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My boyfriend listens to shitty rap like "MGK" etc, so I bought him a pair of gucci high tops for christmas because I figured they'd keep his feet warm in winter but I guess it looks like "nigger shit" to him and he likes german and "nazi" designers.
Looking for either a fit or key articles for under 1,500 for a confused neo nazi piece of shit. He's 6'4 with a leaner muscular build and a slight tummy pudge from winter.

>>inb4 y
Dick game is ridiculous.
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I said "confused" didn't I?
boy london or hugo boss are ur go to there

Post, Rate, hate
Show us your entire collection or current rotation
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File: IMG_20170112_230734~2.jpg (3MB, 4032x3024px)Image search: [Google]
3MB, 4032x3024px
My collection excluding cycling and hiking shoes/boots
is this a recent picture

do stores really still sell sketchers like the ones on the left?
File: shuus.jpg (532KB, 1387x1747px)Image search: [Google]
532KB, 1387x1747px
Mostly on the boots due to weather right now, otherwise I rotate through all of them minus the dress shoes.

someone likes their adidas a lot.

File: IMG_0026.jpg (208KB, 1280x960px)Image search: [Google]
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Skincare pls help thread
Recently my skin has gotten worse than ever before. I have bad diet and sleep, so need 2 fix those.

What products are good? Skin gets really dry when I've used moisturiser and some rough stuff.

Considering buying a beard trimmer to cut down on razor shaving I think it's irritating my skin like fuck

Pic related
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>Considering buying a beard trimmer

do it. if you don't have to shave, then don't, just maintain stubble. the wahl peanut is a really good choice.
anyone know how to deal with jaundice?
D'reckon shaving is fucking skin it up?
The lights just bad I'm actually a pale Irish fucker

File: IMG_20170112_022328_860.jpg (568KB, 1080x1350px)Image search: [Google]
568KB, 1080x1350px
Ok /fa/. I have an issue here. Went through surgery like 3 months ago. I had a convex nose back then, also remember i made a thread here.
The problem is my nose is fucking weird now. Evolution was going pretty good til the last time i saw my doc. But the bridge of the nose, where i had bone, was supposed to be flexible (as it's filled of water), and i feel it hard. It's like if the dorsal area is curved. Also the nasolabial angle shit. Somebody here had a rhinophlasty? Does the nose look fine for you or is there really an aesthetic mistake? I mean I barely see the difference between the bottom part of my old nose and it now, even when for example my parents say it looks way different.
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https://warosu.org/fa/thread/11846019 last thread here tho
nose looks fine,
wtf are u doing with your mouth thou?
do you have a 1 to 1 comparison with your old nose?

File: recentcops.jpg (204KB, 576x361px)Image search: [Google]
204KB, 576x361px
Last one's nearly Romans
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File: bazinger.jpg (224KB, 1200x1200px)Image search: [Google]
224KB, 1200x1200px
File: danner1.jpg (120KB, 1334x1334px)Image search: [Google]
120KB, 1334x1334px
I'm not sure if I can still return these Danners. I'm not upset I have them because they're comfy, high-quality boots and it rains constantly where I'm headed to college, but I'm wondering if they look okay on my twig legs

I think they look great from the front but do they look too goofy from the side? Too long? (there's some considerable space between by big toes and the end of the shoe but it's still comfortable)
File: danner2.jpg (118KB, 1334x1334px)Image search: [Google]
118KB, 1334x1334px
another pic

ignore pink hoodie, it's just comfywear

File: 7522LIverpoolBlk2016.jpg (59KB, 850x850px)Image search: [Google]
59KB, 850x850px
AE Chelseas? Are they worth? What would u wear them with? Any opinions are welcome
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What's as?
i've bought AE's ll bean duckboot knockoff and its still holding together after 3 winters.

AE shoes are only worth buying if you can find them on sale.
American Seagull

File: people who wear supreme.jpg (179KB, 960x927px)Image search: [Google]
people who wear supreme.jpg
179KB, 960x927px
Why the hell would you want to look like these idiots?

list includes (but is not limited too):
>white (this brand is especially stupid)
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You angry cause you can't afford to buy ya poor /fa/g
>jordan brand
>now gosha
File: 1462260681128.jpg (109KB, 837x934px)Image search: [Google]
109KB, 837x934px
Also i can agree Supreme and Palace have been turned into parodies of themselves. I like their skate teams though. You can add Bronze 56k to the list as well, hypebeasts eat that shit up. Shame because they make some cool stuff. Oh and add Dime and GX1000's gear to the list as well. Damn it pisses me off that their shit is so expensive because of these fuccbois with their Asian daddy's credit card and a buy-bot.

File: Square-frames.png (1MB, 1000x1000px)Image search: [Google]
1MB, 1000x1000px
What is fa's consensus on wearing NON prescription glasses?

I really like glasses and how they look. I think they can help define a face and emphasise features while creating a completely different look simultaneously.

Is it vain to wear glasses as a fashion accessory? Is it inconsiderate towards those who need them?

I bought a round pair off amazon, my girlfriend likes them but I'm not ballsy enough to wear them to work or out in general.
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>Is it vain to wear glasses as a fashion accessory?


>Is it inconsiderate towards those who need them?

As a glasses wearer, all I gotta say is that they are annoying af and you'll eventually get tired of them.
Fortunately for you, you can simply take them off and see fine
your eyesight most likely isn't 100% perfect, just get some weak reading glasses lenses and pop them in and they will be real glasses and you can wear them without being an ass

File: 20170113_165113.jpg (884KB, 1300x3681px)Image search: [Google]
884KB, 1300x3681px
This is a new watch i got for Christmas, what think, /fa/?
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Watches are nice tho

File: IMG_20170113_162014.jpg (3MB, 3036x4048px)Image search: [Google]
3MB, 3036x4048px
first sole swap on some old Doc Martens.

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cool as hell
actualy interesting, always though docs couldnt be resoled but never though of gluing vibrams this way... hum ... I might do it when mines get too fucked up too. Will keep it in mind
how you did it?

File: 1474474221005.jpg (66KB, 650x650px)Image search: [Google]
66KB, 650x650px
Is there a proper term for those 'kinda longsleeve t-shirt layered' shirts? I really like the look but I can hardly find any
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bait. just buy the long sleeve and short sleeve separate?
Yes they are called
That's because you have to put it together yourself, although there are pieces that are sold stiched.

File: 1478302068364.jpg (447KB, 1083x1080px)Image search: [Google]
447KB, 1083x1080px
Most people on this sub are insecure teenagers. Teenagers like stuff with logos on them because they see it as elevating their status and making them different than their peers. That's why they get Vlone, Offwhite, Bape, and Supreme. These brands don't offer really anything unique in terms of design, but they're popular due to the logo. They're what I consider hypebeast pieces, not very fashionable.
On the other hand, people who actually appreciate fashion will like brands like FoG, SLP, Yeezy (Season, not the sneakers), Rick, Acne, and even Vetements, brands that offer more than just logos (Vetements the only one that's branded most of the time). They offer unique cuts and designs with premium materials and construction. These brands are what I consider real high fashion.
It's ok to mix and match between hypebeast and high fashion. But when someone is 100% full hypebeast it's cringe-inducing.
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File: baitfag.gif (315KB, 234x159px)Image search: [Google]
315KB, 234x159px

> On the other hand, people who actually appreciate fashion will like brands like FoG

I agree mostly desu but you can't really mix SLP with anything else at all

What happened to flyknit racers?They looked like they had longevity, but suddenly nobody talks about them anymore. They are pretty much in stock everywhere
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it's winter and those are summer shoes
Hyped shoes sell at any time of the year. These used to sell out all the time.
Do we need to explain to you how hype works? It doesn't last forever.

File: IMG_2909.jpg (136KB, 750x791px)Image search: [Google]
136KB, 750x791px
Are Asian girls the most effay girls on the planet? How can I get their style?
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White tall handsome brad pitt from fight club body is most effay. Non annoying fashionable slutty Asian girls can be second. We should kill everyone that isn't one of these two right now.
Have you seen Stephen Burnett?
Shit *stefan

are wireless headphones ear fedora?
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maybe, we'll see

this but so far yes, vaping is mouth fedora. Whats the jacket, shirt, pants, and shoe fedora?

shoe fedora is socks with sandals

jacket fedora is those shitty korean slim cut jackets that people think will look sicc on them

shirt fedora is sleeveless shirts

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