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I cucked the last thread.

Good ol' facial rate/aesthetics thread.
If you're gonna shit on someone atleast make it funny.
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you look tired man
also your lips are nice
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Manlet clocking in
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7/10 nice lips, eyes and hair color
6/10 nice hair boring face

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Just got myself some new shirts and what happened after I opened them? My brother came over and said which one is mine and took one of the shirts and ran away and put it on.

I mean what the fuck? I even had to buy him shoes the other week because he's so useless he can't do it himself and now he's stealing my clothes.
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Assert yourself or just don't open clothes around him
What the fuck does this have to do with fashion?
just take it back retard

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This is the best fucking shoe ever made, you nutwits don't understand a thing about fashion, this is it, this is the fucking dream, Rick Owens can suck Kanye's dick all day, these are going sell out so fast that the time you guys last in bed will be eternal in comparison, you're just jelous because you can't afford this and you will cry at night before you go to sleep because you don't have these.
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>tfw newfags on /fa/ will take this seriously and reply with a paragraph long rebuttal
Prove me wrong pls
Hi Kanye, how's it going?
memes aside these are nicer than all but a few Ozweego colourways

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i wish we had mods
This is what happens when you sign up to be a mod or jany. you apply for /v/ and you get stuck with /fa/. and when that autist gets stuck here, he knows fuckall about fashion or fashion culture. fashion discussion gets archived at 12 replies while /pol/ threads and other non fashion related shitposts threads thrive.
how do I get this?

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Thoughts on tommy Hilfiger
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same as Polo Ralph Lauren, Vineyard Vines, and Lacoste. Mediocre with some good pieces every once in a while. very meh
The retro stuff they bring out is cool. It's good quality and is a nice look to wear or incorporate into your style.
It's a prime status symbol for fuckboys. That being said, they occasionally put out good stuff.

Reminder that if you're a guy and you don't cut your own hair, you're not effay, and actually a female.
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im okay with being female.
men have to do everything and its tiring
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>this soldier is a female because someone else is cutting his own hair

why are you so insecure, OP?
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Will I get robbed in NYC for wearing yeezys
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i hope so
You're already getting robbed by buying a $220 glorified Roshe
>but ye bruh

Can someone give me some suggestions of ways to dress like a femboy? I don't want to be trans and dress as a woman, but it would be really cool to have an androgynous look that's still very effeminate and cute without being gaudy and tacky. I don't want to feel like I'm drawing attention to myself, I just want to be well dressed and cute.
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you already look like a femboy
>it would be really cool to have an androgynous look that's still very effeminate and cute without being gaudy and tacky
>I don't want to feel like I'm drawing attention to myself

Huh? You can't stop following gender norms and expect to not stand out. That's why they're called norms.

Most ways to look good make you stand out.
I think sometimes people who don't follow gender norms look horrible though, and sometimes they look so good that you couldn't imagine them any other way.

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no gear queers allowed
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> Mismatched camo
> A fucking pistol
> Tan belt with BDU bottoms
> fingerless gloves
> Puttees with BDUs
> A kabar

You've never operated innawoods have you anon
I forgot the most important thing
> Literally no method of carrying ammunition on your person where you can access it

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is asos.com trusted site? should i cop clothes from there? pls help im new here
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im gay
hi pal, asos is crap quality and sizing is wildly variable but it's cheap so if u can't do better go for it :~)
Depends on brand you cop from there
But it's free shipping and I live in crap country so I have no choice but asos

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5'7" MAX
Inspo and tips.

Here is the first time, do a pinroll or boot tuck to create an attractive taper, don't wear straight legged pants with a cuff, ever. Pic related of it being done right.
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make sure to cop a pair of drop crotch joggers

they accentuate the length of your torso and make you look taller
5'10 dude here. That's probably the only tip anyone needs to know.

Don't wear baggy jeans, always tapered or skinny.

Never do pinroll or boot tuck if you are short. This must be a troll thread

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are skinny jeans still fashionable?
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nah it's not 2008 anymore
those arent skinny lmao
I only wear skinny jeans. I can't stand regular of straight fit since I'm a skinny dude myself

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what do you guys think of Travis Scott designed clothes?
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Derivative fuccboi bullshit
like old raf but shit
>>New Machine
>>New Hope
When's the "Travis Scott No Longer Relevant" hoodie dropping?

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What's with labels recently hiring the ugliest motherfuckers they can find to model their clothes?
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It's hard to imagine what the clothes could look like on attractive people if you do this shit. You cannot be fashionable and unattractive, it's a waste
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File: 41686178RC_12_n_f.jpg (271KB, 1080x2160px)Image search: [Google]
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Where does /fa/ buy their tank tops? I'd like a step up from your h&m and uniqlo in terms of fit and material. It would be nice if APC or Norse sold some.

Note: I have muscles
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I guess topman's a step up
Do not wear tank tops.

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