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Is smoking effay?

Awaiting test results to see if I have lung cancer so I want to know if it was all worth it.
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How long were you smoking?
Since Feb 2011

The only reason it seems effay is just an example of how effective cigarrette brand marketing campaigns were after decades of associating smoking with an image of rebellion and artistry. Anyone that STILL falls for this faux image in 2017 is just plain retarded.

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Shout outs to the guy that convinced me to get the chairman, just came in the mail and it's definitely one of the more interesting time pieces I own
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I bought that watch from a tourist trap street seller at Tiannamen square in Beijing on a China trip. It was like 3€ and I thought it was funny at first but broke after exactly one month. The strap it came with was disgusting as fuck too.
Hope you didn't get ripped off with that absolute piece of shit, anon.
It's a nice accessory and keeps you from pulling out your phone every instance you want to see the time, don't see why you think it's superfluous

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/fa/ musicians
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Layne had something but he was actually an LA metal meathead. Basically you're looking at Vince Neil's younger brother going for the grunge look to get a record deal.

Musicians, even Bowie, are an embarrassment.
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Recent cops thread

Just got these, seem like decent stand ins for CPs for the moment, may change the laces (where to get cheap white flat laces?)
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Cuck shoes :)
Enlightened opinion cheers

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Are the bws still in production? What do the tongue numbers denote?
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That your a cuck
I heard they stopped making them, you can still pick them up though
there's so much of these in Germany. Like you can walk into any decent thrift shop in Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, Dresden, Hamburg, or Cologne and they've got pairs in every size for barely any money.

That's why I think it's so funny that you American guys love these and the margiela version so much, only poor kids wore them here.

t. German who fled to Switzerland after Merkel's cultural enrichment regime

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>wealthy jewish DJ from NYC
>dress as a european peasant from the 18th century

Remember kids, always dress accordingly to your social situation, or else you'll look like a fucking idiot in a costume.
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Not even a bad fit except the shoes

>Imgur filename
Got the pic from Stylezeitgeist, you tasteless american sack of shit.
Someone's angry :3 I'm sorry buddy but reddit might be a better website for you.

so i'm asian and have some really weird genetics, my calves are humongous and my waist is only a size 32, what should I do? even when i try tapering my jeans my calves stick out like a sore vagina. Even if im wearing track pants my calves still stick out FUCK!

any advice from my effay friendz? i kinda wanna kms PLZ help thanks

being legit no troll
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>only size 32 waist
>really weird genetics

nigger you're fat as fuck, lose weight

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Can an electronic watch be /fa/?
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Yes, but smart watches can't.
yeah, moto360 is the only effay smart watch imo
too bad the brand is kil


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Rack thread? Post racks of clothes/shoes, yours or others.
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not a single good shoe

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I'm going to the Canaries next month, ya know the spanish islands off the coast of Morocco. I'm thinking about getting some island shirts...something that's loose, has "beach lyfe" patterns, easy to wear with swim shorts or a pair of white jeans, you know like island chillin kinda stuff.

Anyone have any reccs?
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buy some polo shirts in yellow and pink

Terrible advice.

Come on /fa/gs, been coming here since 09 and was a tripfag for a few years. Don't tell me you guys are still retarded.
But you came asking for us to talk you out of it. Say no more, f.am

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Can anyone help me ID this Adidas GB Windbreaker I bought? Got it from an antique shop for $20.
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nice cop man
Looks like an adidas GB windbreaker to me
Check label on the jacket, bottom and top of jacket, incase its an original

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ITT We discuss the FW17 Menswear season and the ongoing Womenswear collections.

Key word : DISCUSSION. "I liked x" is not discussion, please put effort into your posts and elaborate, let's start a dialogue, not a series of monologues.
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Sweaters like this are gonna be the hottest shit this year
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This has been a very strange season for me, with lots going on as fashion reacts to a world of flux. An uneasy atmosphere has been developing over the past couple seasons, and I feel like this is the season that alot of the tension is being finally released. We are still unsure of many things, but the industry seems ready to strap up and take its next step forward.

I feel quite detached from the happenings this season as I stopped scrolling through my instagram feed everyday like I used to, but part of it is also being tired of where fashion has been for a while now, and not being excited or passionate about the proposals being made. There also seems to be a ton of new labels and movements popping up which are hard and tiring to keep up with, but it is a sign that the sense of community and collaboration among the younger generation is really solidifying which is interesting. Seeing all this activity constantly forces me to reexamine my own position and proposals, whether I want to channel this energy and say something or be a discerning observer while I plan and time my next move.

E. Tautz had a couple standout looks, but from what I've heard it doesn't pull apart well into solid enough of a range. Which kind of makes sense, alot of the neat looks only seem to work because of the specific composition of certain elements within each piece ("that" texture / tone of denim what "that" weave of wool), but it isn't easy to achieve that same effect / arrangement with only 1 piece, then trying to buy / find other specifics to substitute / play with the same elements. Nice yes, but there isn't much else that would convince consumers to choose their basic wool trouser over another brand's.
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J.W. Anderson is as consistent as ever, and i think the pace of his growth and brand is absolutely genius. It's very organic and every season I find myself drawn to his work more. This past sale season I bought my first piece which was a logo sweatshirt, and while it was really nice I let it go because I wanted to do it "right", and incorporate his core propositions into my dress instead of signaling through a logo. Easily one of the best right now, has such a strong signature and being able to build a universe around his brand (with his other projects that makes all of its output oh so wantable) at such a young age is absolutely remarkable.

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Can I get a legitimacy check? 08 sesason
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What's /fa/'s opinion on swatches?
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personally, I love them. I got the Sir Blue in the pic.
it has all the features I want in a watch. superlume hands and markers, the strap is crazy comfortable, it's lightweight, it has day/date window. overall, the designs are interesting and different, it's not bad. only downside with the plastic models usually is that they tick rather loudly. but you kinda get used to it.

I wanna cop an Irony model next because the steel cases look really nice. so, yeah, pretty effay choices.
The vibe I get is they're not great quality, kinda cheap. The brand itself doesn't say much, no one brags about owning a swatch. I bought a cheap Casio off of Amazon, but it's certainly not the most fashionable thing.
>The vibe I get is they're not great quality, kinda cheap.

they're fine. once you own one, you'll see for yourself. the irony models are rather high quality but they also start with 90-100 euros.

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See, my friend plays this rather shitty game called APB Reloaded. But that game has an extremely complex customization system. So whenever he is bored, he'll hop on and recreate/make random fits he's seen on people. So I'm going to post some of the crap he's recreated and I want to know if /fa/ thinks it's /fa/
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And oh, how the customisation system works. The game gives you some basic shapes such as squares, circles, and a bunch of other shit and you use that to make "Symbols" Which you can apply to your clothing where ever you want to.
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