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Post fa rappers
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I'll start
/r/streetwear cringe

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>Summer is coming

Post the best Hawaiian shirt fits then tell us where to cop.
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>w2c a fucking Hawaiian shirt
Literally anywhere, go to your nearest thrift or Walmart ffs
good thread OP, have a bump
self-bump obv

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Who here Straight/Safety Razor here?

You can't let knicks, irritation, and ingrown hairs ruin your handsome! Old school shavers get in here with your products pride and all things considered!

Pic Related, but not accurate.
I use the Art of Shaving Nickel Silvertip Badger Brush. It lathers and caresses like a dream. 6 years strong and practically like new.
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I actually had fewer nicks and irritation when I shaved with a safety razor than I did with a cartridge razor or electric.
I used to use a straight razor but I get less irritation with a cartridge. I still use a brush+soap though.
Straight razors are too anachronistic for me. I only got a straight razor shave from a barber that knew what he was doing, doing at home was an asspain.

A nice, sharp single blade safety razor, good soap and taking your time is the best home shave IMO. You don't need four blades and a gel strip, you just need patience.

How do I dress more "classy"? Usually I wear casual street shit and I think it looks good when I'm with my peers (uni student) but recently I got a new job (not a suit-and-tie kind of thing though) and I look like a teenager or a fratboy there and I feel kinda embarrassed.
What basic outfit pieces do I need to fix this?

pic related, everyone fucking looks this way
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Dress business casual and laugh at everyone for having shit taste.

What you will need:

Bruchers, brogues should do the trick. Dont buy cheap shit.
>chinos/dress pants
>dress shirts
>blazers/sports jackts
>accessories (watch, pocket square, ring)

Buy good quality and expensive things, fit is N1 priority.
Just buy khakis and a collared long-sleeve buttoned shirt. DON'T tuck it.
Nobody gives a fuck about shoes, as long as they're either loafers or sneakers.
That's all you really need.
He gets it

What is the most /fa/ modular system? I don't actually care about making music, I just want something that looks sophisticated in my living room.
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eeeeeaaaaasy answer.

also you'd really drop that much money just to seem sophisticated?
>"Wow very nice synth, what do you usually play?"
>Oh I don't, it's for display
using a synth as display is pretty gay dude

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Which 4chan boards have the worst fashion sense?
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ironically /fa/
you guys try way too fucking hard to the point where its laughable
> mitts
> apron
> giant hat that falls over
> spatula as an accessory

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Is there any hiking shoes and or boots that aren't ugly? Or do they all look like pic related?
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if you're actually going to use them for hiking don't fuck around with aesthetics.
i know im not gonna find anything aesthetic, i just dont want shoes/boots the look like this doo doo
they're all ugly, man
and that's okay cuz it's better than fucking up your feet or otherwise getting hurt while hiking

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how do you find chink replicas?
I want to get cheap replica yohjis.

I'm sure other poorfags would like this info too.
Couldn't find anything easily on aliexpress.

And before you richfags show up, I spent all my money on cigarettes and rent.
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They're gonna go down to $280-$230 by summer anyway lmao
nigga i just copped a pair from

topsole dot us

bretty gud. The Yohji Yamamoto is in grey instead of black tho so you might need to paint that. I'm 11.5 but the 11's fit fine, a bit tight tho so I recommend sizing up. :)

Will post pics later

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c/n thread
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Which one of these would you guys cop?

I should mention that while I have a pretty nice jaw, I have an overall roundish face.
stockton weldon
Stockton or weldon

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All boot related faggotry belongs in the boot general

This general is dedicated to the discussion of boots and boot related topics such as, cleaning routines, how to wear boots etc.
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o kurwa ale tanio lece zara do oszo kurwa po to
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jaki kraj takie timbsy
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What is the name of these zip boots from the doc martens x raf simons collection? I' m lost, I've never seen these kind of zip boots.

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Get in here otters and post inspo. Every fashionable person needs a fashionable body and ottermode is the way to go.
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what's proper otter weight for 5'10"
145-155 depending on mass and frame
135-140 if very lean
same question but for a 6ft1

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ID on shoes?
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He's not incredibly famous, you might just ask him on facebook.

budget version

I can't tell in that fucking lighting you fucking retarded faggot but here's some fucking similar shoes in different fucking price ranges you fucking retard

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70's hair.jpg
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how the fuck do I get a hairstyle like this?

I currently have straight thin hair and I usually struggle to get volume in my hair

I despise flat hair and i've always loved poofy hair...

Am I fucked?
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another pic
I know this might look like bait but I seriously love 70's hair
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Hair idea 3.png
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mm not bad
wtc jacket?

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