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Why are square jaws considered a masculine trait when they are more common on women
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because normies are stupid, tall chin is a masucline trait
What if my chin is tall vertically (it goes down far from my mouth) but it doesn't protrude forward very far and it's recessed?

Is that masculine
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no, it's Marilyn

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last thread is almost five days old

step your game up did you stop wearing clothes or what
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You're trying too hard.
if you dont already know who this is youre too new

So 3 times a week I exfoliate in the shower with a rough face sponge, then cleanse with cetaphil still in the shower, then use a pore strip on my nose once out of the shower, then rinse face with water and apply astringent. Every other day I just use cetaphil in the shower, nothing else. What I'm noticing is that it seems that my pores fill pretty quickly with grease afterwards and go back to looking like blackheads soon after. Is this because I omit a moisturizer? Would a moisturizer essentially plug up my pores and prevent bad grease from seeping in?
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yes. your skin makes oil and extra when it senses its dry.
so what? shut the fuck up, will you?
that's what skin looks like

moisturiser won't change the appearance of your pores

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Is anybody going in-store for these? What's the typical routine like?

I'm planning on heading to the Toronto spot. I heard it's some sort of raffle system? Is it still best to get there early? The entire system is extremely nebulous

Also /yeezy/ thread
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Not sure how it works anywhere else but australia but normally it's a slient raffle. Limited tickets and only being able to get the tickets from addias stores
Beat a white boy and take them off his feet
these ones are very limited

good luck

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Post those wardrobes
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Just added a few new pieces, have Raf, Burberry, Gucci, Y-3, supreme and more


/fa/m discounts of course.
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Why would you select this as the picture? It draws absolutely zero attention.



If you see something you like, hit me up at [email protected] so we can skip the Grailed fee's and I'll cut you a deal
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lol didnt know you are on 4chan
what a coincidence.
Sold you a norse projects shirt like 4 months ago


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what is the most /fa/ baseball cap?
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my vote goes to this classic obv
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Thinking about copping pic related but I'm a Yankee fan and I live in NY.
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Basic black sneakers.
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>no memes
>posts stan smiths
god your a fuking autism
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Black GATs
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/painting inspo/ Has anyone else ever been inspired by a painting or other art for their look?
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YES. Sleepyberry (pic related)... I'll dump some of my faves.
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>mfw fat face and weakish jaw but 65kg and 188cm tall
fuck this
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58 kg and 183 here.
Is there a way to lose chubby cheeks?
water, water, and more water.
seriously. go to the store and get a gallon jug and drink from it constantly throughout the day
why would this help?

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Sudanese famine edition.

Last Thread:
Comfy Rules:

>post thinspo
>make america thin again
>stay hidhratted
>goals, topic discussion and general chat should somehow relate to thinspo, not obese-to-regular weight loss


Low Calorie Food & Drinks List:

>MyFitnessPal: "/fa/ friends"
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5'11, 116lb
I went too far
Give me my (you)'s

> 5'9"
> 128lbs
am I gucci?
Guy from yesterday here,

decided to try the intermittent diet.
Can I drink black coffee between my 2 meals or only at the time of the meal?
Due to my lifestyle my meals would have to be at 10am and 6pm, is that ok?

Thanks again for the help, you guys are a huge motivation in my goal to become skinny again.

can fat people wear yohji?
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No. The only thing fat people should or can pull off wearing is a noose.
t. lanklet
are you retarded? you just told fat people to not kill themselves by pulling off the noose

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>2 Post/2 Files/1 IP/

you made this thread so you could have a reason to show off your shitty fit
who fucking cares, anon

Suit inspo, gunna cop my first suit what should it look like
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>my first suit
>what should it look like

It should be gray or navy, fit well, and cost around $400.

Suits are simple. Dress to your build and go with a more modern cut if you're younger. (Slimmer lapels, arm openings, and a more aggressive drop.)
do you have pictures I could base my decision around, i figured i would be spending like 600. Also why kind of shoes

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Is this wearable in public?
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No, it disappears the moment you leave your home. It's phisically impossible for it to exist in public when somebody is wearing it.
Mao commie trash core
Absolutely not. This is awful man. Asian commie Kim Jong Un core.

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Is makeup (especially on girls) /fa/?
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>not using makeup as a dude so hide blemishes
lmao. always look your best
i'm a girl and i have a really hard time applying makeup. i just want something natural but it never looks good no matter what i do

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