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Skeetmask and x.jpg
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Ski mask the slump god and XXXtentacion inspo because i like their style.
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What would you wear if you were gonna commit suicide (vía bullet to head)?
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Full Rick
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Just a Sruli Recht ostrich skin condom on my flaccid dick.

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Cav Empt S/S2017 dropped today, thoughts?
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looks nice. but cant afford

I think it's a good initial offering with some of the items seeming cheaper than previous seasons, such as the hoodie or that jacket you posted. I quite like the Night Vector one and Cav Vend shirt.
lolol extremely derivative
White Mountaineering was doing that shit 4 years ago

is he /fa/
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i'd kiss him, he is prettier than anyone here.

so yes naturally anything he wears will be fashionable
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am I pretty? it is me to the right

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Winter/ cold weather inspo. My turn
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Lol you're not anybodys inspo you narcissist faggot
back to soc with you, faggot
you arent looking good
im not sorry
What ?

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I want to look like a member of the SS, not the LGBT. Any tips for what I should tell the barber when I ask for it to avoid looking like a pompous fag?
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I love the haircut too. But I would be wait a bit because at the moment it's clcihe as fuck. The alt-righters I see with these haircuts don't look very good to me either because if you don't look very masculine and wear that haircut, you'll look weird. But anyways, here are some good ones from youngstalin.com
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show pic. tell them to not make it too long on the top. specify the length on the top very specifically because that is what makes you end up looking life a pompous fag. make sure they blend well and they dont just give you broccoli hair.
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let's have a fashion related infograph thread /fa/
post your favourites, or say what you like/don't like in the ones that is posted
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>do not wear workboots casually?
Why not? I work construction and it's a fuck load easier just to my normal boots and keep them as my everyday wear.
need an update

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Are low top shoes the most bluepilled fashion sin in existence?
How does literally anyone think showing your pasty little ankles is more /fa/ than covering them? Ankles break your sillhouette pretty badly
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you mean cropped pants with no socks?
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the break is good
it's about design theory and proportions you troglodyte, if you can't see why people do it outside of it just being a trend then you're aesthetically illiterate.

Not using aesthetic in the meme context either, i'm talking actual design theory. Fucking ignorant spastic cunt coming here and talking shit, I don't go to /pol/ or /tv/ and talk shit about nothing I know about, I actually study things before I voice an opinion.

I ber you haven't even read any plato or the rights of man yet still use the term redpilled.

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What core is this?
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that shirt looks like junya wantanabe

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I got Stan Smiths, what do I wear them with?
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Just copy what everyone else on campus is wearing with theirs.
Becone a creative director in New York
are they really that common in your area?.. Only asian girls wear them at my school. All the guys wear triple white ubu

File: laurent-developpement-durable.png (235KB, 2400x2157px)Image search: [Google]
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What are the most durable brands /fa/?

If price was no issue, and I was trying to purchase the essentials (socks, underwear, colored tshirts, pants, sweaters, jacket) what brands should I look at? What will last me the longest and get me the most bang for my buck?

Obviously the clothes should look good and fit well, i'm not trying to walk around in military surplus cargo pants and the like.
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L.L. Bean.

This is mostly due to their outstanding customer service. If a garment because damaged, they will either fix it, or replace it entirely.

I think they call it a life time warranty but it is only 100 years. This is what I've heard anyways.

Anyways, their shit holds up, so you probably won't even need to send an article of clothing back to them.

wrangler,carhartt,timberland.........its all going to be workwear stuff and extremely ugly if not tailored
Thanks m8 I'll check into em

Plugs in 2017?
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What male underwear is the most sexy?
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Boxer-briefs, comfortable, but not too loose.
so basically what OP's picture is showing?
File: IMG_20170112_140342.jpg (1MB, 1944x2592px)Image search: [Google]
1MB, 1944x2592px
Wonderjock trunks, I suppose.

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What core is this?
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muh dick core
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Do girls care about watches?
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end yourself

just get a phone, watches are for menswear faggots

t. a girl

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