as stiff as the Windsor and not as informal as the four-in-hand

It's perfect for most occasions really
4ih is good enough.
Why do you want to be more formal than needed, do you want to impress someone?

How do I wash this jacket without ruining the color and DWR?
I don't have a tumble dryer. Is ironing as efficient as tumble drying for reactivating DWR? How does washing affect the performance? Pls share your gore-tex washing experience.
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well what the fuck does it say on the tag moron
Machine wash on warm cycle, no powder or fabric softener or shit like that, then let it dry (completely)
Iron the dry garment on gentle setting (warm, no steam), place a towel or cloth between the garment and the iron. This will help reactivate the DWR on outer layer
it says "no ironing" and says nothing about reactivating the DWR.
Various guides say that you need to apply heat to reactivate DWR and advices to use a tumble dryer.


Do you have any experience with using that method? How does it affect the performance?

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Klondike pant.png
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What is your opinion on carhartt pants ?
is it possible to look good in klondike pant ?
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Jeans are work clothes.

Temperature, durabilty, and freedom of movement are all there is. Fuck looks.
Those look good
They don't really look like that irl, they are way more baggy.

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What is the general j/efe/ consensus on luxury brands?
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They have been here long before all the " project this project that " brands, and will be here long after they are gone, i like them, i can afford them, and i really don't care what /fa thinks about them...they'll find a way to shit on it...saying it's overpriced and boring or what not...but seriously...if you make enough money, just buy what you like
Do you mean designer brands in general or what
I think he means like Gucci, Versace, etc.

You live in a place with 4 seasons. Summer is hot as hell, winter is cold as balls ( -32 degrees celsius ).
You have 0 clothes, 0 shoes. Nothing.

You have $1750.

What do you buy to create a complete wardrobe ?
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what i'd do is buy a gaming pc and just don't go out of the house

or maybe buy really nice boots and jacket and with the $100 that would be leftover compile wardrobe with thrift shop items and basic shit from h&m

You're retarded.
>You have $1750.

I'm nearly in this situation.

I was working in the caribbean and came back to France. So I have to buy everything. I've just spent €1000 for a winter jacket, a pair of boots and a pair of gloves. And I've waited for sale, wearing a hoodie as a winter jacket...

$1750 isn't enough.

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