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Question for /fa

this one?
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Or this one?
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This one
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Or this one?

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I want to dye my hair blonde (as a male) but I'm preoccupied with the potential damage I could do to my hair

I don't mind if it's temporary, but can dying my hair (I have naturally brown hair) PERMANENTLY damage it in some way? If the damage it potentially yields is temporary then I'll go ahead with it but if it'll permanently affect my texture or richness or something, because I have really thick luscious hair naturally, then I'd rather not
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Go to a barber
Yes I know where to potentially get it done, that's not my question at all
i dyed my hair blond as a male and i see no difference after shaving and regrowing

Should I get a mohawk ?
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Mohawk college... Where are you from

Southern Ontario; I have not gone there and I probably never will
this is the last place I'd ever think to see my college logo

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Looking for a wallet.
I'm currently using an avirex thingy I bought for cheap years ago,
but it's too big.

I only carry 3 cards, few bills, an id, 2 business cards and eventually some recepits.
I need something middleground, a flip wallet like the one on the right that has only one main pocket and a few slits for cards.

And maybe I'll start carrying a separate thing for cards alltogheter since I already use one for license and another couple of things
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u want this nikka

says it on the wallet fan
comme des garcons black cardholder

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What is the most effay undies /fa/ ?

What undies do you wear ?
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>wearing underwear
Calvin Klein, Emporio Armani, or Versace
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Post recent cops!

Did i fuck up? I fell in love with it as soon as i saw it.

I'm a bisexual guy, so im not really scared of being called a faggot.

What would go well with it?
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I would say a pair of black jeans, and no you didn't fuck up as long af you can walk confidently in it

Thats with what i've been wearing it, noice.
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Not my pair but guidi 988s :)

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ok emoji cat.jpg
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Do you know of any good internet clothing stores /fa/? I'm looking to buy some new clothes but really haven't delved into the world of Big Cartel or Etsy. Personally I'm looking for vintage stuff, but you can post anything in this thread that you like.

Pic unrelated
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I really really like Varusteleka desu
all the other posters itt might like it too because Finland isn't really a global player and you can get milsurp stuff from many different countires, probably also your own, from them.
eBay, ASOS Marketplace
>tfw american apparel closes and u dont know where ur gonna buy ur tshirts from now on

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Not a fan of the shoes or jacket but love the rest

I was contemplating the idea of getting new jacket for the spring, but every fucking person in the streets is wearing a bomber jackets. Its like a Catholic school uniform. What would be a good alternative, yet a cool stylish jacket that you fashion heads would recommend?
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cop military surplus
french parkas, (austrian) m65s, belgian m89s or german parkas
you can only go techno now
>op just noticed that bomber jackets are popular

Why are these girls let into the fashion industry? Why is the whole world praising them?

They are objective plain and boring looking and are also really bad at walking on runways. They have nothing to offer, I even believe they give the brands a bad name too.
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Same reason cunts love yeezys, Katy Perry's music is considered good by many, ugly Asian women are considered hot in white countries, Koreans are considered attractive and not subhumans by Chinese people under the age of 30 and thinspo is thought of as the best body type here despite all of you cunts being raging virgin girlboys.

The media presents them as hot and brands them as hot, making people think they should be hot. People love band wagoninng and boom we have the hadids being considered hot stuff.

Kendall however is a solid 7/10.
>Kendall however is a solid 7/10.
She is good looking, but not in model standards. She is a plain girl, the regular 7/10 you sometimes see on the streets but forget about the minute after. She can't even walk.

>The media presents them as hot and brands them as hot, making people think they should be hot
But people who are actually interested in fashion doesn't like them. Every youtube clip about them has top comments with negative opinions. Gigi, Hadid and Kendall are only liked by little girls who watch the Kardashian show or listen to One Direction. Why is media and fashion still obsessing about them? Why not actually creed and highlight models that actually have potential? Why does brands still hire these girls?

It wasn't like this shit before, you wouldn't see Paris Hilton on a top tier fashion show
>Why are these girls let into the fashion industry
nepotism and marketing

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I saw this jacket on Amazon and I really like how it looks. But this one has no reviews so I don't trust it to fit me.

Can any anon help me find a decent jacket that looks like pic related?
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I think you could thrift that sort of stuff easy
Just return it if it doesn't fit.
that looks way too skinny and the proportions are a little bit weird.
Where are you and how much do you want to spend?

pic related
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Holy shit this is a thing?

models were actually dead corpses dressed up and thrown in a river
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Man, what the fuck happened to /fa/? These threads used to be semi-popular a few years back.

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delon is ugly
it actually depends on your height
says the ugly tall guy

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How does an old-faggot like this look better than 100% of the dickheads in this mother-fucking Thai dildo forum?
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>no Supreme
>no Bape
>no Gosha
>no yeezies
Take your old head Windows XP using ass outta here
Physically fit elderly men are top-tier effy. Simple as that really.
hes not even wearing yeezy's

Yeezy Hype/Hate Thread

So we've got another pair dropping tomorrow.
General question. I'm 2/2 for purchasing Yeezy's in the past, but now I've moved to the west coast. I'm trying to get these for a friend as he won't have internet access. Do the shoes go on sale at the same time on the west coast as east? Or will they have their own drop time? Also, what is a good range (for PST) to start looking?
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i believe this will be the hardest release to cop. to give you perspective main city stores only got 200 units whereas previous units where over 600.
I'm going through the website, not the stores.
But yikes, I might go 2/3 after this one
Or are they not available through the site? I noticed there was a reservation but I hadn't had the app yet.

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