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Pretty good one on Zazzle

Font doesn't look just right. Can anyone ID the exact font?
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What's this new Tumblr meme to tie your laces like this? Anyone explain?
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First, can we please talk about that file name?
I did not named it, came saved like that
that picture is way to small to distinguish the lacing

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Can someone who has a good personality and Effay clothing make up for a 6/10 face?

Pic unrelated but I can show face :)
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Show face, but YES. IT IS POSSIBLE. I am a 2/10 White betacuck and I am slaying pussy now that I frequent /fa/. White, Black, Asian, Mexican women wants me now because of my taste in fashion.
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Ok well, honestly just got my haircut and I've been trying out hairstyles as I'm not sure which suits my face the best?
Idk man, but you are really handsome. If I was a female, I'd spread my vagina for you desu.

Never seen a more true and relatable meme in my life before

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I wish Taobao would come out with shirts or something
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Which pre-modern "core" was the most /fa/?
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16th century mongoliancore desu senpai

no bamboozle
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edo japan obviously

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Milo stated that getting a haircut/color treatment cost him $1200.

Is this what good hair really costs? Are the rest of us relegated to asking for a "2 on the sides, 3 on the top" at the $10 neighborhood hair butcher?
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and the tie probably cost him $300. what's your point? you can buy cakes for thousands of dollars. value is relative. luxury exists. the degree to which it is truly better is up to the consumer. see: rolex
Who cares, Milo will be begging for cash at a street corner in 2 yrs time.
Saying shit like that is just part of his flamer image.

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or just suggest what may look better.
can for sure post more pics for a broader view of where im at on my quest to be effay
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You're doing well because you're attractive. Style is okay.
Let it go afro mode. Black girls look dumb with straight hair imo
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i wear it naturally most times.

would you say your opinion is widely shared?
just out of curiosity

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>Regretted Purchases
total waste of money, fits like shit in real life
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>le 90 dollar cat hair magnet
>having a cat
it's called falling for a meme
keep the mood light

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wanna take my boyfriend shopping for fashionable clothes that suit him. this is his current style. recommendations for pants and shoe styles especially
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A haircut
A noose
And change everything else

In that order.
honestly, if he's got his own style going then you shouldnt try to disrupt it

if he's not interested in fashion you cant force it
he's down with shopping with me. he doesn't seem to care either way

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gay horse holds(...).png
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How do you approach gender in your clothing? Do you typically dress masculine? Feminine? Androgynous? Why? How do you feel about the general attitudes in society towards certain ways of dressing? What merits do you think each style has?
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Personally, I'm not a very masculine looking guy. I mean I have a strong jaw and chin, and I'm relatively tall and have broad shoulders, but I'm also very skinny, I have narrow feet, a more "boyish" face, etc

I used to dress fairly androgynously, but especially with masculine clothing becoming less and less common in urban areas (I hate to be reactionary but I'd almost say many notions of masculinity are under attack), I've started dressing in a very masculine way and letting my skinny figure be the androgynous part. Combat boots, lots of milsurp, generally very manly items


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What type of pants are these? Are they slim? Slim-straight? I need help
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start with knowing that theyre true religion

Anyone know where to get this jacket?
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anyone? would be so thankful
This jacket looks ugly on him and so it will on you
fuck off

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i really like steven's fits
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Help /fa/

My tattoo artist fucked up, I was too autistic to protest and let him finished while slowly realizing in pain how bad it was

I even thanked him, paid and said good bye

Now what do
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if the right is what you got it doesnt look too bad. post more pics
go and tell him to fix it
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you have to be more careful in the future. that tattoo looks pretty phallic as it is and may not read as the eiffel tower at certain angles and from a distance. you can get it fixed in the future though. just make sure you go to a tattoo artist who is very good

Looking for something like supreme but easier to buy, and not stupidly expensive like gucci
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stussy or gosha
h&m and forever 21 should be on your level
When you request shit like that, do everyone a favor and describe what it is that you like about it and what are the things that are attractive to you, it's shot in the fucking dark with this little details.
Try Altamon, they are skate company as well
Also fuccboi generals exist

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