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/fa/ versions of daily/common items?
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boxed water is p. lame doe
ok i also think boxed water is fucking stupid but i'm also curious

why? what screams /fa/ to you?

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tfw you just copped a pair of really nice sneakers, but can't wear them for at least a month because it's winter
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Well done.
nice fake stans lmao

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Are rappers fa?
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Niggers are so earnest and ignorant and primitive. How are they so cool? If you anal ize their 'poetry', their clothes, everything about them is shit.
are stylists fa?
Look at that body and legs. He must have big dick too. So perfect and lucky to be black

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How do you take a decent photo of yourself?

How do these ugly as fuck people on Instagram still manage to look decent and photogenic?

>haven't changed profile pic on Facebook in 3 years
>try to take a decent selfie so I can update it cause it really doesn't look like me anymore
>spend a fucking hour doing this
>hair looks shit and wont stay in place, face skin/tone looks like absolute shit despite washing it twice a day
>all my features are so fucked up, like having big lips (I'm a white guy) that always looked chapped, big forehead, ugly nose, etc
>shitty beard that no amount of shaving will keep even and not messy/patchy
>teeth are crooked as fuck so smiling too much is out of the question
>disgusting occasional acne scar, which luckily aren't too many, but still conveniantely placed so there's no angle where you can't see one
>huge black lines under my eyes probably from my anxiety not allowing me to sleep well even though I get 8 hours a day
>overall unhealthy and severely depressed look

The worst part is that I try to do this every month but never post anything because it's always the same shit.

So how do you do it?
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jew angles, jew lightning and/or ugly friend
>mfw take good selfies
>mfw I only like it because it's a heavily influenced, flipped version of what I really look like
>mfw in mirror my face look symmetrical and nice
>mfw In reality my left cheekbone is prominent whereas my right is completely flat, so the left side of my face curves down into my chin, and the right side goes straight from my head to a very quick turn into my jaw/chjin
>my left eye is lazy and I have ptosis, and so my eye is lower than my right, and they're buggy as fuck
>both eyes look like they're drooping down sideways, giving me weird sad eyes
>right eyebrow is shorter and lower raised than left
>right jaw's angle is more upward and thin, also technically has
>left jaw looks more full and developed, but still nothing great
>nose sits farther right on face
>lower eyelid droops down making me look dumb as fuck when combined with my very prominent browline

I know it's not what you wanted OP but fuck I know that pain

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Are their watches worth it?

A little overpriced but really aesthetic and iconic.

I cant find a better looking leather strap watch under or around $100
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iconic for a piece of shit tru dat my dude
hey, this is pretty good
not shill at all
/fa/ should just stand aside and let this clown waste his money and regret it and feel stupid later on down the track

I mean, it's not even that bad.

People treat it like it's the worst piece of clothing ever but it isn't.

I just wish I could wear one of these again for fun. But everyone would probably just tease me about it.
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>its not even that bad
It is pretty,pretty bad

dude who cares just embrace it
If you're worried about people teasing you, then you are not ready for the flame shirt. Only by removing yourself from social life can you be one with the flame.

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>be /fa/ and spend all your money on clothes
>anyone who is tall, good looking, lifts or god forbid any combination of those even in the cheapest clothes imaginable, so long as they fit, will completely BTFO you

when did you realize being /fa/ was a meme?
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If you aren't tall and good looking you shouldn't be here in the first place.
Confidence is a mindset.

I've felt like the most badass motherfucker that can take your bitch & I've felt like a hopless fucking faggot.

All a mindset.
you sound ugly

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minimalistic outfits for summer.

preferably using darker colors or just plain black.
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bump bumpity bump

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Leather or silicone?
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>wrapping a $1000 phone in $2 worth of materials
no case : fa
any case makes you look like you're poor.

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does anyone know where i can find similar rings for men? also ring inspo.
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I'm looking for this ring. I found it real cheap on ASOS but it's sold out.
the term you're looking for is signet ring
post ur rangs then

I'm looking for a specific ancient Roman signet ring, cant remember what was on the face of it but it was so old the metal had cracked and it looked fucking gorgeous

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Why don't you guys like classic americana?
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what jeans
Levi's 501 STF
Because /fa/ is just a bunch of fucking hipsters.

effay phone wallpapers thread?
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370KB, 1280x1915px

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ITT: Describe your style with 3-5 words, r8 others
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i want to kill myself

i want to kill myself

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/Instagram Thread/

Share decent ones and/or shill your own.
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will probably follow back

(wannabe) fashion / portrait photography
Did you make the pictures yourself?


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did you steal these from the local hospital

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