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is this /fa/?
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Adam plz stay
W2C pants
too manly for /fa/

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Anybody have a line on a cheap moto jacket? Pic related was 20 bucks at Forever 21 but it sold out.
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>getting a faux leather jacket
save up some money and invest in a real leather jacket.
Seconded. Don't get faux leather, OP. It's just one of those things where it's an investment. You'll have a good leather jacket the rest of your days.
Im vegan

anyone know a cool parka? i'ts cold here
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Canadian goose
Ten C + shearling liner
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fat toilet.jpg
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I was recommended buying from Japanese shops to find stuff that fits me, but all I can find on google is weeb/lolita/china-tier garbage. Where can I shop?
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We will need some basic information to start with:

-Are you fat?
-What fit are you looking for?
-Are you into fashion?
-Are you a manlet?

Please answer these accordingly.
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I'm a size 0, x-small/small size in shirts

Just normal clothing. Pic related is something I'd wear

I'm not into fashion, but my general perception when I visited Japan is all their shops are very chic without being excessive. If you can point me where to begin my search, I'd appreciate it.
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>size 0
please tell me you are in possession of an actual ass
>mfw thinking back to my skinny first girlfriend's anti-ass

soulja boy appreciation thread
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bape and jordans WOW EFFAY AS FUCK
time to pick that cotton


Where do I go to see the latest TRENDs

I dont care about high fashion
I dont care about runways

I care about trends shit like dadhat-trend or the neckchoker-epedemic

no I´m not a Hipster or trendy, I just reserch this shit

tumblr is a good source, but not concentrated enough and often not on point

Help me please
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Mom bought me a Parka so her little boy won't be cold.
It's a medium and I'm afraid people are going to think I'm wearing my dad's clothing
How mad should I be at her right now?
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it's just a size big

be nice to your fucking mom op
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daily reminder if you don't cop then you don't belong in /fa/
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fuck off with your fuckboy slav meme shit

I bet you're one of those faggots whose facebook picture is of them "ironically" squatting on something
only people who likes this collection are hypebeast still riding the nor core wave.
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>collection has less branding than any major previous collection

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Why is it acceptable for women to wear elevator shoes/boots? I can understand if you're literally 5'0 and want to be taken seriously but why do women who are 5'7+ wear 4 inch elevator shoes?
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Kawaii desu
it's not that they want to be taller, it's just that heels are a thing
Tall girls also wear heels bc it slims the body shape

Is Marc Almond /effay/? Also, where can one cop that tee?
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oh fat fucking fuck I need that shirt

can the shoulder synthesizer return... please?

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you look like a small man
not tall enough

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Remember Shia threads?
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>le autistic manlet yid who makes a kitschy point of dressing down

where did shia threads always belong? you guessed right, the le garbage.
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Well that's just like, your opinion man
>being this much of an oldfag
go to bed, gramps!

Newfag here.
I need something semi formal for a function at my college, I'm thinking of wearing beige chinos, a casual navy blue tweed blazer, a white shirt and dark brown leather shoes. Would a bow tie look alright?
Does this seem okay?
>Pic unrelated
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thats a nice ass
very nice indeed
its not like there's an issue with the garments you named. the way they fit your body is what's important

the more money the more stylish
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grown woman dressed like a 14 year old boy
>grown woman
This is how fashionable and cool people dress in 2017, grandpa.

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this question is so dumb you guys are probably going to think this is bait, but i'm being serious.

i'm a /fit/fag with comically yuge legs. i really like these pants in this pic and i don't know what this style is called or where to find them and i think they'd work well with my hamhocks

i wish i had better/more pictures to show, but i know fuck all about fashion. i basically just mean pants where the leg is loose all the way down. i'll try to find more examples
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its a girls style
the guy in the pic is a boy so..... (inb4 it's a drawing. pls go)

pic of legs because i know someone will ask
this is the best example i can find so far but i'll keep looking. yeah yeah, i know, it's a girl in the picture. just help me out please

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