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Dear /fa/

Will this sort of fashion become a thing once more, and how?

When I think of the Golden Era of western civilization. I think of a top hat and a monocle. Would you agree?
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Join the masons, we dress up like that every 3rd Wednesday's after the crescent moon of the current month appears.
Makes me feel nostalgic.

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Can I wear the same color jeans and jacket? Trying to be into raw denim but I'm scared of the double denim look
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Only works with black denim jacket and balck jeans or bleaches light colored denim jacket and bleached jeans.
It's never a good idea. You might get away with a chambray shirt.
wh-what jacket can I wear with my raws (indigo)?

What are the most /fa/ house shoes?
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gucci flip flops

why would you wear shoes indoors?

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stellar thread
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how do I get my hair to stay styled like throughout the day? Just pomade?

Certain type of hairspray?

I'm a man, but I'd have no problem using hairspray to stay good looking, I think every other guy should do the same really
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We don't know what type of hair you have, ask the person who cuts/styles your hair instead of strangers on an anonymous image board who have never seen you.
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I use Axe styling paste but it's making my hair fall out
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I just have normal hair

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How do I dress Menswear but also effay?
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menswear only looks bad when the guy is dressing flashy instead of subdued and functional. it's literally the only non-cringe for men
Step 1: Be a man
White or Light Grey OCBD
Black Jeans
White CPs or GATs

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What core is this?
Spotted these Buddhist monks in Antwerp donned in Moncler and Timberland boots.
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Woke chia core
Traffic cone core

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can you wear headphones in public without looking like a total faggot?

pic related: the headphones i bought
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what instantly comes to mind whenever you see someone in public wearing headphones?
nothing really, i just wanted to know if that's how everyone else felt
no i dont think so, but youll look like a fag either way

just wear ear buds

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grayscale values.png
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QTDDTOT here. Ask anything not worthy of it's own thread.
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Trying to improve myself with what I got to work with. Lost 70lbs and still going, cut hair to compensate for receding 5head and shaved numale beard to a stubble.

What sort of glasses should I get that will compliment my chubsterface? I have been told by people here that the ones I currently wear are too wide for my face. Is this is the only problem or should I re haul the entire frame style? Maybe something both narrower, but also more square/rectangle?

I'm planning on using Warby Parker's free 5 at home try on thing, so I'll probably post again with the 5 choices, but I wanted to hear some input.

Thanks for the help famalam
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with current glasses
get less round glasses. rectangle makes your face look less round

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Didn't find a general question thread so I figured out I'd ask here.

What shoes do I wear with straight cut jeans? I'm new to /fa/ (having read sticky & tuxbell & a few links listed there) and this information seemed to have slipped from me.

Buying straight cut jeans 'cause I'm a fatso (working on losing) and I have a truly feminine figure as a guy (I shit you not, there were girls envying my ass >_<). Or actually might wanna try pic related - slim straight.
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Dude slim straight is the safest and most flattering fit for guys. It goes with anything
when we wrote the sticky we'd sooner burn a pair of straight cut jeans than wear them.

they're fine, though. i've actually started wearing them myself

this probably isn't what you want to hear but you can wear any sort of shoes with them--derbies, boots, cvos, sneakers. whether or not it looks good is a case by case basis
not necessarily. he already said he's a fatass with a feminine figure, so he's probably better off with straight cut
pant fits aren't really standardised, so a slim fit might be almost skinny or almost straight, you could try some slim fit, definitely skip skinny. looser fits are coming back a bit, but they're still kinda risque on jeans

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Men of /fa/, post your ideal /fa/ women.
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>implying my ideal /fa/ crush is a woman
who is this qt patootie?
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Would you buy meme wear ?
embroidery, patches, prints?

printed my first glorious keke today with 20k stitches
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Only this
once Pepe dies out, it will be clingy like doge
shirt was cash tho
lmao what the fuck, is that your fucking neck?


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Do you think these are going to sell out fast?

Anyone going to cop a pair?
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>White mountaineering

Bots will be all over this shit, sorry.

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I dunno, what do you think of the new drop? Most of this stuff I could miss. Wouldn't mind an olive light weight jacket and maybe some of the shoes.
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tried the coach jacket. definitely cop super comfy and fit nice
Ordered the canvas slip ons because why not. Hasnt arrived yet tho

Can you give me your measurements and what size you bought? Thinking about copping that one too.

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Levi Strauss
i had it.
an actual guy from the nigerian royalty took it at a club in south korea.
true story.
he paid 300$ in drinks tho
>nigerian royalty

God dammit, anon.....

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