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Where can I find decent quality raf Simons replicas?
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You couldnt afford anything above payless anyway.

What would happen if you tried to unironicly dress like this in real life? (Imagine it's not filthy)
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People would laugh at you behind your back.
A few to your face.
You would look like an autistic faggot, so I guess others benefit by not having to talk to you to find that out.


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>be me
>5'2" manlet in America
>only muscular because I'm short
Is there any hope for me /fa/? Everything I want to wear doesn't fit and everything that's comfortable makes me look retarded
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I hope this is a joke. If not you are literally hopeless and nothing you will ever do will help you.
well i'm technically genetically a dwarf but I have some other unidentified gene that is making the "dwarf gene" only partially expressed. So i ended up being shorter than normal people but taller than dwarves. Sadly, I am not lying
Become rich and move to a country full of manlets, India or Bangladesh or whatever. That's all the advice I can offer you.

Got CP Achilles low in my size for $80 good condition, saw a pair of gently used raf stans go for $75. That's all I can think of
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12 bucks for a practically new Norse Projects Nunk. It's not my size but I hoard nice clothes
reebok classic for 7buck, barely used
puma match with tags for 30
schott cwu45 for 10buck in 7/10 condition
these are average stuff, but still good for what i paid for them.
I got a ton of Ralph, nike, and adidas hats for free.

I live in a port city for cruise ships and fishing, people drop shit in the water all the time and the bay i live in collects a ton of shit. I go in with my kayak once a month or so and take whatever looks cool. Totally unrelated to fashion i found a fleshlight once.

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inspo thread

post anything
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just no.

How do i make my stuff last longer? besides buying better quality. most of my stuff has a lifespan of a year or two
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Who dat ?
Buy more clothes, don't wear the same thing too often.

Get your correct size.

Follow the washing instructions.

Learn how to actually tell apart quality clothing and overpriced "quality" clothing.

wash cold, hang dry

wash less frequently

don't be careless, don't wear casual clothes into physically strenuous situations

What would you consider suitable smart casual clothes for an interview?

I always feel ridiculous wearing smart casual like pic related in winter months, with a blazer / jacket.... where I might as well wear a suit and tie instead.
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I think the outfit on the pic is better than suit and tie for an interview
You could do a cardigan instead of a blazer
any job where you think you shouldn't be wearing a suit for the interview is a job you shouldn't apply to in the first place.

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Last Thread: >>12142667

Comfy Rules:
>post thinspo
>make america thin again
>stay hidhratted


Low Calorie Food & Drinks List:

Model Diet Manual:

>MyFitnessPal: "/fa/ friends"
>Lose It!: "/fa/ friends"
removed by mods :o(
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Who's that girl? I'd like to masturbate to images of her, but I need more.
Stay hoodratted
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>not being on nofap
Sorry though i have no idea.

Sunglasses General, discuss sunglass trends and everything ITT

I have a pair of Ray Ban's Wayfarer folding (54 mm) and the pantoscopic tilt is just a little too much, it pushes into my cheeks. New Wayfarers are either comically large (58mm) or too small (52 mm)

Any Wayfarer options that are about 53mm to 55mm and with less pantoscopic tilt than folding wayfarers? Obviously not from RayBan, I've seen all their options and none of them are for me.
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what are some /fa/ sunglasses for women? looking for something along the lines of pic related.
Check out "SEE Eyewear" they have some style you may like, and they aren't owned by Luxottica (but are still overpriced like every single brand of glasses)
Super overpriced

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Are these types of shorts on guys /fa/?
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If you're a /fa/g sure. Your legs need to be very nice in order to pull them off.
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Every self respecting person shaves their legs
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A great look for guys.

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ITT: /fa/ skate brands
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Really underrated eventhough its quite popular in my country
where u @

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Khoudia Diop.jpg
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Post Inspo or ask questions relating to dark skin
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Bump for interest
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karen alexander.jpg
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How the fuck do i achieve this instagram model aesthetic?I already have a lot of followers on ig and shit but i can't take pictures like this

any tips?

i want to go full tumblr-fuccboi core
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It's more about being born like that, not very achievable.
i'm not really asking about the individual's appearence but for selfie/photography tips
find a good window. window lighting is real good for that kind of thing.
find good angles for your face.
have a good face. this one I can't really help you on
look slightly concerned in your pictures. it's the whole furrowed brow, kinda squinted eyes, pursed lips thing.

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>be 21
>have acne really bad as a teen, breakouts on my face pretty often
>stopped around 18-19
>no breakouts or redness now...
...but my pores all look very, very big and clogged with brown shit despite using a facial cleanser/exfoliant scrub every night

Any tips on cleaning out pores more effectively?

Any skincare tips in general?
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Cold. Showers.
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What are the minimum colors of suits I need to fit every occasion.
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Grey, navy, black and a funny/parody suit. Not hard
Even better is just navy and black.
Well desu grey or navy, then black.

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