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>bringing a picture into the barber

Is this actually acceptable to do? I just say two on the side and then tell them to trim the top to my liking but I want to change up my hair but don't want to reveal my autism.
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Bringing a picture is absolutely the best way to get a hair cut. Because you probably don't know all the terms barbers know like taper, fade, thin, etc. as opposed to the barber who should have that knowledge very well reinforced. If you poorly describe the hair cut you want to a barber you will pay the consequences, if you give them a picture, they will know what to do.
It would be more autistic to not bring a picture to show them what you want ITS THEIR JOB IN FACT and they do it all the time. Just have a plan to describe the back of the head because odds are you won't have that angle
>>bringing a picture into the barber
>bringing a picture into the barber
what kind of picture? mbybe the 1 wher i am fucing ur dumb motter

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effay womanoid.jpg
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This is the official containment thread for people who like skinny asians with bad posture in oversized boring outfits.

It is the effayest thread in all of /fa/.

Post pictures of skinny asians with bad posture in oversized boring outfits (art, photographs, diagrams, etc...) and discuss skinny asians with bad posture in oversized boring outfits ITT.
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>he isn't into fat asians with regular fitting clothes? it's twenty FUCKING seventeen for FUCK sake
delet this

this thread is ONLY for skinny asians with bad posture in oversized boring outfits
i see this shit enough on my university campus thanks

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bladee (1).jpg
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>tfw your girlfriend doesn't look like anime
Post Bladee inspo
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i like bladee, i like his whole look. but fuck off, find your own thing.
>inspired to cut my ears off after hearing his music
is this the fuccboi general?

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or this?
Mandarin collars are much better desu

also >>>>/waywt/

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Im kinda an autistic 19 year old. I like clothes like pic related but i dont know the name of them. What are the shirt, kind of pants and shoes in pic called? And does anyone what this Grandpa style is called like? Sorry if i have bad English is not my mother tongue
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please be real
Why wouldnt i be?
I'd say it's a branch of comfycore to stick with /fa/'s dumb terminology. Margaret Howell might be what you're looking for.

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How do I get into cuck-core? I just bought some cp's and want to go full cuck while my wife goes out of town
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W-why would you want that?

try to neet less on /pol, please. you're probably insufferable to be around irl.
buy a coat, wear a black/blue chinos & shirt and white sneakers

It looks nice and you can't really make a faux pas. I like the simplicity

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Do they ruin your appearance too much or do people not really care about them?
I have a massive scar on my thigh from a mole removal, as my GP apparently didn't know how to do a decent scar closure.
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I have one like that on my face from a cyst removal. I don't think people will care especially since it's on your thigh
If you're a girl scars can suck, but for guys it's not that bad. Girls care more about having that nice perfect skin.
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Only if they're self inflicted cu(ck)tting scars that show off that you're a mentally weak subhuman that has no recourse for normal human emotion outside of masochistic self mutilation.

post effay architecture
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brutalist is da best
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What are some /fa/ pocket knives?
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I carry my grandpa's TL-29 from WWII

Last one hit bump

>inb4 the tripfag mentions the current year
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>looking to cop a classic Casio terrorist watch the F91w or w/e it's called
>all made in China, can find a Jap made one anywhere

what happened? Where'd they all go?
best watch
It's a fucking $10 watch it doesn't matter where it's made.

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how would you describe this aesthetic?
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I was touched by my uncle Neptune when I was young-core

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post effay wallets
its time for a replacement
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I think you'd lose money when you pull that out of your pocket
>i've never gotten in trouble with police and live in an area with a crime rate of 0
starter pack
why do you carry pills with you?

What's /fa/'s opinion on fur? Is it only for street Walker's? I wear it with everything it's just too damn soft
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This is so doll like and soft which is why I like it but I know I'm over dressing with it.
You can only wear fur if you are the mistress of a multi-millionaire.
> yfw you see a poor girl wear fur
> cringe

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What is meant by "Dark" in Tall, Dark and Handsome?
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dark haired
Skin color
I always thought it meant brooding

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is there a bigger poseur/memewear than docs? serious question.
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recommend better basic oxfords
What do docs make someone pose as? I don't really understand the poseur part.
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>see someone wearing docs
>theyre the boring and generic tumblr normalfag with the standard nietschze, joy division, and bergman tastes

every time.

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