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man I really want these
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Y-3 Honya do into the same direction, maybe also MMM futures low.
The Brioni version looks better.
meh, material looks nice but i dont like some of the design elements. overall silhouette is good though, the details however make it more zara-y

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Are Common Projects boots worth their retail price?

If not, what combat boot would you recommend in the $500~ price range?
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Inb4 poor people shitting on the brand
well nah, common projects are trash for their price in the whole great world of shoes but they're pre good in terms of easy to access fashun
For a similar price range, I believe there are some damir doma boots that look very close to these CP

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>What is /SBG/
/SBG/ is for Hedi's Herd of Slim Men who need skinny ass boots to go with their skinny ass body and jeans.

Everyday Hero
Story et Fall
The Kooples
Sandro Paris
Iro Paris
Saint Laurent Paris
Dior Homme (Hedi era)

What other alternatives are there?
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>being this much of a laggard
next you'll be telling me you wear ubs and that nike shook
dear god what an absolute shit fit
Most punchable face on /fa/ right now.

Why are there so many fucking different variations of the velcro raf simons black leather shit? Like aside from the little details, is there anything objectively better/worse between them?
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dont they make the new ones in portugal? or did they move production back to italy

people used to complain about the quality of the made in portugal
>those red pieces of shit are 65% off already
lmao, I knew noone would buy these
Supposedly quality but I have portugal version and its still the best quality raf shoe I have. Just go for the cheapest version desu there is no noticeable difference
Nobody bought them bc nobody saw them online or any fit pics. Once they hit sales people started seeing them on feet and they got a lot more popular. Selling out in most places

Also id on op pic?

Where can I get a classy fedora that won't make me look like an euphoric neckbeard.
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If you're under 40 nor handsome, don't bother.

You don't.
get one with a feather

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Best things to look for at thrift stores?
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battered jeans that are very near to your size
wool-mix slacks that are very near to your size
linen shirts
single-fabric waistcoats
worn parkas or macs
Used panties

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Do /fa/ iphone cases exists? Everything I've seen completely ruins the look, but it's hard to be okay with putting your stupidly overpriced meme phone at risk for the sake of it being effay.
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only poors worry about the risk of having their iphones at risk
Get a translucent case if you like the aesthetic of the phone so much

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I have never seen a brand of clothing more stiff and unappealing than CK.
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>this is a major fashion designer
How do we know tho?

Why do I look like a solid 6.5 in the mirror but a 5 on a selfie camera? Is it really just the focal length. I feel like other people look good/normal in selfies
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Wow, Ethan, great moves. Keep it up, proud of you.
this thread

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Is this cringe?
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it's not fashion related
There is a separate board for cosplay




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Post a piece of clothing you own and the person below assigns stats to it. For example
>+10 armor
>+3 strength
>-5 intimidate
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File: redshift back leather1.jpg (23KB, 278x415px)Image search: [Google]
redshift back leather1.jpg
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Hat gives +10 int, gloves give +20% fire spell atk
File: jacket_.jpg (266KB, 1100x733px)Image search: [Google]
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Is that a hat? If so +15 magic attack

>not owning the new fuckboi jacket of current year

2016 bombers suck my dick choke on it
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>please sir, take my wallet right out of my pocket. i have robbed myself of all peripheral vision and limited my mobility for you
i like to encourage intruders
Imagine popping that collar

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black converse low.jpg
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I'm thinking on coping an all black sneaker for beater, preferably of a slim silhoutte like CPs but they are too expensive. Anyone got any inspo or some other choices for the matter?

Also, is there any point on buying leather converse? One would think the sole would get ruined before the canvas, so the leather is just luxury that doesn't add to the durability of the shoe
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Wings and Horns had an all black sneaker last year but it's probably too expensive.

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/fa/ Instagram people
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What are those glasses?
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I hate these little faggoty fucking shifty little gooks. Please stop making the little insects imagine they are hot
Sehun is cheating anon.

>t. Cucked by an Asian guy once
You're an ugly loser. Kill yourself you insecure faggot

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How /fa/b is this guy's metal?
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he looks pretty fucking dope not gunna lie

would be better if he was white
Leaked footage from the new Mad Max movie?

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