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What is more /fa/ (even at their most shittiest), cars or motorcycles?
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Is this effay?
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Name a more effay mental illness. I dare you.
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Cotard's Delusion
Depression =}

I dress like shit and want to change it.

So basically, I BMX, so a majority of my clothes (80%) are beat to hell vans high-tops, band tees, and BMX brand clothing. I just moved to Boston a little under a year and it seems like everyone I work with + know seems a little more well, put together.
I used to own a pair or two of jordans back in HS, but it seems that the whole style scene has changed. And I need help.

Current wardrobe
American eagle/no name flannels
Hardcore band t-shirts
Like 4 or 5 pairs of jeans?
Ripped up/vans that lost their shape
Windbreakers from BMX Companies (Cult, Kink, ETHIK)
Fucking military BDUs (but I draw on the back so they're a little custom).
BMX Brand dad caps, polo dad caps, trucker caps

I'm looking to get a couple neutral pieces where I could build out some good outfits for work, days I'm not biking, dates, etc. Just so I don't look like a huge sack of shit.
I really like earthy colors like brown, black, olive and cream. But wouldn't know where to start. Ideally, I'd be looking for 1 decent pair of shoes (I was thinking like Flyknit 4.0s in black), maybe 3 pairs of pants, 5 tees and maybe a few hats? That way I could swap them out and make a few outfits.

Price range: I'm a developer so I make a decent amount, so I guess these would be the max prices for each of the outfit pieces:
Hat - $20-30
Shirts - $25
Pants - $40-50
Shoes - Maybe $175
Jacket - Maybe $75 - 100
I'm also a pretty slender dude, about 6ft tall, 150lbs.
Thanks for any of the direction you guys can give me, really appreciate it!

TL:DR; I dress like shit, hook a brother up with some ideas to help me get started in streetwear fashion.

pic related: some ideas of what I'm looking for
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>So basically, I BMX

is it 1995 again?

>I really like earthy colors like brown, black, olive and cream.

something to remember is that black really only goes with black or gray or white, and not much else. if you want to wear black regularly, you are going to need things to go with black. black pants and shoes generally require separate wardrobe items (not all of them will be) compared to a pair of dark indigo jeans, which essentially go with everything but black.

what i'm saying is that it's easier to build a wardrobe without any black in it at all than it is to incorporate black into your wardrobe.

you mentioned flyknits, what kind of style are you shooting for? streetwear or something like more casual tech? gotta elaborate on this a bit mate.
Sure thing man,

BMX is a great way to stay in shape and have fun

But as far as fit, I was under the impression black shoes went well with everything. I'm looking to build a couple outfits, using one nice (non-skate type of shoe). I'm not looking for dressy, but something more a long these lines

But I guess sort of like med-level streetwear. Not exactly frugal but also not exactly 100% flex, if that makes sense?

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am i the only person who wears both

boxers and boxer-briefs?
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I wear boxers to sleep in or under sweatpants around the house

I wear briefs or trunks under pants
I always wear boxers

I have disgusting saddlebags that briefs and boxer-briefs cling to and make me feel bad about myself
I do everything in #myCalvins

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I wear the most un offending, plain ol' clothes I can.
Black/grey hoodie/jacket
Dark blue jeans (Slim fit)
Grey shoes

I think it's time for a change bros. Point me in the right direction.
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it's all about fit, not what you wear...

what style do you want? slouchy? prep? etc

most people on /fa/ seem to go for the more slouchy look, so they buy the "longline" sweatshirts and oversized boxy shirts. they're still just normal colors and shit but the fits make them look totally different
This nig gets it.

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is metal music effay?
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Black Sabbath is
not this clowns you posted
Metal fashion can be really cool when it's more than dads in tank tops and aviators

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Sup /fa/ggots, I'm in the middle of a complete image overhaul before starting at a new school. The clothes and accessories were pretty easy to pick out what I like on my own.

The new hair cut/style is where I'm having trouble. I usually just go for a nig tier military cut, but I'm too lazy to maintain it and it ends up looking pretty awful once its grown out.

So basically, pic related, any suggestions?
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down to 10% bodyfat and buzz it
I'm under 10% but I'm barely 140
I think I might will just buzz it though but with like a 6/8 instead of 4/6 cause I'm not liking it too too short anymore

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Was kurt cobain effay?
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hes dead so we are obliged to say yes

effay as fuck dude
He had the ripped shit meme before it came popular, amazing.

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How do you protect the staple?
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what kind of faggot shoes have staples on the back?
By not wearing the shoes.
Pretty sure those are Yeezy V2's

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Thoughts on alpha manlet?
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that shit in his eye is too distracting
his voice is homosexual
Seems like a nice guy bit of a faggot not terribly effay. Smart business man though.
Fine for people who have never paid attention to their appearance before and are starting

How do I wear tight pants without endangering my gonads?
I've practically sworn off jeans because of the aches I get wearing them. I think it's the thick seams.

Italian cops very related.
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>google images "italian cops'

How come they all have such huge legs?
Looks like there's some protective padding under there.
Come on, I thought this was nad-endangerment central.

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what's a good place to shop for basic tees and sweatshirts? something that's higher quality than H&M and uniqlo, but not so expensive as those basics from nord store and tres bien.

and for the love of god, without any visible branding
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COS, its owned by H&M but I am not sure if its better quality though.
Reigning champ maybe? Try Zillion too

This girl is a model, a girl of category that you will attract if you continue to dress the "/fa/" way.

Still want to continue?
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you just reminded me how much i want to be a model and date a model
>he doesnt want alium babies
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But Lindsey Wixson is cute.


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Fuck I wish headbands/bandanas were still in fashion.

Theyre really good ways to display a simple and striking graphic, and work well with almost all hairstyles. But if you were them nowadays you look like a weirdo. Damn shame.
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They can be pulled off, it depends on your head and hair situation though.
make it happens, faggot
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Going to the club tonight rate my fit dudes
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w2c jacket

its unironically nice, much cleaner look than those military/flight bombers, but also keeps the traditional poofy silhouette instead of slim-faggotry
pants are shit, just wear chinos or slim jeans

don't wear a polo, wear a button down or a sweater

otherwise go for it

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