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adidas, nike, asics, designer, reebok etc etc
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inb4 geobaskets
I really want those fuuuckkk
I don't like boost but fuck these are nice

Uniqlo founder suffers heavy losses after clothing company shares crash. Japan's richest man Tadashi Yanai loses $1.4 billion in a single day. He suffered the biggest wealth decline among the world’s 500 richest people according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index.
Uniqlo Japan announced a December slump on Friday, blaming unusually warm weather which it said had hit sales of winter clothing.

Not that Uniqlo would be famous for its heavy winter gear.

What's up with this Uniqlo fags?

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Uniqlo is now H&M tier and no longer worthy of being considered a serious investment in a quality garment of any type.
Uniqlo is dying because menswear is dead and all the teens are now on heavily branded and trendy cut streetwear
assuming most of you are too new to /fa/ so
they've always been about cheap basics but used to be much more focused on the fashion side of it (ie qlo x uc), then they went too hard on the >ultralight down style and lost a lot of their base, and are now trying to regain it with lemaire collabs

How do i achieve this nu-tumblr aesthetic as a male?

I have a bmi of 16.9 so my face is kinda hollow and i have an iphone to take selfies with

I want to drop the full streetwear fuccboi look for something more casual
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I like this aesthetic too

I want to be a basic male tumblr bitchboi
cop their style? you already follow them on tumblr just literally find out where they get their clothes and copy them. work on your hair too
Start getting your girlfriend to peg you

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Hey, ya'll I'm a Uniqlo employee. Ask me anything, I guess. I'm bored.
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Do you get a discount off of online items?
U guys sell clothes?
Unfortunately we don't. Only in-store.


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As a guy going to a bar
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t-shirt, jeans and some sneakers would be a start
Depends on what kind of bar it is. Dive or upscale club?

Also if you can't answer this question on your own you are hopeless.
i feel like my outfits are kinda boring lately, need some ideas
yeah thats what i always do

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What's your favorite casual brand?
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>casual brands

it really shouldn't matter what the brand is as long as it's comfortable and convenient. i wear a margiela cardigan and balmain coat everyday
but my tees are normally just white or black hanes and american apparel

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I love h+m but

just lmao
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hmprod (1).jpg
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these look like the ermengildo zegna ones
and kinda like the issue miyake ones
>I love h+m

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yo this dude uses 4chan, i lowkey saw him browsing 4chan on a livestream
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yeah and he makes threads about himself

log off luca you ethiopian looking faggot
But more fashionable and successful than you. Damn, sucks to suck.
luca just shut up. this isnt healthy man

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pic from sarlis
she has some cool pastel and minimal stuff
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everything tomppabeats and vaporwave
ten bucks says you are a girl. or a confused guy.

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Is H&M effay?
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get fucked. here's your answer: don't make anymore threads

No, it's cheap garbage and only idiots shop here.
anything is effay if YOURE effay

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Random photos that r inspo thread

Cmon boys
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Luv this one
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ill mitch had a... hard life

>Reasonably priced for high fashion
>Just won menswear designer of the year in London
>High weeb factor and very avant-garde, just like /fa/ likes it

Why do I never see any Craig Green fits here? Definitely not in the WAYWT.
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>High weeb factor
Please explain. Genuine question, not criticizing.
Maybe that's just personal opinion by a lot of his shit reminds me of Yohji only Yohji is more firmly rooted in the past (Japanese culture) while CG is almost entirely futuristic.
Look at some of the more wearable fits (or even the names of some of the items "samurai pants"). I see Japanese influences but perhaps that's just reading my own biases into it too much
because the only place you can wear it without looking like a tool is when you are wandering around aimlessly during London fashion week with your little butt buddy squad, because then everyone looks like a fucking tool

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Who was the most /fa/ historical figure?
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Definitely Adalia Rose
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>Adalia Rose
Don't I kinda look like her?

What does /fa/ think of the 80s yuppie/corporate america look?
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shit compared to the original 60s look
Don't just stare at it, Christie. Eat it.
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Yeah but they got squash and cellphones

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I want to kill myself
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yo whatup eme's

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