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what does /fa/ think about Stance socks, does anyone own a pair
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>wearing polycotton/cotton socks
i own a fake pair because fuck paying 20 for a pair of socks

i own bottom right on tht pic
>fuck paying 20 for a pair of socks
Get your priorities straight, boy! Quality socks are important!

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What is it about baseball caps that make men 90% less attractive and why wont men stop wearing them?
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Some more examples. I would probably find these guys decent if they weren't wearing baseball caps. Do white men take pride in being ugly or something? Cuz it seems like they don't give a fuck.
Some people look good in them and others don't, depends on face shape.

Is that from your buds facebook or something?
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cole hamels.jpg
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That style of cap sucks, wear fitteds and bend your bill.

they don't give a fuck.

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How to look effay while dressing business casual?
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You don't dress business casual...

unless you're an idiot, of course.
Guess someone has never had a real job then.
----> /mfa

So what's up with this shit
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state college/university
Which is better, girl butt or boy butt?

I think that generally girl butt is superior to boy butt, but when a boy has a good butt it is typically far superior to a woman with a good butt
in this case you are only considering average butts so of course when a boy has a good butt it is better than a woman with a good butt but when a woman has a great butt thats when the game really changes

Haven't bought underwear in 6 years. What do you look for in underwear?
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A good junk pouch area is what I like. I fucking hate when boxer briefs and tunks fucking mash my junk into me.
were you in jail or what
Yes, actually.

Are there any briefs like that with legs like boxers?

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What hairstyle should I wear if I want to attract qt communist bois to go bash some fash together?
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Don't be the annoying loud type please. Nobody likes that, even communist boys. I'm left leaning and I just got done friendzoning a qt because she is so loud. She probably thinks she's "brave" or "a warrior"
a noose
The hairstyle of the working class

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Why is there so many up and coming designers for clothing but sneakers are always dominated by the same 2-3 companies? Brands like Common Projects and ETQ don't come close to adidas and nikes
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I would guess it's harder to design a shoe, since it needs to be comfortable. Seems like you'd need a lot of research in order to achieve good levels of comfort.
Also big sneaker brands like Adidas or Nike have sneakers for everyone:
>hypebeasts (i.e. boosts)
>basic bitches (i.e. stan smiths, roshes)
>classic lovers (i.e. gazelle)
>people who don't care about fashion
Becuase Adidas and Nike are not meant for just fashion unlike Common Projects. Common Projects produce higher quality shoes than both companies other than adidas high fashion collabs. Cps will never be mainstream so they dont explore that market place as it would be a wast of time. Adidas and Nike depend on new designs, as we saw how bad Adidas was during their dry streak in the 2000s. However cps dont
Because CP makes uncomfortable shoes.

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can we get some visvim inspo, or is Kanye the only one that can pull them off?
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this brand still exist ?
Kanye can't pull off anything dumbass
He has both of his arms and legs, of course he can pull things off.

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does anyone have any experience with sputnik 1985?
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booooooooooooooooobiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeees :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
It's weird to order it online, but worked out in the end. Shirt I ordered was good quality fit was standard. It's just Gosha for poorfags but you know
i just ordered the A12 anoraks, i paid on paypal, and now theyre not responding, i was juts really scared, thanks for the heads up

Is customizing your sneakers /effay/?

Post some dope customs
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Absolutely not. Unless you are an actual cobbler.
If you can do it
wtf is wrong with people

the 750 is the the only pair of yeezys that have an attractive silhouette, why would you fuck that up?

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Anyone know what kind of Fjällräven backpack this is?
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it's the big kanken
But the logo is different, isn't it?
no it's not they just ripped it off u can still see where the patch use to be.

as for the big fox logo, i never seen a backpack from them with that on it maybe i was a special edition of something

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ITT post effay music

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Try idealism, or jinsang. on soundcloud. Similiar style as mt marcy

>mfw riff at the end kicks in

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Rate me. Also, how can I improve my appearance?
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throw away that top

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Ya'll ever use Bombfell or Trunk Club or other services like that? Any good experiences? Bad ones? Worth it for improving wardrobes?
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isn't it better to just see what they have included in the previous months. If you like a certain fit, just copy it? Instead of getting stuck with unusable trash that might not suit you?
>Worth it for improving wardrobes?

absolutely not
I think it'd be better to ask this question, no? I hear ya, just wanted to hear any experiences is all.

Who listens to music while doing their shaving routine?

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laughing muslima.jpg
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>he fell for the safety razor meme
I always do this. Usually some bluesrock or folky stuff.
>Uses a trip
>Gives money to support Jewish marketing


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