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fake CPs?
aw shit nigga got the fugazi projects hold up we got a young flexer in the building
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Great choice, just picked up these legit Yeezy 350s for only 450$. Fucking steal

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Vice is great n all but what kind of fantasy England is this its depicting

Derby national front '86 ?!
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>Vice is great
>vice is great
I never really watched their shit, too much irrelevant edgy nonsense.
I'm legitimately mad at them for producing garbage like A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night though, what a mess.
Fuck Vice.

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sell me a pair of fucked up converse in sz10 for cheap please. I legitimately don't have money to buy shoes and my pair is beyond fucked and cannot withstand rain and a fucked up pair of converse is actually decent, and as long as it doesnt have a hole in the sole, I'd be eternally grateful
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>buying used shoes

I literally have no money to eat, buying used shoes is not even a concern to me
Go to your local thriftstore / Goodwill anon. I don't know why you're posting here. Used Converse are aplenty there.

Will be in London for about 18 hours. What're the best places to shop there?
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There's a Uniqlo, can't go wrong with that

I'm never disapointed with Uniqlo.
Theres Urban Outfitters if you wanna be a bit pricey.
If you really wanna go for it, Palace Skateboards and Supreme are close to Regent St
the top and bottom half of this fit are like two different people

post effay waterbottle/mugs
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it's a fucking waterbottle
What's the best size for a hydro flask?
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How does PF Flyers compare to meme clown-shoes, Converse in terms of fit and quality?
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They're impossible to find.
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best option is this; good quality, zero clowncore

Those are some Dr Martens 1460 Mono, i barely worn them and the leather is already broken.
I sent an email to Dr Martens and for them it's ok, it's completely normal.
Just to let you know.
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you fucking autist it's fine
they're $100 shoes made in china, what did you expect
It's not what I got.
Wow that's devastating man, big league rip off!

You should sue them man

>mfw people wear gazelles when hamburgs exist
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How do they compare to the Samba
are you in grade 9
stop shilling your music you nigger

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Ed and Jimmy had that swag senpai. Are there any other /fa/ cartoon characters?
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I forgot the name, but the Blue Bird and the Raccoon (newer one)
Adventure Time
How did not notice that Jimmy was palewave.

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Turned 18, unconfident mess, and well, I'm about to start my first year studying architecture, so I'm looking for a new style to wear. Literally know nothing about fashion at all. Grew tired of looking like a fucking kid (although I'll probably look/be like one forever)

Used to wear cheap-ass stuff, like, a black T-shirt with the japanese Nike logo, simple blue black jeans, and black converse shoes. I'm a basic pos.

City's cold most of the year, and I kind of like scarves.

Thanks beforehand for the recs.
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go on reddit and look at /r/malefashionadvice

when you're bored of that, go on 420chan and browse /st/
Thanks for the reply, don't like much reddit, but I'll give it a try anyways.
>about to start my first year studying architecture
Go to class. Notice what your professors wear, especially the older ones. They will be seasoned professionals to know how to wear professional clothing.
For more casual attire, notice what your classmates wear. The "smart casual" / "business casual" look works in the vast majority of cases.

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What's YOUR dream watch? Being the son of a man that has had yacht master and submariner, and a woman with a datejust mid size, I dive and enjoy nautical watches. Current favorite watch: seiko skx013k2, Dream watch: Rolex yacht master 2. What's your current and dream watches?
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Recently inherited this 2 tone Omega Constellation.
Not really my style but that's what I like about it.

Dream watch would be a rolex polar explorer II or a PP Nautilus.
I'm looking at getting a Air King next month. I think the submariner is borderline to flashy for me I'd still wear it but a yacht master is to much. Gorgeous watch though.

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how do I look good in bulky clothes without big hands?
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that image is bullshit
are you in denial?
i have tiny hands and i can still do the average hand one
you're just tiny bro

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scene chart.png
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Considering arguably every popular music scene had it's own fashion, and with shoegaze gaining popularity in recent years, what will shoegaze's fashion look like?
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B8 harder

>Hur dur shoegaze is a new genre
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I'm more interested in vaporwave fits or one along the lines of whatever this is

GG Allin wasn't punk, he was Rock n Roll.

Hello! The unofficial official channel of /fa/ (#effay on Rizon network) needs new blood. Got a burning question you need answered live? Want to chat about fashion, art, philosophy or just whatever comes to mind? Join us!

Rizon webchat:

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fucc wrong pic
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File: andy-warhol-9523875-2-402.jpg (50KB, 402x402px)Image search: [Google]
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Need a backpack for university and I need suggestions.
Must have a laptop pocket, no messenger bags
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what's your price range
any other attributes you'd like aside from the laptop pocket?
any color / fabrics you'd prefer
fine =)
that's nice honey.
i think going out and buying a bag is a better solution than making a thread saying you want one though.
just food for thought.

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