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pic related:

Face: 3.4/10
Ass: 8.9/10
Education: 4.5/10
Fashion: 0/10

It's funny cause she blurs her face in her photos; kek

She went from Roshe's to disgusting golden sneakers to meme tumblr-tier black platform wedges and lastly to the trendfollowing fag Adidas version of Roshes
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I don't see the big deal. I mean, she looks a bit red flaggish, but let's not pretend we wouldn't fuck her.
I don't think she's trying to look fashionable. She's trying to look hot.
agreed but she's irrelevant as fuck now and needs to move on to porn

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lil b vans. Just as wrecked as my face right now.
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Lazy days

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inspo, questions and answers, shitposting, fits all most welcome
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issey miyake geometric jacket.jpg
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Shure SE215.jpg
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What are some /fa/ earphones?
I'm currently using apple ones but the sound keeps cutting out. I want something with decent sound quality that looks good. Budget is ~$100.
I was recommended pic related by an audiophile friend but I'm not sure if they're exactly /fa/.

Also earphone/headphone general.
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why the fuck would you need effay earphones
literally no one is going to look at them
(your friend is right, buy those)
>I was recommended pic related by an audiophile friend
he's right, also audio-technica makes good headphones.
>but I'm not sure if they're exactly /fa/.
fuck you and the horse you rode in on.
audio-technica is basic bitch tier. beyer, senn, and audeze ftw. akg is good too i guess but most models run a little bright for me

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Fashion really is cyclical. British undercover police officer buying crack from a local dealer, 1995.
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>red pants

why not?
Ur moms rly cyclical on my dick

Im making a battle Jacket next week and was wondering if anyone had their own?
Resource Sites?
Also battle jackets general
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What the fuck is a battle jacket?
Funny that this thread is here as I am also starting up on one, but I cant find a simple black jacket fucking anywhere. One that isn't denim at least

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was henry ford faye, fah? digging his hair in this pic
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hello? faggots? is he faye or not
If you consider the time period when his thoughts were transcribed all of it is true. Is he fa? No, this board is fillies with a bunch of faggots leeching of government handouts

>you will never be Pietro Boselli
>male model
>PhD in engineering
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but i'm a girl
>you will never be with Pietro Boselli
but i'm a girl

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Can we have a pink wave general thread?
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You assured this thread's failure with the first post.
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photo-2_1340_c (1).jpg
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punk fashion thread?
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black flag is not a bunk pand
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dumping my inspo

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what's that nielk nivlac black thing?
File: WIN_20150429_163458.jpg (672KB, 2592x1728px)Image search: [Google]
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where do/did you go to school /fa/
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GO BLUE!!!!!!
Community college then Skidmore.
File: ucsbwave_144.jpg (57KB, 432x230px)Image search: [Google]
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Class of 2017 represent

Since my school is the only that's going to matter in this thread, any fellow Gauchos on /fa/?

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how do i get smaller thighs other than atrophy
145 lb 5'10"
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>other than atrophy


use a wheelchair
same problem, my thighs are massive and its all muscle
I love this fit so much

File: 1430312747711.webm (515KB, 360x480px)
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American Apparel model, Wife tier
her name is Alexandra Skye
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File: 1430270689057.jpg (127KB, 640x582px)Image search: [Google]
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Fight me
looks cute. i'd def fuck her

but her hips are too big for her breasts, she either needs bigger breasts or smaller hips

>not already having a 10/10 gf

ITT: Questions that don't deserve their own thread

Where to cop new CP's for lowest ticket price? Size up or down? I'm a 9.5 US.

>old one 3hunna
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Will I find CP's for under $400 shipped?


bet your dick is tiny too, manlet
what's the most /fa/ way for the penis to curve?

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