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Hi guys

How can I cure yellow fever without killing myself?

Thanks in advance
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i try my hardest to suppress it and all such desires in hopes that it will alleviate that form of suffering. it partially works, but then i get hit out of nowhere.
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Why would you want to cure the most patrician taste?
Have sex with yellow girls until the novelty runs out

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Pitti 91 ended few days ago, and a thing I noticed these empty pocket bags, what are /fa/ thoughts on those? I'd get one for the sake of not having stuff in my pocket and ruining the fit of my clothes but not sure if it would be really appropriate.
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A man carrying a purse will always look effeminate.
It's Pitti Uomo. What people wear there doesn't apply to real life.
>What people wear there doesn't apply to poor peasant.

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Anyone heard of this book?
Ametora: How Japan Saved American Style by W. David Marx https://www.amazon.com/dp/1531863833

"Look closely at any typically “American” article of clothing these days, and you may be surprised to see a Japanese label inside. From high-end denim to oxford button-downs, Japanese designers have taken the classic American look—known as ametora, or “American traditional”—and turned it into a huge business for companies like Uniqlo, Kamakura Shirts, Evisu, and Kapital"

Does that mean Japanese /fa/ is totally Ameriboo and we are reimporting their style as "American" tradition?
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>Does that mean Japanese /fa/ is totally Ameriboo
You could find this out with 5 minutes of looking on any website about Japanese fashion. Seeing you write about it as though it's a new discovery is just laughable
almost every trend comes from japan a year or two earlier. you know all those white adidas everywhere now? japs trend last year

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What do you /fa/ggots do to take care of your body? This might be the easiest, most impactful thing you can do.
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I gently pet myself when I'm sad
Cats cant type
i try to drink a lot of water, and put on sunsreen when i'm outside for long periods of time

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Is roof photoshopped in lmao
They all went into hiding after that.
I really don't get why this picture is memed so much, only 2 of them look bad. The rest look just average or OK, long neck looks the best.

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How do I become Americana/workwear incarnate?
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white socks
Levi's 501s (dark blue)
Black leather belt
Neutral color collared shirt or crew neck tee
wife beater undershirt

short hair (not buzzcut either)
tanned skin that looks like it's seen real work (creases, lines, dirt etc)
no scarves, gloves, tennis shoes, or hats
But the guy in the pic is wearing a hat
Don't listen to that guy.

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How does it feel to stink everything you do your business in a party /fa/?
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Please rephrase your question so that us native English speakers can understand it.
How does it feel to stink everything you 'go' in a party?
That's not much better than your first attempt.

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WTC a jacket exactly like this? WTAPS makes some like it but nothing really close enough
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It's a typical thrifted jacket
You do know that what's in thrifts stores had to be made somewhere, by some company, and that it was once new, right?
isn't this kid being put to death?

how do you thrift menswear?

ignore anything other than givenchy/gucci/armani?
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noelle foley.jpg
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thrift in affluent/rich people areas

tons of them are throwing away perfectly good shit because:
it no longer fits them/their kids
they have huge wardrobes
tax deductions

I used to volunteer at one, not only could you thrift menswear there, you could furnish a house for cheap as hell
For vintage, pick your favorite fashion decade, then go to a place that had an industrial boom/rapid growth in that time period.
this. the absolute best ones are in the slightly less well off neighborhoods (still good areas) right near super rich areas.
the trick is that you have to go a lot. i leave emptyhanded 9/10 but the stuff i do get is amazing.
and i dont mean that you have to go several times a week or anything, thrifting isnt my hobby, its just the closest clothes store to me.

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What does /fa/ think of lil peep?
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i dont. i think about lil pepe tho.

which one of you is this?
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None of us, because this board hates graphic tees.
ok m8
M E ! ! ! ! ! =D

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Is there any cool camo that ISNT fucking flecktarn? Talk about a shitty meme.

Post camouflage inspo that WONT make you look like a highschooler who gets his fashion advice from Reddit.
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tiger stripe and french camo are goat
brits have nice camo too
Op said explicitly not like you get your advice from leddit, and yet You post that pic
Tiger Camo is by far the best camo

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What are going to be the hot breakout styles for Spring of 2017?

My guesses are ski jackets, denim Jackets, pastel shirts overlaid with bright blazers, square ties, and one lens sunglasses.
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I thought vintage ski jackets were gonna be cool this year; haven't seen any
bought a cool one though, old Moncler
super short running shorts is my guess, in pastel colors

can be worn with white tube socks
more ironic hipster shit

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god 1.jpg
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How do i go about getting hair like dylan reiders/austyn gillettes when my hair is frizzy as fuckkkk
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get cancer
use a good conditioner

dry your hair with a t-shirt

apply oil

should help make your hair less frizzy

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I don't have a pair of sneakers, and I never lurk here

Generally speaking are there any brands I should avoid? How much should i spend?

I'm a 22 yo college boy

The sticky doesn't elaborate on this
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go for gucci, avoid nike

I'm kinda poor

I'm willing to spend $100-200

What's wrong with Nike ?
There's nothing wrong with Nikes, most of this board is just autists and new niggas so they truly believe Adidas has "utterly rekt" Nike because they've had the better releases for like the last 2-3 years, even though that's probably not true because Nike drops a LOT of shoes every year and it's hard for even a dedicated sneakerhead to monitor every single decent Nike shoe that comes out yearly.

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