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Copped these relatively cheap.
Maison Margiela Future Low Navy.
Rate and what do I combine with?
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i thought those were dildos from the thumbnail
They're multifunctional I guess
why do you buy expensive shoes if you know nothing about how to wear it?

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ass ass in creed.jpg
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Hey guise should I buy the cool Assassin's Creed hoodie that's on sale? It looks totally badass.
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Of course its the most effay thing ever u ought to wear it daily u dont know when a model agent will spot you and offer u to start your modelling career because of your exquisite taste in fashion
yes, do it. Post pics.

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My fiancé bought this bracelet but lost it in the garden right before winter, I just found it but I can't find out where to find the bracelet to buy her a new one, please help me /fa/!
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why do you need a new one if you found it
sorry the picture doesn't really show, its broken. It should have black ceramic beads all around the band almost like a lokai bracelet.
OP I found this, just take out some gemstones.


This. OP why do you need to buy a new one?

File: C5sBDLvVUAE3FPw.jpg (142KB, 631x1008px)Image search: [Google]
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So what's their sizing like?

Say you're 10 US on the Brannock Device and wear 10 US in most shoes. What size would you take in the Ozweegos 2?
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one size up they run small
File: image.jpg (193KB, 631x1008px)Image search: [Google]
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Go a half size down from your true size.

Response 2 and Holographic runners master-race reporting in.
4 and 7 are cool

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Going to the hairdresser tomorrow. What should I ask for ?

I have curls and a big forehead
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Ask for the Brendan Fraser
I googled it and I'm quite perplexed now

>black people look good in all clothing

Is this just a meme or is it truth?
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it kinda is true because the dark skin complexion moves the focus of the beholder away from the actual person and more towards the clothes themselves.

it's how perception works.
why is a kanye west head photoshopped in
and there is no way a white person could rock a polo in that color without looking like a dweeb or an old rich person
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9/10 in mirrors, 5/10 in photos
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Why the fuck does this happen?
Because in mirror you are looking at mirrored image. Photos capture you how look to others
You fucking idiot, how do you look IRL is more important than on photos.

This probably doesn't deserve it's own thread, but how do I stop the tongue of these from falling to the side?
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that's what those holes are for
File: 1488200540694.jpg (72KB, 540x640px)Image search: [Google]
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forgot image
theres a lace loop on the tongue my guy

What kind of hair product do I need to style my hair like pic? I have wax right now but it sucks for making a clean style like this
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nobody asked for your favorite drink

If I wanted a comeback I'd wipe it off your chin

File: 2017-02-27 10.33.47.jpg (3MB, 3120x4160px)Image search: [Google]
2017-02-27 10.33.47.jpg
3MB, 3120x4160px
Right now there is a sale leather jackets in a nearby town and I need help with picking which to buy

When picking a leather jacket what should I look for? Should it be a tight fit or more a loose fit?
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File: 2017-02-27 10.35.39.jpg (4MB, 3120x4160px)Image search: [Google]
2017-02-27 10.35.39.jpg
4MB, 3120x4160px
Here is another jacket

File: 2017-02-27 10.38.09.jpg (3MB, 3120x4160px)Image search: [Google]
2017-02-27 10.38.09.jpg
3MB, 3120x4160px
Same jacket, closed

Kinda tight, maybe not a good choice

Why does everyone on this board dress so feminine-like?
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Because they are white. Whites are naturally feminine and make good traps but not men
bc people are comfortable with their sexuality
>using panda like this

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Can we have a high-top sneaker thread?

Post your high tops
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File: nike-field-general-free-qs-0.jpg (594KB, 1024x683px)Image search: [Google]
594KB, 1024x683px
i have these shoes. i like them
see filename for id
File: fg.png (1MB, 980x551px)Image search: [Google]
1MB, 980x551px

so do I pham
A pair of red Chuck Taylor II's

File: 201511051526209648.jpg (32KB, 679x679px)Image search: [Google]
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Where can I find hats like this?
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File: itBrT-rnA6jTKB3PtNd3Cg_r.jpg (78KB, 865x720px)Image search: [Google]
78KB, 865x720px
In Japan
Sometimes I wish that anime never existed so I can wear this hat in public I actually really like it and it's comfortable. I really hate weeks dude
File: bisexual_son.gif (130KB, 435x514px)Image search: [Google]
130KB, 435x514px

So I bought into the gazelle meme but apparently my arch in the foot is too low so the shoes arch support pains me. Any way to fix this?
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give them back
Any similar adidas without the godawful arch?
sambas just have a piece of foam glued onto the insole, you can rip it out.

maybe gazelles are the same way

from one low archer to another

File: Lenny-Kravitz-Giant-Scarf.jpg (80KB, 500x500px)Image search: [Google]
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As a man how do you pull off scarves without looking like a giant homo? Or maybe the goal of scarves is to look like a giant homo and let everyone know?
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you really wanna pull off scarves don't ya bud?
Yes, redpill me on scarves, effay
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