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what is with you fags and your special snowflake syndromes and victim complexes?
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I literally am a special snowflake. No one is quite like me, I have the talent, the image, and a uniques, transcendent personality. The only one ITT who is a victim is you!
did i trigger you

dude me too wtf

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Buy/Sell/Trade Thread

Show me what you got.
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Been reading some of that Marie Kondo and working through my first category; consequently, here are a load of things I want out of my life:

File: v ave shoe repair parka.jpg (123KB, 800x523px)Image search: [Google]
v ave shoe repair parka.jpg
123KB, 800x523px
Bought this after seeing it here in 2013, still love the style and construction, but it never fit with anything else I owned.

Hope it's perfect for someone on here

File: DSC_2151.jpg (865KB, 3840x2160px)Image search: [Google]
865KB, 3840x2160px

File: raf bomber.jpg (55KB, 540x608px)Image search: [Google]
raf bomber.jpg
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wow, that's hella fucking stoopid
nice b8

File: IMG_2850.jpg (40KB, 540x540px)Image search: [Google]
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Hey FA

I am after some Chelsea boots that look similar to Common Projects but without the hefty price tag.
ausfag here and would prefer to spend up to $200 (open to bit more if really close to CP)

I am after good quality but more importantly aesthetic look.

Funny thing is i never liked Chelseas because they remind me of tradie boots but now they grew on me
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just buy some fucking tradie boots
You're in Australia so you can get RM Williams chelseas directly ya fukin lucky bastard. I'm getting ready to buy a pair online and get fucking shilled to the nth degree in costs.
what RMs were you looking at out of curiosity? I'm going for hallett myself

I am seeking anime imageboard advice on what kind of pants could look good with this jacket or/and the boots.
I personally like the silhouette of a massive broad shouldered long jacket and timbs. Just not sure where to find decently priced pants.

I like some of the stuff in you guys' techwear threads for pants like the acr10s and whatnot but im still not in a position to buy stuff like that and dont think it would suit the clothes i already have.
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File: IMG_2310.jpg (287KB, 1280x960px)Image search: [Google]
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Here is a shitty example of how the current pants, jacket, boots look when near eachother. Not sure if the blacks are too similar or not similar enough etc.
File: pantstyles.png (750KB, 1427x382px)Image search: [Google]
750KB, 1427x382px
Also black isn't super necessary. Any styles that would work i would totally consider so fire away.
looks cool
id on pants?

File: 00010fullscreen.jpg (104KB, 683x1024px)Image search: [Google]
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>pronounces balmain as ball-main
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>saynt lorrent by heddy slim-ayn
I say 'ver sase'

So I've had my ear pierced for a while now and I've had it pointed out by professionals multiple times that it was pierced a little low. Currently I am interested in getting my other ear done but done properly. due to this is might not match.. so..

These are my options:
1. Get my other ear pierced in a similar spot as my current piercing.
2. Re-pierce my current pierced ear and have my new piercing centered.
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You're a fag

File: IMG_20170115_212433.jpg (3MB, 2160x3161px)Image search: [Google]
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Am I effay now?
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Is that Versace? How did you get your legs so big?
File: index.jpg (9KB, 224x225px)Image search: [Google]
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what do you cycle?
Leg day every Monday.

File: IMG_2537.jpg (53KB, 485x340px)Image search: [Google]
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Im new to fa but i kinda like the vibe any good stores to start with??
Inb4 H&M
Inb4 UO
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nordstrom is pretty great
Hit up reddit.

File: Capture.png (537KB, 1880x659px)Image search: [Google]
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Did I miss something or is there a reason why everyone is saying "effay"?
It makes you guys look like /fa/ggots.
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I'm on mobile so it's easier to type out than click for the "/" symbol twice.
>Did I miss something
welcome to /fa/, lurk more
We are, this is a fashion board, and the fact that you post here makes you a faggot too.

File: IMG_2856.jpg (380KB, 900x1350px)Image search: [Google]
380KB, 900x1350px
Any good bigly fits?
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Isn't the Dolan actually saying "big league" and people are just mishearing it to be obtuse?
Yes and it triggers my asperger's every single time
A noose

File: GODD-WK292_V1.jpg (351KB, 960x1450px)Image search: [Google]
351KB, 960x1450px
do you think i could pay a tailor to cut off those hanging turd strands and still have it look nice?
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no need to cut them off
i don't like them, but i like the rest of the sweater.
you could probably do it yourself

This is Gianni Moras newest hoodie
I can get it on grailed for 275$
Should I buy it or pass it up for something else?
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File: IMG_7923.jpg (41KB, 500x751px)Image search: [Google]
41KB, 500x751px
or this
whose whatnow?

Is dyeing your own clothes a meme? I really love this style of Champion hoodies, but I want it in a pastel, almost lavender color. Could I dye it if I want?

Success stories with dyeing your own clothes?
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Are Champion sneakers fa?
They are around $30 here at the Payless and they look like utter trash, cardboard
If you make your own dyes(which takes fucking forever) it would be way safer than using chemicals incase you wreck the fabric.
I wanna dye more things but most of the time when I try to bleach some old garment it comes out unchanged.
Advice for this?

>they look like utter trash
I think you answered your own question, idiot

File: IMG_20170114_172452.jpg (4MB, 3480x4640px)Image search: [Google]
4MB, 3480x4640px
On a scale of 1-10, how /fa/ is my new coat? It's called phat farm.
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looks warm as fuck
Naw senpai

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