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>Working out is modern couture. No outfit is going to make you look or feel as good as having a fit body. Buy less clothing and go to the gym instead.

Why aren't you lifting for Rick?
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>gets frequently mistaken for a gay bottom
>seeks attention on fashion forum of teenagers

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Why does this board detest toeshells so much? They're better than ugly creasing at the front.
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i dont
i want a pair to pull sick techno fits
>creasing at the front

bend jeans not shoes
>>toe shells
Dude the soles make it look like you've got weird feet that need readjusting

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How in the hell do you pull off a coat with a big fur (otter) collar without attracting a ton of attention or looking like an asshole? I just got a good deal on one but I can't help but think I'm way overstepping my boundaries wearing something so over the top.

Other than the huge ostentatious fur collar, the coat is relatively reserved. It's vaguely military styled with a belt etc.
pic unrelated, couldn't find a similar one online
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>its the "year twothousandtwenty" shitposter

Opinion discarded.
Drop Trip

What color is the coat and how does it fit? More oversized or fitted? Single-breasted or does it have a zipper?

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What does it mean (to you) to 'understand' fashion?
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Fashion is fucking stupid. Personal style is fun. Who cares if something is "in season". If its nice, its nice.
Whoops. I meant to include personal style in that question, too.
i dunno bro. Trend hopping may make you look fashionable. But proper 'effay' people have their own style if you know what I mean.

To understand fashion is to be either one of those groups

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Post /fa/ approved league of legends skins
Ill start with some p a l e w a v e
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thanks for bumping my thread :)
blody fock off
also sage
? if u dont like it u can go skinny faggot

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are light wash jeans effay?
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only if they're even wash and high waisted
nothing is or isn't effay
it's all about how it's used
stop pretending like fashion is plug and play
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What do you think about Tommy Hilfiger stuff?
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Similar to a Polo Ralph Lauren however more affordable. It should be treated the same way as Polo though; within the brand are some pieces designated for swagfags and brandwhores, while also Tommy Hilfiger contains some genuine prep, the same is true for Vineyard Vines. Also anyone who believes that prep is defined by particular brands and not designs and fabrics can kill themselves.
Hideously over branded crap made in chinkistan that for some reason has made a revival.
nice digs

i like their old stuff ive found at thriftstores

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At the international mall right now, anything I should pick up while I'm here?
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If that's you, pick up a noose.
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It's not she's a person I talked to on okc but I happen to think she's very attractive. Do you disagree?

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Is wearing the same fit everyday plebian? I'm self concussion others will notice but it seems like a good if people don't notice
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unless you wear the same fit the entire week, no one is gonna notice. If you do though, people are gonna think you're a poorfag.

Only Sat/Sun, the rest of the week I'm in office attire which variates .... So I'm in the safe?
Having a 'uniform' is fine.

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Are mjölner necklaces effay?
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amen brother
whats this from

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I have messy medium length hair that I keep kinda pulled back (pic related) and keep my face clean shaved. I wear the same thing every day.
black long sleeve button up shirt with half of the buttons buttoned up and the sleeves rolled up
white v neck t shirt underneath
black jeans
black dress shoes
leather jacket

Is this a good style? I'm also a musician, and have been told I dress like one. what exactly does a musicians wardrobe look like?
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>I keep my face clean shaved
least rock a scruff
>least rock a scruff
I use to, but it just made me look unproffesional
depends what kind of dress shoes

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Are common projects classic americana or #menswear?
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neither, learn what those buzzwords mean before you use them
not americana

yes they can be consider menswear

americana is like red wing ,chippewa and wolverine boots

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What are some /fa/ hangers for your clothes?

What kind of clothes do you hang up?

I only hang up sweaters and jackets

Pants and shirts get folded.

Post effay closets
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Hangers will ruin your clothes, especially anything knit like t-shirts, sweaters, trousers, etc.

Me? I use hooks for trousers, jackets, belts, bags, and fold everything else, pardner...

Yeppers those there wooden hangers are just stretching out and destroying all your clothes if you catch my wave, pardner...
just don't hang up your sweaters or t-shirts and you'll be fine. don't be so autistic
Me? I'm not ruining my raws by folding them over a metal bar on a hanger. For me it's hook by belt loop, the safest method of storing raw denim!

>I'm an autist because I take care of my clothes, pardner

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What are some nice leather jackets? You know uhh classic american style?

>dey call me mumbles
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File: IMG_9531.jpg (1MB, 3264x2448px)Image search: [Google]
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bumping for interest, although looking for a more simple design with the collar and zips etc

hey new here

was wondering what /fa/ thinks :)
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Let your eyebrows grow out, they don't gel with the aesthetic IMHO
Let's see your belly :))

Me? I love my woman BBW
I like my brows you jerk

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