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send more of this guy,
also who is this
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Its Theo you newfag, he rarely posts anymore but all his fits are archived on his tumblr: http://mallnutrition.tumblr.com/tagged/waywt
thisistheodore on instagram
He has the only instagram that I actually like s2g.

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I am 26 and I still shop at fucking hot topic because they are the only store that sells metal band shirts.

I feel like a angsty teenager. I feel like I am so limited in what I can wear. Like for the last 10 years, my entire wardrobe consists of metal band shirts, jeans and hoodies with black sneakers or boots.

What the fuck are my other options? My friend said that I dress like some angsty teenage faggot stuck in metal phase. Which is ironic because he wears skinny jeans, checkered shirts and man buns all the time.

FUCK THIS!!! How is it that I feel so limited? I hate flashy stuff. I like... tactical and effective clothing. Don't like being vulnerable.

I am also a black male which kinda sorta limits me in what I can wear as well. That's probably just in my mind though.
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I also had your problem, always wore black clothing and band shirts. I work a job where you can dress very casual but still have to look presentable. So I decided to buy some green and other earthy colored shirts and cardigans just to mix it up.

I think grey tones look great with black skin, so try to blend some of that into your wardrobe.
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At the office I wear chinos (navy, khaki, cream usually) with a tucked in dress shirt, a nice leather belt and matching leather dress shoes, open types. In the colder months, I swap the chinos for corduroy sometimes, but not very often.
If there's an occasion where I need to wear a suit, I wear closed oxford leather shoes.
I generally avoid suede leather shoes because it stains and it's a pain in the ass to maintain.

When I'm not in the office I wear slim jeans (e.g. Levi's 511) with sweaters, hoodies or casual shirts untucked (which are different from my dress shirts). I sometimes swap the jeans for one of my chinos, but not very often.
Simple white sneakers go well with everything here, and if you're black that look even better because of the contrast. Avoid big bulky shoes, go simple and white.

I hope this helps.
Thank you for the tips.

This may sound strange but how do you go about making your own style I guess?

I have ideas in my head what I want to wear but I often worry about it being goofy.

I really like trapper hats and those Russian hats(forget what they are called). I like medium sized leather coats too and jeans. And maybe some kind of boot.

Could that work and not look goofy? I honestly just don't want to look stupid which is my biggest fear. This is why I don't really experiment.

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I have the premonition that 2017 will bring the return of the militant hippie look.

Anyone got any inspo for this look?
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w2c fashion board that isn't just the same asinine nazi threads?
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/fa/ + filters
this, there are about five separate right wing/left wing threads up right now. what the fuck is triggering this shit? has /pol/ "invaded"?
shift + left click
hides horrible threads
I have 75 threads hidden =(

How can I be /fa/ when I'm a skeleton?
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Go check out the thinspo thread. Should be help for you there.
Fashion is all about differentiation, about appearing not to be an animal. This should be easy for you since unlike ordinary living creatures you don't have flesh.
Don't get fat

Post class A trainers
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Why would you start this thread and then post the most ugly shoe that the whole UK is riding the hype train on because roadman aesthetic?
post something then
I like air max plus (tn). Not from U.K. Either

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whats the fuck is with this store, i mean it has to be a scam, right? anyone wants to volunteer as tribute?
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Replica site, dont cop.
Just the website design says "Hey, I'm a scam".

the prices are the real giveaway, I would fully expect some legit company to make similar design ironically

hello, do you kind people know a TOR link for knockoff clothes? or some normal websites for cheap reliable knockoffs
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nah that shits dead
I need nikes adidas ant etc
Why the fuck would you go on TOR for replicas lmao

Just search on taobao because all the reps originate there you utter fag

fitness is modern couture
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hell yeah this is what I work out in
KYS nitwit
clean your bathroom you grubby cunt

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Can we have an infographic thread please?
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go browse youngstalin.

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How exactly do people dress in the US?
They are often trashed here, but so far I've never been to the US (only Europe and Asia), so I cannot really say.

What exactly is American fashion?
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Depends on what part of America
Well, assuming you're American, could you tell me a little about how people dress in your part of America?

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I hate women and I want to stay a virgin forever.

What should I be wearing to keep women away?
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Literally anything that gets posted in the WAYWT or c/n threads

>You Can Believe Your Eyes. Presenting the World's Rarest Watch


>Graff Unveils $55 Million Multi-Colored Diamond Watch At Baselworld's Opening Day

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not gonna be salty and say it isn't gorgeous cause it seriously is

upper cap on a watch is really like 100k i would say
looks like shit im not even kidding or being jealous

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Would you buy branded body parts in the future?
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If they can help me live longer and stay healthy then yes, if just as an accessory, no.
Of course. Penis would be the first one

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how many of you /fa/gs wear ripped jeans? how ripped is it?
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i dont wear them they are for girls
I do. The knees are ripped and I patched the thigh. I always get compliments :D
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wtc jeans like guy on the right?

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