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Is Reebok classic effay?
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its one of if not best white sneaker
Definitely the best casual shoe IMO.
fk u dumb fucks, i was thinking about onitsuka tigers to sub for my beat up rbk, don't like the new balance shit but need some confy shit, i walk 3 miles a day.

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haha that nigga must smell really bad.
why the fuck would you dress like that?
dungarees only look good on kids or hot girls
i still have no idea what to think about tylers fashion

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post your fav military pics/military inspired fits
honorary mention: knoch
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more foreign legion 2reg
holy shit these cunts are nxtlvl af
this is out of world tier fit

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images (1).jpg
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What are you wearing today?

for the day of Jan. 13th 2017
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I'll bite
File: 34567.jpg (106KB, 210x710px)Image search: [Google]
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>light denim

Did I fuck up lads? Immediate regret buy. Can I get some light denim inspo?
Hey, dipshit, don't make a waywt every day. Make one when the old one reaches 300

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Is makeup bad for the skin? It seems like every woman has lot of acne scars and other marks under their makeup.

Does makeup age the skin? It also appears that women's skin ages a lot faster than men's.

Would not wearing makeup from the time they were born change the above?
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>Is makeup bad for the skin?


>Does makeup age the skin?


how dumb does one have to be to seriously ask these questions
>women don't look as flawless without makeup as they do when they're wearing it

You're a dipshit

Is this really going to be the 2017 haircut? looks like fucking middle schooler hair desu
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In memory of Dylan Roof
is that justin bieber?

Can big noses ever be /fa/
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whats the consensus on these senpai
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Yes yes, I like streetwear! Great shoes!
not adidas

They'd be interesting if they were a normal trainer silhouette, but that chelsea shit moves them into WHAT ARE THOSE tier.

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I bought a belt and it's not too long

The belt however has rounded rectangular holes and too few of them to fit me.

I can either can a literal ton of weight since my waist is narrow or press in new holes, the problem is that I can't find a hole puncher for rectangular holes

What do?
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Just use a knife or some shit boi
>implying OP pic would ever happen
return it?

how did you not figure out the belt size you needed beforehand?
bought it online, it's a very expensive set of belts.

The belt fits, if I put it on it doesn't flap or anything, it isn't too long. It only has 1 hole

Do you reckon a clothing store or a clothing store that custom makes clothing is able to help me with this?

What VSCO filters do instagram girls use?I feel it's something from the T series
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Why can't i take a picture like this,i already have an iphone
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ask them

File: _11826711.jpg (419KB, 1100x1687px)Image search: [Google]
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Help me determine w2c the jacket that I remember looking similar to pic related but having matching patches on the forearms that I think were a female face in black and white. There were other patches too I think.

>also general w2c thread
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might be alpha industries. check them out first.
>female face in black and white
Sounds like something Cav Empt would do

got some new glasses..
How effay am i? Name is odin btw.
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drop that fuckboy face
no no no.
Sam from game of thrones

File: the-north-face-resolve-hyvent.jpg (15KB, 600x463px)Image search: [Google]
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What do you guys think of North face? Want to get me some sort of windbreaker jacket, where do i get a good deal on em?
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try harder
almost 300 bucks is a bit much lad
not op but nothing wrong nf desu..
its just basic alright brand

File: james_dean_fake.jpg (546KB, 600x1000px)Image search: [Google]
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Is it best to buy a leather jacket used?

I always think that leather jackets look good a bit worn out and used lookong, plus it's cheaper
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Used within reason is best. You're right on everything anon

fuck off kebab

File: tumblr_ogavnhRgMa1rom85wo1_500.jpg (108KB, 500x503px)Image search: [Google]
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do you have to have small tits to wear lace bras with no underwires? I'm a 34D and the bras they make for my size are hideous beyond all moral reasoning
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File: IMG_1375.jpg (152KB, 640x1136px)Image search: [Google]
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Well I'm chubby and busty so I'm fucked all over
this is gonna be a horrible thread
I'm a 34D too! I'm wearing a bralette right now, with no padding. I find that I just have to wear it with loose things. I have one with a thin layer of padding that I can get away with wearing with sweaters or slightly thick material. Theres also bralettes with underwire, I'm sure you could find some online. I know free people makes some that are kind of pricey but you can try Victoria's secret (they're actually decent quality, I have a halter neck one from there).

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